ok friends!! I decided to post another blog for more gift guides! I just have a few more to add and i thought maybe separating them in two separate blog posts would make it easier and less overwhelming. in case you missed my first post with my first set of holiday gift guides – check them out HERE – I have one for the girls, guys expecting/ new mamas, and three different ones for toddlers! lots of gift options!


I know sometimes in-laws can be hard to shop for, whether its a mother-in-law or brother-in-law, I tried to find a variety of items that can work for someone in that category! this portable sanitizing wand seems perfect for these times and I actually ordered one for my sister-in-law this year! also this wine chiller or this electric wine preserver are great options, as well as this mug and warmer set!



ok so I thought this would be a fun one this year because it is Charlotte’s (my daughter) first year at school – she’s in preschool this year and so it’s kinda exciting she has the holidays to celebrate at school! besides some of the usual teacher gifts that are great, i.e., starbucks or target gifts cards or a bottle of wine, I thought i’d put together some other useful gifts for them! I think it would be thoughtful to give them a cute coffee mug with a starbucks gift card in it + add some tea bags – nice for relaxation. this new year calendar is also really nice or this UV sanitizer. teachers also have long days with our kiddos so this pedi spa seems like a really awesome option too! I also feel like these gift options work really well for coworkers!



I make some kind of wishlist every year, some years I find it harder to figure out what I really want, because I don’t need anything and with the kids, all I think for christmas is them and what I want them to have haha. this year I have a wishlist and it’s all items I really want. not to mention, my birthday is a few days before christmas, so this wishlist is also sort of a birthday list. I don’t usually give wishlists to my hubby. I kinda let him choose and sometimes he just takes me shopping and i’ll pick one or two nice gifts. haha this year I told him I would give him this wishlist and circle my top 3 to 5 items hahah in case something is sold out or he can’t get for whatever reason!

this POLENE mini backpack is at the top of my list. I haven’t had a nice, designer bag in a while and while this is designer it’s no as high end as other bags i’ve gotten. I think this one is just so cute and functional for mom life, but still on-trend, stylish and chic. I love jewelry in general and love me some fashion jewelry and all the pieces I linked are under $60 from brands that I love. this initial necklace is so pretty and I really love this evil eye ring. I have the apple watch and this bracelet watch band would be so nice for days I want my watch to feel dressier, and lastly this cozy loungewear set is like a must. If you know me, you know I love a good cozy set!



I thought it would be helpful to put together some gift ideas from amazon – I know a lot of use amazon for purchases because it is so convenient, especially if you are a PRIME member and can get two-day shipping! perfect for last minute shoppers as well! we use amazon a lot so I combined a little gift guide with gift ideas great for anyone on your list and a lot of it is super affordable.

I have two of these PORTABLE CHARGERS because they work so well and they would be great for someone you know that is on-the-go. also this set of silicone apple WATCH BANDS are a great stocking stuffer – they’re under $10 and I have them and they are also great quality and come in different color combos. this personal, portable ESPRESSO MAKER seems super cool and this WIRELESS CHARGING STATION is perfect too! I got one for my hubby earlier this year and ended up getting myself one – love the sleek, modern look, and it charges your phone, ear buds and watch!


hope you find these Holiday Gift Guides helpful! I will be adding just a few more for affordable finds and will add them to this post! STAY TUNED!

xo, steph


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