Hope you’re all having a great week so far! have you set any goals for the new year yet?

I know that a lot of us have getting active as a goal for the new year! every year I always have either stay active or get active for the new year. I am usually a pretty active person and I like getting some kind of workout in, but since being pregnant, I haven’t been able to work out as much, or at all really, besides what I do with the babies. I had preterm labor and delivery with both the other kids, so I am trying to keep it easy this pregnancy to get the baby to cook longer! however, I have just missed being able to do some kind of activity so I have made it a goal to try to get some gentle yoga and stretching in once a week. also since being pregnant, having my third baby and getting older, I have made it a point to make it my goal to stay active, to move my body, for what feels good, instead of limiting my food intake, or trying a new diet, or losing XX pounds. I feel like it kind of sets us up for failure and it can be overwhelming. we had such a long year, let’s try to not pressure ourselves too much. so with that being said, I know we could use a little bit of motivation. I love getting a couple new pieces of active wear or a new pair of sneakers to get me going. I thought it would be a great idea to share some activewear looks with you as well as some other favorites!

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as much as I like super fun activewear pieces, I tend to stay with more neutral pieces, and I love black and greys. the tie dye top is a fun one, but I like to keep things pretty basic, with an occasional print! most of these pieces have been on repeat and favorites for the last few months. now I won’t say i’ve actually been working out in them, but I do enjoy wearing them haha! but for real, all of these feel great on and also they are NON maternity, but stretchy and comfortable. I did size up to mediums in both the joggers for the bump and they’re perfect!

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I’m sure most of us are working out at home since the pandemic hit, but I know there are some of you, depending on location, are now able to workout in gyms and studios. before getting pregnant, I was doing Orangetheory Fitness and I did enjoy going and it kept me motivated. however, since quarantine I started working out at home. definitely less now that I am pregnant, but I really love the Tone It Up app and The Sculpt Society app – both have great workout options and I also love that they have workouts that are only 15 to 20 minutes. With my busy lifestyle and not a lot of time getting in a quick workout is the only way I can make sure it gets done. i’ve included some of my favorite workout gear below that I use at home.

do you like working out at home??

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what are some ways you like to get active? and what gets you and keeps you motivated? with all these stay home orders and the unknown, being home most of the time, I know moving our bodies and getting active can be hard. I am guilty of taking the easy way out, plus with being pregnant, it’s definitely hard to get myself up and moving. I am excited to get myself back to some kind of activity even if it’s just a short walk or a quick gently yoga routine!

Have a great rest of the week!

cannot believe the first week of the New Year is almost over!

xo, steph

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