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Happy Thursday friends! can’t believe we’re already through another week..I feel like the days are all still blurring together. I don’t know about you but I am still feeling super tired and worn down from last year and the all the holiday things.. I know a lot of us are feeling a bit down and still all over the place. One of my goals this year is to try to find some balance and one of the ways I center myself, keep myself grounded is through some self-care, self-love.

With the way last year went, I believe a lot of us realized how important self-care is to our mental and physical states. I definitely felt that before being stuck at home pretty much all day every day, I did not practice a lot of self-care. It was always go-go-go! Get stuff done and do things for others, our families, work, our friends. Especially as a mom to two young children, I often put my self-care needs aside and figure i’ll do it another time. After the past year and all the challenges we all faced, I realized how important self-care is to keep going. I always hear people say ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup.’ I feel like we feel guilty if we want to take time to ourselves, do something for ourselves, but what I’ve learned after a hard year, is that doing what we love and choosing ME over anyone else every so often is totally OK and NEEDED.

Self-care is definitely one of the top listed goals I have noticed so far this year and I am so excited about it. There are so many ways to practice self-love. I teamed up with Walmart to share some of the ways I practice self-care and what I love doing that makes me feel my best – helps me feel calm, find my center, and remain positive during challenging times.

Walmart has a WELLNESS HUB – lots of items to put your wellness first this year! It is so amazing how much they carry that allow us to make our lives better. Walmart’s Wellness Hub is one-stop shop for all your needs to improve your well-being. They have protein powders, workout gear and more to fuel your workout and manage your weight; they have great skincare products, massagers, essential oils, bath soaks to practice ultimate self-care for deep relaxation; they also carry products to boost your mental illness plus wholesome foods, vitamins and supplements to help you make better eating choices. SO AMAZING! What’s even better, Walmart offers order online, pick up in store or free 2-day shipping with $35 minimum order. I personally use this latter options all the time. So easy and convenient!

I like to practice self-care by taking a nice bath or long hot shower followed by a good skincare routine.

This time I decided to take a warm bath with calming salt soak. this Dr. Teals Pink Himalayan Mineral Soak had such a nice relaxing scent and it is great for restoration. Walmart carries so many different varieties of these salts to match your needs! To get into deep relaxation I lit a a beautifully scented candle, which was only $5 by the way + made some hot peppermint tea. A glass of wine would’ve been nice too – – when I’m not pregnant I will definitely be doing this again with a glass of red! After my bath I make sure to follow through with a good skincare routine – luxurious body cream, hydrating face serum + rose quartz roller all while my facial steamer is going. Totally relaxing and so good for your skin. I ended my self-care routine by finishing off my tea and taking some Calm Gummies to ensure a good night’s sleep. I felt so good and so happy afterwards. Highly highly recommend doing something like this at least once a month! MAKE IT A GOAL!

Also you cannot beat Walmart’s affordable prices – give yourself an hour, may be two to create a spa-like day to indulge in self-care! You DESERVE it!


also wanted to share a list of some great ways to practice self-care! try one each day for the rest of the month and see how you feel afterwards!


hope you enjoyed this post!! Have a fabulous rest of the week! YAY! we’re almost to the weekend!!

XO, steph

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