Happy Monday friends!! I hope you all had a nice weekend, it was a very chill one over here. We had some gloomy, chilly weather and I was ALL ABOUT IT! please, please give me fall! it was such a nice change to the heat wave we had last week. unfortunately, I looked up the weather and saw that the summer heat will be back later this week! such a bummer because I am BEYOND READY to bust out the sweaters and booties, ya feel me?!

Hope your Monday is off to a great start! I thought it would be fun to share my


I made for my two older kiddos! This is my first year making BOO baskets, and if you know me, then you know I love a cute little festive gift for the kids. After seeing a couple online last week, I though OMG why haven’t I done these before?? I will note that doing these little goodie baskets or bags for like every holiday or season can be a lot. so I always try to find cute inexpensive items and toys I think the kids will enjoy. So just keep that in mind, it is super fun to be festive like this, but

it doesn’t have to cost a fortune or take all your time putting together

its just a nice little surprise for your kiddos to enjoy and get them in the holiday spirit.

I found all my items at Target – I mean, they have everything and they have so many really inexpensive options. and remember you don’t have to fill a huge basket of stuff – keep it simple! I always check out the target dollar spot first, then head to their Halloween section. they have lots of fun little toys and crafts meant for goodie bags. since I am also making little treat bags for my daughter’s class I got a few of those items that came in multiples. Its super fun to fill the basket with something they can craft or make, a book or activity book, a couple little toys and of course an edible treat, like chocolate, candy or a cookie. I also love getting my kiddos festive pajamas, so I got them skeleton ones. I pretty much get skeleton every halloween for them haha!

I shared all the items I could so you can shop them easily + I also shared a few other items I thought were cute options!


I also got these fun canvases to paint, they were a bit too big for my small baskets, so I’ll just place them behind their baskets when I reveal to the kiddos. they are super affordable and a fun activity that will occupy the kiddos for a bit. MOM WIN!

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hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful in giving some fun and festive ideas for your kiddos!

xo, Steph

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