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Oct 9, 2017

never enough jeans!

hey hey hey babes!!! talking jeans today --

and well every day because i looooove me some perfect fit, flattering jeans!

you can never have enough jeans! am i right?!?! i mean every time i get a new pair of jeans i'm like i'm good -- i don't need another pair and then all of a sudden i find a pair i neeeeed because the hem is different, there's pretty embroidery on this one, the wash is perfect or the distressing is totally different than the last pair... and on and on. haha ! so i've rounded up some of the BEST jeans right now that i have been loving and obsessing over! the ones i've been wearing over and over again are these black jeans because they're pure pure black so they are super chic! i love black jeans because they're great to wear casually but also perfect when you want to dress up, but not too much -- put on a cute top and some heels and you're good to go! plus these black jeans are a great price point! ANNNND i've been obsessed with these high waisted distressed Levi's -- i mean who hasnt been in love with these!?? if you haven't gotten them yet -- you should! they've been sold out so many times before -- so run!! get 'em while you can! they run pretty true to size, you may also want to size down one because they do stretch out a little bit after you wear them once i also just got this really similar pair that is way cheaper -- also size down in these! check these ones out too while they're still in stock! i will link all the jeans plus more below! leave me a comment if you have any questions! 


xo, steph

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