So I was wondering what the reason was that I wanted to start a blog and I decided that it all stemmed from the enjoyment I get from reading other bloggers online.  I love the fact that I can sit down with my iPad and get a snapshot of someone’s day- a pic of an edgy new top from Zara, an image for retooling my bedroom or an insightful quote to empower me for the day.  However, the things that get me hooked on certain bloggers over others are the details that show a personality and a fresh take on everything from style to life perspective.  

It’s true, I’m a girl who loves her clothes and accessories, style, especially everyday, casual looks (living that cali life) and home decor, and of course all that glitters and is glamorous- but I also love my family, my hubby, my babies, my pups, my friends, sippin’ on wine & tequila and enjoying yummy food.  I’m a sassy (but sweet) girl living in sunny San Diego. So here are the pictures, words and thoughts that wrap them all up into the package, I call my life.

I don’t promise anything more than expressing my own personal style, being true to myself and having fun in the process.  Hope you enjoy the ride!

XO, s t e p h