Noah’s Birth Story

Happy Tuesday! I am finally getting around to sharing Noah’s birth story!!


It has taken me a while to write this because honestly I’ve just been lazy to sit down and actually write what happened for his birth but it actually is pretty simple and short because my labor was very quick this third time around! so let’s just get to it.

I’m gonna start with the day before! so I actually had an OB appointment the day before I went into labor which was a Monday – just a normal OB check up. At my appointment I let my doctor know that I was having some weird pains down below – they definitely did not feel like contraction pain but a pain I’ve never had before with any of my other pregnancies and some days it was really painful. I’ve been having this odd pain for about a week or two. So after checking on baby and talking about some other things c’s, my OB asked if she wanted to check my cervix just so we can get another baseline. The last time I was checked was when I was in the hospital a month prior for preterm labor, so I agreed it was a good idea, I wanted to know if I was making change and to give us a better idea whether or not I would have this baby early. My OB checks me and i had made a little bit of change from the last time. in the hospital I was between like 2 1/2 to 3 cm, 70% effaced (thinness of the cervix) and -1 (where the baby’s head is in your pelvis) At my appointment I was 3 1/2 cm and 80-90% effaced and 0 station, which means I basically dilated a little bit more, but thinned out a decent amount & the baby had dropped lower. My OB also mentioned that it felt like my bag of water was bulging, which could mean my water could break with some activity or some strong contractions. She was hoping i could make it a few more days and deliver at 35 weeks. But was sure this baby was coming early no matter what. After I left i was super anxious because no one likes a waiting game – not bowing exactly when something is going to happen, but knowing it could happen at any moment. After I left my appointment, I started having some irregular contractions, which also halberd the night or two before, but they would just go away. I texted my friend, who also works with me and told her about my appointment.

Side note, my friend was also my nurse for my labor and delivery with Charlotte & was my doula during my labor and delivery with Jax, so we talked about how she had to be there for my last baby.

She let me know after I texted her that she works on Tuesday, so if I go into labor it’s perfect because she could take care of me. This was the best scenario because with covid, even though she works there, she wouldn’t be able to just walk in and be in the room with me like she did for Jax.

Anywho, Tuesday rolls around, justin and i are talking that morning trying to decide if i should have my friend come over before she has to head into work to check and see if I’ve made any change since yesterday…because i was having some contractions during the night and morning. Finally decided for her to come over before she had to head into work, she gets to my house around 10am, she checks me and at this point I am 4.5-5 cm, 90% effaced and 0 station. Even though I was having some contractions, I wanted to stay home and wait – help justin feed the kids lunch and put them down for naps, then head to the hospital. Both Justin and my friend, were both like definitely NOT. They wanted me to go to the hospital right away. Worked out perfectly bc my friend could drive me (which is what she did when i went into labor with jax) and the. Justin would meet me there once he got the kids settled & childcare. So I got my stuff together, kissed the kiddos goodbye and we left for the hospital. As soon as we drive down the street, my contractions started coming a bit closer together more regularly and some were starting to get a bit uncomfortable. We get the the hospital and go through process of getting admitted and by the time i got to my room, I was pretty uncomfortable and my contractions were about 3-4min apart.

I got to my room and admitted by about 11am.

I was so afraid that Justin was going to miss the whole thing because in the hospital room the contractions increasingly get worse and closer together and when I texted him he was still waiting for the kiddos to finish their lunch! If you’re a mama, you know how much toddlers can stall and take forever doing things like eating lol! This was probably around 11:30.

Because I was getting super uncomfortable, my friend wanted to check me and see where I’m at, but I kept refusing because I didn’t want something happening when justin hadn’t arrived yet. I continued laboring around the room and then we decided now is a great time to get in the shower for a bit. If you’re in active labor getting in a nice hot shower or bath feels really good. I was in there for maybe 15-20 minutes, who knows maybe a bit longer. I couldn’t be off the monitor for too long because I was early, technically the baby needed to be monitored the whole time. Hehe. VIP perks of working there!

Around 1230ish Justin finally arrives, and at about 1240 I finally let my friend/nurse check me & I was about 7cm,

then my water breaks!!

The contractions immediately become out of control U N C O M F O R T A B L E – like so SO SO SO SOOOOOOO bad!

I remember with Jax the contractions intensifying after my water broke but nothing like this. I was in so much more control with Jax, but this time I just couldn’t get my mind in the right space. But I continued on, DETERMINED to get him out! I sobbed during every contraction, wish I handled them better but it is what it is.

All I can say is OUCHHHHH! Haha!

Luckily my labor was super fast! My friend put me in side-lying position on both sides for a couple contractions, which hurts like HELL, not even exaggerating but it really works on getting baby to come down!

After that for a few minutes, I got that SUPER INTENSE URGE TO PUSHHHH!

I turned onto my back & yelled at justin, is he right there?! Can you see his head?? Justin: “Uhm sure” so I knew he was lying and Noah wasn’t right there buttttt another contraction and BAM, his head was coming out!!! My friend started rushing around, trying to get the doctor and extra hands. Doctor wasn’t there yet, but when you’re going natural your body literally takes over and you can’t stop it. So I PUSHHHHHHH! My friend is on the bed, holding one leg, protecting my perineum and controlling Noah’s head as it’s coming out. And if you’ve ever looked into giving birth, they talk about this ‘ring of fire’ as the head is coming out. That’s what it feels like… well I wasn’t worried about that because I didn’t feel any of that kind of pain with Jax… well this time


and I remember yelling OW OW OUCH, GET HIM OUT!!! And i am not sure how my friend handled my yelling, all the chaos and everything else but SHE DID!


My doctor strolled in maybe a minute after Noah was born, she took over and delivered my placenta and made sure everything was ok. Not stitches again this time! Woohoo! Thank you Jillian for protecting that perineum becaus I blasted Noah out in one big push. Not even kidding, he was super swollen when he first came out.

OMG THAT WAS SO INTENSE!! I still cannot believe it’s been a month since that day! As much as I was in pain, I really do love labor and birth and wish I could do it again! My hubby says we’re done having kids though. Hehe I still go back and forth! Don’t tell him that though ???

I hope you guys enjoyed Noah’s birth story!! also if you have any questions about a natural labor or delivery or anything like that leave a comment or feel free to DM me on Instagram!


Xo, Steph


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