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just want to start off with a quick update on my condition. if you didn’t see is from my instastories..i have been in the hospital with preterm labor since last friday! i was admitted really early last friday due to preterm labor contractions.. i will be 32 weeks tomorrow and i delivered my baby girl at 33.5 weeks so i have to be really careful. i basically started having painful contractions late last thursday night.. so went into the hospital and was in preterm labor. got admitted and got all the meds to stop the contractions — basically feeling like craaaaap. i have been in the hospital and not able to leave or get up except to go to the bathroom and have a quick shower for a week now, and let me tell ya.. it aint easy laying around all day not being able to do anything. its definitely hard on baby c since she doesn’t understand why i can’t pick her up or play with her at the park.. so hard seeing her upset and all i wanna do is pick her up.. the last few days she has adjusted really well and has been in really good spirits! anywho.. for now i am stable and hoping to keep this baby boy in for at least a few more weeks! i want to thank all of you that reached out to me with your positive thoughts and prayers! i got so many amazing messages.. it means so much to me!! so thank you!!

ok so moving on to today’s post — when i took these photos and was planning all the things i need in my newborn diaper bag, i thought to myself, wow this is kinda early thinking about what i need in a newborn diaper bag — now i’m kinda glad i got a few things together seeing that this baby boy may be coming sooner than expected. so i thought this would be fun and helpful to show you what i think are the necessities for a newborn diaper bag.. i got these ideas obviously from my experience with baby C and suggestions from other moms. my diaper bag i carry now for baby c is completely different in terms of the kind of stuff and amount of stuff i need for her. since she’s older she really only needs some diapers, wipes and the most important – SNACKS ! haha !! but for a newborn i feel like you need so much more because there is so much that could go on while you’re out. also, another thing you need to know about me, is i hate, HATE overpacking for anything. i love having my stuff but when we go out of town or whatever, i hate having a ton of bags filled with stuff i MIGHT need and probably never end up using. so i think my newborn diaper checklist is pretty concise and has everything you need without being over the top. of course this bag is for a normal day of in and out of the house, running a few errands for a couple hours or so, i would probably add more if it were a full day or overnight situation. but anyway i’m rambling so lets get started. i will put a checklist at the end of the post so you can see everything easily in one spot! 

OK first off, huge shoutout to my FAVORITE DIAPER BAG – FAWN DESIGN! i have been using the original diaper bag by Fawn Design with Baby C for a while now, and they recently updated their original bag — I AM EVEN MORE OBSESSED!!!! it has all the things i wish the older version had — it is PERFECT. i love all the pockets, the size, they style and the way it looks. i used to hate diaper bags because they look like diaper bags. if i have to carry this thing everyday instead of my cute purses, i need it to look good too! Fawn Design diaper bags are so functional yet still so stylish. they are also made with amazing faux leather material that is super easy to clean! seriously i am not kidding, you need this diaper bag or your mama friend needs it! haha! it also comes in a bunch of beautiful colors.. that will be the difficult decision, which color to get! i like things pretty neutral so for baby C i have one of their limited colors from spring – oatmeal, so this time i went neutral again and classic in black. i could NOT be any happier — looks so beautiful, well-made and i love the gold hardware. keep scrolling to see this beautiful diaper bag!

these are my must-have items for newborn babies up to about 6 months! all the necessities!

some of my faves linked here:

changing pad, also love this || swaddle blankets || nursing cover/carseat cover || wubbanub pacifier || water bottle, also use this one 

also linked some of my favorite onesies and outfits i recently got for baby boy HERE if you’re interested!

hope you enjoyed this post!! i will also be doing a “what’s in my hospital bag” hopefully soon!! even though i’m already in the hospital (totally thought i’d have more time to prepare) i will put together my must-have items for your hospital stay when in labor! so stay tuned!

have an awesome Friday and cheers to the weekend!

xo, steph

photography – – @focused.space 


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