Happy Tuesday Friends!! I still cannot believe that it is the 4th of July this weekend! How is June basically over and we are a little over half way through the YEAR!?!?! It is so crazy, last year totally felt like a loss and a definitely felt like a doozy — and I feel like this year we are trying to get things back to normal, whatever normal really means and I still feel like, personally, not much has changed yet this year. yes, things are opening up and we are finally able to go out and do things as a family, but we’ve been taking it slow. that could be because I have a 4 month old, and I will be completely honest, taking three young kids out at once it a lot, but we’re starting to venture out and find fun activities to do outside. But I am still working on finding activities and things for the kids to do at home too.

My daughter loves doing arts & craft type of activities, and she is obsessed with using the glue stick haha! so I found a couple craft activities we can do together. they aren’t too difficult, the kids think they’re fun plus it keeps them busy for a bit. I am sharing two 4th of July crafts today, but you can change up the colors or shapes and do these crafts all year round which make it fun.

this first craft is a Patriotic Windsock

– or as my kids call them – lanterns! I found a few different but very similar version on Pinterest, and I kinda took bits and pieces here and there to make them plus I made sure to choose something both my 4.5 year old and 2.5 year old can do without too much of my help. all the supplies you’ll need for this craft + the directions are all listed below. CHECK IT OUT!


Gather all of your supplies
Place Stars on Construction paper freely or in rows
Cut Strips of Streamers
Add glue to bottom, glue streamers, alternating colors

Roll up and staple together
Take strip of construction paper, and staple to make handle

the second craft is a STAR SUN CATCHER –

I actually got this idea from one of my best friends, who is actually a teacher and she made sun catchers with her students recently, but in the shape of a butterfly. She told me how she did it, and mentioned you can really do it with any kind of shape – so I thought GREAT! I can make a star for the 4th of July – wanted to be festive! I think this would also be great and fun to do as an American Flag, and like I said any shape or animal would be fun for a summer activity! Once you cut out the shapes, its all just about gluing the tissue paper squares in different colors, then hang by a window so the light can go through making it a sun catchers. this was great for my kiddos, because like I said they really love playing with the glue stick, and depending on how big your shapes are, the kids will be busy gluing for a bit, which is perfect

all the directions and supplies needed for the sun catcher are listed below – this craft doesn’t require a lot of supplies, but just a bit more prep. I prepped everything and made a sample during the kids nap time!


Start out with outlining or tracing a star shape on your construction paper, cut it out, then cut out the middle of the star, so you are left with the outline, then once your laminator is powered on, laminate the star outlines.

Once you have the star outlines laminated, cut them back into a star outline, then grab your glue stick and glue the square tissue paper, mixing the colors around the star! and that’s pretty much it! super easy once the shape is prepped, but definitely keeps kiddos busy with the gluing!

Hope you enjoyed this post!!

if you try any of these crafts and make your own version, and if you share it to instagram, don’t forget to tag me (@sassandsun) so I can see!!

have a beautiful day!!

XO, Steph

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