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Hello friends and happy WEEKEND!! I have a mommy blog post for you today – sharing some of my baby bath time favorites all from Target Baby. I don’t know about you, but…


As a mama to three, Target is definitely our top favorite stores to shop for all our family’s necessities. And since having Noah, the drive up and in-store pick-up options have been LIFE SAVERS!!! If you haven’t tried online ordering with either Drive Up or Order Pick-Up yet, you’re seriously missing out. It is SOOOO easy plus SUPER convenient, especially when you have three kiddos in the car! Target also has Same Day Delivery if you really can’t make it out of the house! I use DRIVE UP almost every single time because it’s easy to so use with the Target app to order. In the app, you can also let the store know when you’re arriving so they can get your order ready and the wait time it so quick, I get my order in my car within 10 minutes, usually less time than that! if you can’t tell already I am HUGE FAN of Target and their whole drive up system, but I want to share some specific products with you – all centered around bath time with baby!

In case you missed it, I had my third baby, Noah, almost 4 months ago, and I know that I can count on Target to carry all my favorite, quality, baby essentials at affordable prices! One of my favorite times with baby, is baby’s bath time. In the beginning when baby is still so tiny, bath time can be a bit intimidating and some babies cry and it gets a bit stressful, so I thought I would share some bath time tips to make baby baths more enjoyable for mama and baby. these tips along with some of my TARGET BABY bath time essentials are what work for me and my babies, but of course every baby is different. If you’re finding bath time challenging try some of these tips!



[ bath support / towel / washcloths ]

it definitely took a few baths to get Noah happy during bath time – we had to find what worked for us, my other babies loved bath in the sink with support but Noah has been loving using this AngelCare Baby Bath support – its only $20 and its perfect. I went with the grey color to match out Munchkin Soft Spot Cushioned Bath Mat, and our Just One You made by Carter’s cute bath towels and washcloths! I usually like to wet a towel with warm water and lay on the bath support right before I put baby in, so he feels warm. Another great tip I learned with my first baby, is to wet one or two or a few washcloths with warm water and lay on baby’s tummy while washing to keep baby warm as well. This for sure works for Noah and keep him warm, comfortable & happy during bath time.

We also love the Skip Hop Waterfall Bath Rinser and Frida Baby DermaFrida Skin Soother – both also found at Target. The Rinser is super easy to use and baby Noah loves to watch the water fall out of the rinser. The FridaBaby Skin soother is great for his hair and scalp, works great if your baby has dry skin or cradle cap, plus I think it feels good on baby, kind of like a bath time massage. During baths, we love to use the Honest Company Truly Calming hair and body wash – has a perfect lavender scent and leaves baby skin clean and soft! Honest is one of my favorite baby brands for diapers and other baby essentials, and I love that I can always find them at Target!

[ bath towel ]

A few other bath time tips I’d like to highlight are making sure the water is the right temperature for baby, I like to place my elbow in the water to check – to me it is the perfect gauge! Also sometimes, I like to use our detachable shower head to rinse baby, it feels nice and it makes rinsing easy and quick. lastly, doing a bath time routine before bedtime can really help baby know it is time for bed, helping them wind down from the day, making it easier to put baby down for the night. I like to do a little baby body massage with the Honest Company Truly Calming Face and Body lotion – has that same lavender scent as the body wash, no greasy or sticky residue and leaves baby’s skin super soft – it’s also great for sensitive skin.

Baby Bath time is one of my favorite times with baby and I LOVE that I can find all my bath time essentials at Target!

Hope you find these bath time favorites and tips helpful! If you do, share with your mama friends! Thanks so much for reading!

xo, Steph

thank you to Target for sponsoring this post, as always these opinions are 100% my own. this post also contains affiliate links, which means I make a small commission with any purchases made with these links. thank you for your support!


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