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hope you all enjoyed your Super Bowl Weekend – I honestly forgot it was the Super Bowl until like friday night! hahaha – we’re not huge sports fans over here, even though I grew up with my dad and brother watching football every single weekend. I literally just stayed in my room hahah! anyway, I didn’t watch it, nor the commercials nor the half time show… there was one, right?? haha. and I didn’t make some fun snacks spread.. lol.. instead, we just had some family time and hung out. I got some work done while the babies napped and tried to relax.

anywho, I am excited for a new week! I will be 33 weeks this week and just getting closer to meeting baby boy. i’ve been doing my best just hanging out at home and relaxing, but i’m not gonna lie I did start to do a few more things – nothing crazy but I started helping the hubby out like usual with the kids and started helping make some meals..but he is still doing the bulk of all that stuff so that i’m not on my feet too much.

so speaking of pregnancy, I thought it would be a great idea to share some of my closet staples with you – pregnancy edition.

these are the pieces that I wear the most often and are also versatile that can be worn and styled different ways throughout the pregnancy – weather permitting (I know some of you in colder parts of the world may need something else) but these pieces are nothing crazy and none of it is actually maternity, but they are pieces that I gravitate towards while pregnant with all my pregnancies. and if you notice — I am all about the casual, comfortable pieces. if you’ve been following me for awhile, you’ll know that this is nothing new for me, pregnant or not, I like to keep things pretty casual and easy. I am excited though, for after baby, and i’m feeling a bit ‘normal’ to dress up a bit more. haha

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ONE. maternity jeans

with all my pregnancies, I have only had one pair of maternity jeans. mainly because I don’t really enjoy wearing jeans while pregnant and I don’t want to spend a bunch of $$$ on maternity jeans, but I added them to my wardrobe staples because it is nice to have one pair of maternity jeans that fit, are comfortable and flattering in case you need to dress up a bit.

MY TIP: find one pair you really like in a style you wear often, whether thats a super skinny jean, a straight leg jean or a cropped slim straight jean

this time around I chose these cropped straight leg jeans because it was the style I wore most often before becoming pregnant. I am a huge fan of the mom jeans, vintage high rise style jeans and these are pretty close to that style and I knew this would fit a lot of my outfit ideas if I were needing to wear jeans. I love the way the cropped style allows me to wear these with sneakers, sandals, booties or heeled sandals. I also suggest if you’re only going to have one pair of maternity jeans, then choose a non-distressed style for more versatility.


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TWO. leggings

ok so every girl loves leggings right?!!? well especially while pregnant, leggings are a must in my book. they go with everything and they’re comfortable. whether you’re lounging around at home, running errands or going out for lunch, leggings work. you just have to find the right pair – a pair that isn’t see through (OBVI) and one that has a nice texture to it so it doesn’t look sloppy or like pajamas. if you feel more comfortable, there are some great maternity leggings, these ones I am sharing are not, I just sized up because I love the fit and feel of these ones.

MY TIP: try on a few pairs you like, make sure it passes the bend & squat test, not see-through, soft, stretchy and comfortable. also I prefer a high rise, but test out leggings that sit below your bump, you might find those more comfy.

these leggings are my faves! they are buttery soft, high rise and have a really nice smooth texture. plus if you wanna spice things up, these leggings do come in different colors. also these would be great postpartum


[ shop classic sneakers HERE ]

THREE. classic sneakers

I am all about the white classic sneakers – comfortable and versatile. you can literally wear sneakers with anything – shorts, jeans, leggings, loungewear, lots of styles of dresses, skirts! they are my go-to shoes these days, even before being pregnant, but even more so since having kids. you can run around and get things done comfortably and it helps that sneakers are totally on trend right now.

MY TIP: find a classic pair of sneakers in a neutral color, preferably white with some detail to ensure you can wear them with lots of different outfits. also make sure they are supportive enough for walking around

these are a newer pair for me, but I have been eyeing them for about a year. finally decided to get them and I am so happy I did! NO BREAK-IN REQUIRED. they were comfortable from the get-go, absolutely no areas of my foot hurt or got any blisters. according to most friends that have these sneakers and reviews, they suggest sizing down. I got the same pair I wear in golden goose, and had to exchange for the next size up, which is slightly big but with socks i’m fine. also the only other con – the tongue of the shoe is long, so when walking it can kind of hit against your ankle, but I just move it the side and you can fold it under and it’s totally good!


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FOUR. stretchy tank

a great stretchy tank or two or three is great because they’re comfortable and awesome for layering. especially when it gets a bit warmer, layering a tank with a cardigan or shacket is both stylish and comfy. plus if you find the right stretchy tank, it also provides some support to your bump!

MY TIP: find a tank that has a good amount of stretch that can hopefully last most, if not all of your pregnancy. I also prefer the seamless tanks because they also look good underneath tops. also one with a good length, to make sure your bump stays covered throughout pregnancy

again, I sized up in this tank to make sure it fits the bump but also for a bit of length. there are also some great maternity tanks that have more stretch around the belly area and some that have a bit of compression for more support.


[ outfit details HERE ]

FIVE. denim jacket

If you don’t have a denim jacket in your closet, I don’t think we can be friends…. haha jk.. kinda. a denim jacket is a year round wardrobe staple – versatile, cute, classic – everyone needs one. I included a denim jacket in this round up because I think they’re just so easy to throw on over anything. I own like six different ones…

MY TIP: get a classic fitting denim jacket – not cropped or oversized – if this will be your only denim jacket, and pick a wash you like most that will fit most of your outfits.

I own a bunch because I love them so much especially in the spring time, this one is more fitted, lighter wash with distressing – just love the way it fits and I also love a good oversized, relaxed denim jacket.


[ outfit details HERE ]

SIX. bump-friendly dress

definitely need a dress in your wardrobe because date nights (I know not much of that happening, but we’re getting there) or girls night or you just want to feel cute. this dress has been in my closet for four years and i’m pretty sure I wore it in each of my pregnancies. it is so versatile, you can dress if up or down and it is seriously flattering on EVERY BODY TYPE! since it is a bodycon style dress, you can size up one size. but I just love it – I own it is 5 colors – and i’m not sorry about it.

MY TIP: find a dress that is comfortable (obvi), versatile & shows off the bump in a flattering way.

I know that depending on the season and your location, the style of dress may be different, maybe a cute ribbed sweater dress or a flowy maxi dress in a solid color or neutral pattern is better. but having a dress that works for different occasions (with a change of shoes or accessories) is key.


[ outfit details HERE ]

SEVEN. loungewear set

haha if you know me, did you really think I was going to leave out my favorite kind of outfit. I am so happy that loungewear is trendy and chic because I am OBSESSED. not even joking. I probably wear loungewear 80-90% of the time. and for me, it’s all about how you style it and how it fits for someone to be able to walk outside of their house in loungewear. I absolutely love it and it comfortable. loungewear sets will also be great postpartum!

MY TIP: get a set in a neutral color that fits comfortably, not sloppy so you can wear it out. avoid super bright colors or patterns so you don’t go sick of it.

obviously I have a bunch of loungewear sets, mainly with joggers or sweats but I am starting to get some lounge sets with shorts and more breathable fabrics to prepare for warmer weather, plus I want to wear these after baby arrives.


[ outfit details HERE ]

EIGHT. pajamas

hahah well duh! especially being stuck at home most days because of the pandemic (and now, bedrest) a cute, soft pajama set is a must. while most days I like getting ready and changing out of my pjs, a pjs all day kinda day ain’t so bad. plus pajama sets are great to take to the hospital with you once you’re in labor and great for postpartum too! I couldn’t resist this pretty tie-dye set. but I also have black and grey ones.

MY TIP: find a good quality soft set, that button downs that way you can use if after baby too. also size up so you’re more comfortable


check out my round up below! everything as always is linked here and on my liketoknow.it page >>> @sassandsun


If you didn’t notice from this entire post, I am all about the comfort. having extra weight to carry around and ball that’s front and center can be exhausting, so being comfortable is my number one while pregnant, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to look cute. I always try to find styles that are both comfy and stylish, why sacrifice comfort?


xo, steph

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