I hope you all had a beautiful weekend! to all my friends that have been going through a crazy winter storm, I am praying for you and sending out positive vibes for warmth, safety and brighter days! I really hope the snow and freezing temps let up a bit!

we had a pretty uneventful weekend – still pregnant over here! the waiting is killing me haha! I was supposed to meet up with my girlfriends yesterday, but my one friend’s baby girl wasn’t feeling well and I have been feeling a bit off – started irregularly contracting a couple days ago so thinking maybe baby is coming soon and I didn’t want to be away from home – even if it was only like 30-35min away. so we decided to reschedule our girl time for after baby arrives! but I was able to be a bit productive yesterday – – I think i’ve been in nesting mode the last couple of weeks and i’ve been doing little by little since I can’t do to much. now that I am a bit over 34 weeks I feel more comfortable moving around more, so I did vacuum and mop and finish up some laundry while the kids napped and it felt so good! haha!

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anywho, I wanted to share some of my newborn must-haves with you! I wanted to make sure I get this out here before baby comes and I don’t have time or the brain power to put this together. haha! i’ll keep it pretty short and to the point… honestly, after my first I realized that there isn’t much you absolutely need when baby arrives. there are definitely essentials like a carseat, somewhere for baby to sleep, like a bassinet or something, diapers/wipes and some onesie sleepers or pajamas – highly recommend something with zipper so changes are easy in the middle of the night. also some bottles (depending on what your feeding plan it) and/or pacifiers, but really you can kind of get what you works for you as you figure out what baby likes and doesn’t like and what your lifestyle is like. with my first we had the nursery completely set up and I also had two baby showers, plus i went a little crazy on all the baby girl clothing, so I had more than enough for her arrival. I realized after the first month or so, she didn’t need all that and we were rarely in her nursery for the first 6 months!

fast forward to baby number three – I have two small baskets of things and took a few items out of the garage I used with my other kiddos that I know I will like to use this time. some of the items are items I just love and for me personally, have to have them but not all of them are like items you have to have to survive the newborn stage haha.

so let’s get into it! check them all out below!

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We absolutely loved the DOCKaTOT with both our other babies, we used both the deluxe and the grand. Just worked well for us, I know babies are not supposed to sleep in the dock unsupervised, but we did what worked for us. always my tip, read directions and do what you feel comfortable with. the HALO BASSINET is great! I love the size, its swivel and rotating function. fit perfectly next to the bed and I can reach in and pick up baby easily. these velcro SWADDLES are amazing, babies love being snug and these are just so easy and convenient, even dads can figure out the swaddle haha! babywearing is MY FAVORITE thing!! and we have all sorts of carriers just depending on what were doing. when they are really little and love being close, the SOLLY BABY WRAP is so good! We also really love the ERGOBABY carriers – great support and easy to put on plus more dad-friendly because they don’t look so girly lol. This PILLOW LOUNGER is great for laying baby during the day on the couch or for tummy time. both my other kiddos had acid reflux so this was great because it slightly props them up, so even after burping laying on this was much better than flat on their back. last one i’m gonna talk about, are these ZIP-UP SLEEPERS – first of all they’re super affordable, they have zippers, and they open from the bottom instead of the top so you don’t have to completely unzip them for diaper changes. especially great for the middle of the night!


If you’re a mama, what are some of your newborn must-haves?

hope you enjoyed this post! thanks so much for stopping by!


xo, steph

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