Happy Monday Friends!!! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and had a lovely time ringing in the New Year. I know this past year was so crazy and so different, and a lot of us stayed home, but I hope you were still able to enjoy yourselves and take some time to relax and recharge! I did have to work a bit but still had a lot of time off to spend with my little family. we decided not to go anywhere, and although I missed my family, it was so nice not having to rush anywhere with the kids and just take it slow on Christmas day and on New Year’s.

Now that its finally 2 0 2 1

time to kinda get back on track and hopefully things get better. I know there is still so much sadness and uncertainty happening all around us, but I am grateful for my health and my family and hoping to make this a great year! I thought I would kick off the year with my SECOND TRIMESTER pregnancy update. I am coming up to my third trimester as I write this, so now that I have survived another trimester, I thought it would be a good time to share my must-haves like I did with the first trimester – which you can find HERE!

I am also going to share some photos from my very relaxed maternity photoshoot – I wanted something really easy and chill so I chose sweats and a bralette top – wanted to show off my baby bump and really keep it casual. with my first I did traditional photos with the hubby I wore a dress, and with the second I did the popular milk bath photos so this seem fitting – last pregnancy – all things easy!

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so the second trimester was easier than the first in that a couple weeks into the second trimester my nausea and exhaustion went away. thank goodness! the nausea and morning sickness was AWFUL, so I was very happy when that finally subsided. about a month in, I was also able to cook a bit here and there, still not like my normal but it was so much better, and continues to get better. I felt like I also gained some energy and started feeling like myself again, which was so nice, not only for me but also for my family haha. while those symptoms got better, new ones kicked in… I started getting headaches, heartburn, and some insomnia. the headaches aren’t a constant thing and the heartburn is bad depending on what I eat so I just have to be more mindful of what i’m eating – like definitely no spicy foods! I feel like some days I also have a harder time sleeping, which is annoying but doesn’t bother me as much. the last part of the second trimester, I also get really gassy (haha TMI), which is really annoying but again not the worst thing.

this pregnancy has felt so much more different this time, and no one tells you how much harder the third pregnancy is on your body. I may have mentioned this before, but I feel sooooo much LARGER than the other two pregnancies. and just overall more all over body discomfort. I really enjoy being pregnant but once I hit 25 weeks I just feel like I can’t do much and that’s hard so i’m ready for baby haha! I have a few more months but with my history, maybe 6-8 weeks! we will see! only time will tell!



my main thing with the second trimester was getting bigger quicker and feeling bigger, so that meant I couldn’t fit in my jeans quicker – so this belly band is what I used with my other pregnancies instead of buying a bunch of maternity jeans I knew I wouldn’t wear, and this holds you over for a little while which is nice. I luckily don’t have any stretch marks on my belly or bust, and didn’t have that issue with the other pregnancies. I know that usually genetic, but because my skin was stretching quicker, it felt itchy and being extra hydrated doesn’t hurt, so this BELLY OIL is my best friend. I used this last time too. this bottle lasts forever! also since I am a nurse, I am on my feet a lot, so having this belly band support for work has been helpful on lightening my front load haha and also helps my back. also love my facial ice roller (even before pregnancy) – helps when I feel puffy or have a bad headache. these steaming disposable eye masks are great too for tired eyes or headaches! is used them a lot las pregnancy too!

hope you find this post helpful! if you’re an expecting mama or recently had a baby, what are some of your pregnancy must-haves??

xo, steph

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