if you missed it, i was in the hospital for two weeks due to preterm labor! i am home now and happy and STILL PREGNANT! so i’m happy its the weekend too because that means baby is one week older and still cooking on the inside! haha! i am not going to lie, i am starting to get impatient because i am now 33 weeks and 5 days, and i delivered baby C at 33+5 and it was ALSO A THURSDAY!!! CRAY! so it’s a little weird playing the waiting game because i didn’t have to wait last time, went into labor unexpectedly and my labor was pretty quick! i definitely want baby boy to stay in a little longer but not toooo long hahah! we will have to see what happens! 

sooooo because my first labor and delivery happened so fast and so out of the blue, we were TOTALLY NOT READYYYY!! it was also around the holidays and i figured i have time after christmas to get everything together… but NOPE she came six weeks early and right before christmas. we didn’t have her carseat ready or a hospital bag, no clothes washed yet, or even ones that really fit her because i barely got any newborn stuff and definitely no preemie items! she did have to sepnd time in the NICU so that gave me and the hubby time to wrap our brains around having the baby early and it also gave us time to prepare the essentials at home. sooo anyway this time i want to be a little more prepared. even though the same thing almost happened.. i am now home and am on a mission to get the essentials done.. but of course i’m also supposed to be on modified bed rest — STRUGGLE CITY! haha! i decided to start with putting together a hospital bag.. last time it kinda worked out because i wasn’t in labor long and i went home after two days so i didn’t need a whole lot. plus my hubby was able to go home to get me a few things, like a toothbrush and a change of clothes. now i’m prepared with all my necessities for this time around!

also, if you haven’t been following me for long and don’t know this about me, i am a labor and delivery RN and have been for over six years.. so i kinda know what’s essential to bring with you and of course a lot of items are personal preference. something else you may not know about me, i am a really really good light packer! i hate lugging around a ton of bags and crap that i know i will never use. so over the years i’ve gotten really good at packing the essentials and if room permits, a couple extras. but everytime i travel, no matter how long (my longest trip was an international trip for almost two weeks), i only have a carry-on. i hate CHECKING IN BAGS! sooo you’ll see that my list for what’s needed for my hospital stay is pretty simple and my bag still has plenty of room! 

hospital bag from united monograms!

also, we have to talk about the BEST overnight bag! this overnight/weekender bag was sent to me by friends at UNITED MONOGRAMS , its under $100and I LOVE IT! for real, it’s a great size for a weekend, or in my case even a week long trip. amazing quality, the canvas is super sturdy and i love all the leather details, not to mention that it is MONOGRAMMED with my initials! so cute! you can choose different color options  and they have striped ones too, which is fun! i kept mine pretty neutral and i looooooove it! definitely check out the bag. i also linked to a bunch of my other faves from their site — UNITED MONOGRAMS has so many cute things!


let’s get started

i’ll just briefly talk about the items i am for sure bringing and link as much of the stuff as i can. i also have it all listed in a graphic at the end of the post!


ok so for yourself, mama the essentials i think you need for your hospital stay

ok to start off –  a ROBE, this is mainly for postpartum so you can feel more comfortable, the hospital gowns are kind of annoying and once you’re settled after baby is born, you don’t need to wear the hospital gown. i am also no-fuss when it comes to the hospital stay because i know (i hope) i won’t be there long so i don’t really care what i’m in but having your own robe especially if visitors drop by is nice. along with the robe, a comfy pair of PAJAMAS – something loose-fitting and nursing friendly if you are planning on breastfeeding. i love the matching button down pajama sets like this ONE. also really important in your hospital bag – TOILETRIES – just the essentials – toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, face wash, moisturizer, body wash, lotion. i am not one to put makeup on while i’m at the hospital so i don’t even bring it, thats up to you. next up, socks, slippers, FLIP FLOPS for shower — i can never go barefoot in a hospital room and definitely not in their showers.. so i packed SLIPPER SOCKS, their lightweight and easier, but you could also do slippers. want to make things even easier, just bring flip flops – wear them around the room and in the shower, just dry them off! next thing that is useful are NURSING BRAS and NURSING PADS or disposable nursing padsi feel like you don’t have to have nursing tanks or bras because you’re in your room and should be fine breastfeeding or pumping without it, but it you are planning on pumping a lot, i would definitely bring a hands-free pumping bra so you can do the things while pumping. Also UNDERWEAR, so I packed like one pair just in case, but the hospital does proved those really sexy mesh panties hahaha and yes they are not pretty but they are super comfortable and easy — use and throw away and get another. why mess up your own underwear, just wait until you get home.. but if you like your own then add that to the list! Other essentials include a water bottlephone chargereye maskheat/cold pack.


honestly i don’t think your partner needs much unless you live far from the hospital or your partner is high maintenance haha. i feel like whether you have a long labor or quick one if you love pretty close, your partner has time to go home and take care of a quick shower and change. thats just my opinion. and the things i list for your partner, half of them are things that are really for you — like music playlist and speaker and camera. i list these for your partner because they will be taking control over that stuff and making sure its working to your liking and what not. other than that, your partner may just need a change of clothes, a few toiletries, some snacks and water, and possibly some reading material or iPad in case your labor is long. 


baby doesn’t need  much either — the hospital provides all  the essentials — diapers, wipes, swaddles blankets, formula (if that’s your plan) and even shirts with the hand mitts — i feel like in the hospital you’re not there long and baby is usually swaddled or naked and skin to skin with mama. so why bring a bunch of stuff you’ll just have to unpack later. things to bring – going home outfit (or THIS), outfit for hospital pictures (if you’re doing those), swaddle blanket (this is cute too) if you prefer your own, a pacifier if you think you want to use one, hospitals don’t tend to just give those away so may want to bring your own. and really that’s it. the hospital will also have hospital-grade pumps for you to use, so you don’t need to worry about that either!


i think i covered it all.. might have missed a few things so leave me a comment if you think there other items that are needed in the hospital room for labor and delivery! like i mentioned above, i like to keep things easy and simple, you’re not usually in the hospital that long and i hate unpacking so don’t want to do much of that when i get home, sleep deprived with a newborn haha!

hope you enjoyed this {lengthy} post and found it to be helpful! sorry it’s kinda long.. i like to ramble a little on here! 

Have an awesome day !

XO, steph

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