good morning friends!! in case you missed it I am PREGNANT with our third baby!!! So crazy and so exciting!! I still can’t believe it!! And in case you’re new here (WELCOME) I have an almost 4 year old daughter and a 2 year old son! Baby number three is due 1st of April, but I delivered both my other babies pretty early, 5 and 6 weeks early, so were shooting for sometime in March! Anywho, this pregnancy is kinda flying by, but the first trimester was ROUGH! it was brutal haha +++ two littles and working, it was a lot! I got some morning sickness and felt tired with the other two but not this bad. I was super nauseous allll day and super exhausted, most days I could barely keep my eyes open and forget about cooking! I was on a roll since quarantine began cooking dinner for my family almost every night, once I was pregnant I could barely look at food, ugh the smell, I just couldn’t do it. I am so happy to be out of this first trimester – I am now 18 weeks! I am feeling much better! thank goodness!

I didn’t do this with my other pregnancies and wish I had, I put together some of my first trimester must-haves. my main goal in the first trimester is just to get through the day as comfortably and happily as possible, if that was even possible. I will say that once I saw my OB at week 9, she told me to take Vitamin B6 and Unisom, which I didn’t have to take last time, and it really helped, brought my nausea down to only a few hours in the late afternoon instead of all day. I also just stayed home for the most part, which was pretty easy since quarantine. check out my must-haves for the first trimester below!

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since I pretty much stayed home all day with the kids (except the days I had to go to work) I lived in joggers, sweats, leggings and my robe! any time I went out for anything, I stayed in joggers or leggings and wore comfy sneakers – I got this pair and LOVE them! also these bralettes are my faves, even before the pregnancy, they are so comfy for everyday! I absolutely hated water, so weird because it’s all I drink ever, besides coffee, but I tried my best to stay hydrated with water, and having a fun water bottle helped. another thing I made sure to have – PRENATAL VITAMINS – I heard so many amazing things about Ritual, so decided to try these this time and so far I love them – they have a lemon scent – so they go down way easier than other prenatal vitamins. highly recommend! make sure to check out everything else in my round up!

If you’re expecting or just had a baby, what are/were your first trimester must have items?? please let me know in the comments! and stay tuned for my second trimester must-haves!

xo, steph

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