hope you all had a great week! can’t believe another week has gone by.. it’s still kind of a blur being stuck at home but things are starting to ease up here in san diego. still can’t dine out or go shopping but some places are starting to open up for curbside so i’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel..kinda.. not sure where you all are in all of this, but spending all this time at home has made me focus on more self-care. even as a busy mama to two I try to fit in what I can, even if it’s just a 15 minute face mask and a glass of wine!

I thought it would be fun to share things to do and some products to make your self-care at home relaxing, kinda like spa day!

I have and love this silk pillowcase/eye mask set – great for your hair and preventing wrinkles when you sleep! a facial ice roller is so crucial – I love mine! when i’m feeling anxious, down or tired and puffy, ice rolling my face even for a few minutes totally changes my mood! helps with headaches too! the rose quartz face roller is also great, promotes lymphatic drainage, helps prevents wrinkles and gives face masks more absorption into the skin, this ONE comes with a gua shua stone which is great for facial massage! look it up! don’t forget facial oil for a nice facial massage and this jelly bead eye mask you can use warm or cold feels amazing around the eyes!


things you can do to have a relaxing spa day:

first, let your SO/hubby know you need some time to yourself and lock yourself in your room even if it’s just for 10 minutes.

  • run a long hot bath, light a candle, throw in a bath bomb, put on a soothing eye mask and turn on some mellow music
  • put on a comfy robe, cleanse your face, use a facial steamer, apply a soothing sheet mask, sit in bed and read a book while you let the mask do its thing
  • give yourself a facial massage using facial oil, feel yourself relax and lay down and close your eyes
  • my favorite, put on a robe, turn all the lights off, close the shades, put on a silk eye mask, turn on a meditation or relaxation sounds and take a nap – even for just 20 minutes

after trying one of these self- care, spa day like practices, you’ll step out of your room feeling so refreshed! remember, it’s hard to care for others around you when you’re not caring for yourself too. I used to feel bad or guilty when I asked for alone time, but it is SO necessary!

let me know how you’re getting in your ‘me-time’ and if you’ve used any products at home that have helped you feel relaxed! hope you all have a beautiful Friday! stay safe! stay healthy!

XO, steph

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