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Oct 27, 2017

black + camel {part one}

happy FRIDAY friends !!!

woohoo! we made it through yet another week.. i seriously cannot believe how fast october has flown by! we are in the last week and it is still freakin hot in san diego -- luckily it has cooled down some -- talking high 80s low 90s, better than 100 degrees it was earlier in the week.

literally, baby C and i were melting. it was no fun going out in that heat but we were also going a little stir crazy staying inside all day. needless to say, baby C and i are both missing our afternoon strolls around the neighborhood and playing at the park. can't wait for cooler fall days -- praying that the weather changes very soon and stays! 

in other news, you are all probably sick of me complaining {so sorry, can't help it} but any other mamas out there feeling like me or having a little bit of a rough time with their littles, please say hey! wow! this month has been S T R U G G L E city for me and baby c. she has not been sleeping well, so granted neither have i. luckily i have an AHHHHMAZING hubby and baby daddy he usually gets up with her after i feed her early in the morning if she won't go back to sleep, and lets me snooze for a few more hours. but man! she still wakes up super early and sometimes wakes up one to two times a night. after my cry for help on instagram earlier in the week -- i'm now convinced it definitely started as a sleep regression we were not able to get out of and BAM now she's teething. i defnitely think her top two teeth are coming in soon and that has been bothering her lately. she can be super needy and clingy.. and lets just say i am not coping well at all. so any mamas out there that can relate, would love to hear how you cope with so many sleepless nights, interrupted sleep, fussy, teething baby? i'm losing my mind haha

anywho, enough of that! right? i need more positivity in my mind -- i've also started BBG again so i'll try to keep you updated on that -- just finished my first week and whoa its a killer but so good! i'm hoping this kinda helps me with everything else thats going on and i also wouldn't hate having me pre-pregnancy body back! haha! its so hard sometimes to find balance with work, family, relationships, babies, yourself, working out, etc etc so i'm trying to slowly get back on track and figure out a little more me time because i think that will help my situation a little bit so we will see how that goes! anyone do BBG?? let me know! 

{ what i'm wearing }

sweater blazer || faux leather leggings || black tee || suede flats || leopard clutch

okie dokie now the real good stuff haha MY FAVORITE COLOR COMBO for fall -- B L A C K  +  C A M E L !!! i don't know what it is about this color combo its so damn good -- neutral, simple and super chic. there are so many ways to achieve this color combo and i love wearing all black and throwing on one or two pieces that are in the camel color family. this time i opted for this new camel sweater blazer i got recently with camel suede pointed toe flats. if you know me, you know how obsessed i am with mules, so these flats kinda remind me of mules and they add a nice classic vibe to my outfit. back to this camel sweater blazer -- it is such a perfect piece to add to your fall wardrobe! because it is sweater material, its soft and easy to throw over anything and its not too dressy to wear everyday but not super casual either if you feel like dressing it up. its the perfect length, not too long, covers the bum -- literally PERFECT! so as much as like classic looks, i had to spice up the all black ensemble by wearing faux leather leggings because why not?! i love mixing textures in the fall so i really love the sweater blazer against the leather leggings. and leather leggings are a must for fall -- this pair is super comfortable and easy to wear with ANYTHING! it would look so good with a chunky knit and OTK boots, or wanna a more sassy sexy vibe, opt for a pretty blouse and some leopard high heel pumps -- you know how much i love leopard! and of course i tied in this perfect color combo with this perfect leopard foldover clutch! i mean this clutch will be my sidekick all fall long -- haha when i don't have the baby with me that is! but it fits everything i need and has a pretty gold chain strap if you wanna wear it crossbody style! 

{ GET my LOOK }


hope everyone has a fabulous friday and an amazinf weekend! we have no plans this weekend so we'll see what we end up doing.. what are your plans for the weekend?

xo, steph

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Oct 16, 2017

perfect fall LB{sweater}D

happy happy monday !!! hope you all had a beautiful weekend!


{ what i'm wearing }

 sweater dress :: c/o tobi || OTK boots || leather moto jacket , more affordable option here

anywho, today i'm sharing the perfect little black {sweater} dress from TOBI! and good news this sweater dress is currently on sale and comes in two other fabulous colors! this sweater dress is the perfect addition to your fall wardrobe -- it is so versatile, fits great and its so cute! i love the drapey look of the neckline and the faux-wrap, criss-cross of the bottom part of the dress -- gives this sweater dress a nice litte oomph! still classy and simple but has flattering feminine details. its also super soft and super comfortable -- i love that i can wear it in so many ways -- dress it up or dress it down! and you know me, i love options especially now as a mama! i mean i would love to always wear heels or wedges but this mama can't always keep up in fancy shoes so if the dress works with flats or sneakers, i'm in! this time i decided to dress it up because i have been dying to rock my OTK boots. 

i dressed up this sweet sweater dress with some OTK boots because who doesn't love a pretty sweater dress with OTK boots in the fall -- instant {subtle} sexy vibes perfect for date night or night out for drinks with the girls. just added my favorite leather moto jacket to tie it all together. if you ever need something a little extra -- grab a leather jacket -- look complete! 

{ GET my LOOK }



hope you all have an amazing monday!! 

Xo, Steph 

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Oct 11, 2017

keepin' it casual

happy H U M P day babes !!!

i feel like today should be friday for some reason.. i have no idea why i don't usally feel like this but for some reason the week seems to be draaaaggggin and i'm not exactly sure why. maybe its just my mom brain and for some odd reason i can't keep my days in order and i just have friday on the brain. haha. 

okie dokie so i'm gonna keep this short and sweet because i'm exhausted #momlife! this is has been my go-to outfit lately -- just switching out my sweaters and cardigans haha -- waiting for the temps to drop much more so i can stay in my sweaters all day.. and you need a chenille sweater in your life! this exact one is out of stock but i found a very very  similar one in four different colors -- and i want them all!! 

{ what i'm wearing }

cardigan || tank, another great option here || jeans, also here and similar (cheaper) option here || mules

baby C always comes on my shoots with me these days! she’s always laughing and getting excited when she sees me walking around haha! she's always such a good girl!

we are still going through a bit of a sleep regression and I feel guilty for saying this but it’s driving me crazy! i feel like a completely different person - - around her i’m good and she always makes me smile but when i’m by myself or with my hubby sometimes i just lose it. they say it gets easier but i am having a hard time seeing the light, being more positive.. i know it’s kinda terrible.. but i don’t do well with lack of sleep - - my mind and my body just feel off.. any mamas that can relate? would love some tips ❤️

{ get MY look }


have a fabulous day! 

xo, steph

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Oct 6, 2017

date night look with TOBI

Happy Friday friends! woohoo !! i know a lot of you are super excited about the weekend.. me? eh every day is the same haha -- 1. mamas don't get weekends really and 2. i am a registered nurse (if you didn't already know) so my schedule for work is all over the place.. so my weekend was the whole week and now i get to work the weekend while everyone else seems to be sleeping in and having fun haha! 

{ what i'm wearing }

top :: tobi (c/o - also comes in white & black) || jeans :: articles of society || pumps :: madewell, similar here, here and here

so anyway i'm finally sharing a look with you! i know its been awhile so here we have it -- my date night look ! true story :: the hubby and i haven't been out on a nice date night since the baby was born -- that actually night not come to a surprise to you if you have kids or are a new mama. my hubby and i are the only ones that watch the baby.. we haven't used a sitter and my mom doesn't live near us.. and we have justin't family near by but i am a control freak so i rather do it myself haha. i think i'm starting to go a little crazy, as much as i love bringing baby C with us everywhere, i think it would be nice to finally have a nice night out.. alone.. for some reason i feel guilty for even saying that... so while i'm over here feeling guilty about the possibility of leaving my baby for a few hours so i can enjoy time with my hubby but also planning our first date night in months (wow, i'm torn) i thought it would be fun to put together a cute but easy date night look to get me going.. 

this beautiful lace-up blouse from TOBI (it comes in white and black too!!) is the perfect date night top! if you haven't checked out TOBI yet, you're missing out! they have fabulous pieces that are super trendy and affordable (they always have specials going on) -- whether you need something cute and dressy or comfy and casual, they have so many great items to choose from! anywho, i am loving the lace-up detail on this blouse -- it totally adds a little sexy & sassy appeal  to your look but nothing crazy, the color is beautiful and different than my go to - black - and the flutter sleeves add the perfect feminine touch. this blouse can be worn with black jeans or leggings, leather leggings or pants, it would look so pretty tucked into mini, midi or maxi skirt and when the temps finally drop in san diego (who knows when that'll happen), this lace-up blouse would look so cute with a fur vest over it, some jeans and boots -- i mean it goes with everything and the lace-up detail and sleeves are also totally on-trend right now. for this date night look, i kept my look simple with black jeans and added some flair with these black and leopard pumps -- i got these pumps a while ago but leopard never goes out of style (in my opinion) and its kinda like a neutral for me. i can never stay away from leopard -- its such a great print for fall! 

{ G E T  MY  L O O K }


what are your favorite styles to wear for date night? 

have a fabulouse friday and an amazing weekend! see ya'll soon!

xo, steph

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Oct 3, 2017


OMG happy OCTOBER !!! I know I am a few days late but I've been moving pretty slowly lately with a baby and all.. plus she's moving all over the place and going through a sleep regression so its been a little challenging trying to get anything done.. so here I am finally.. I know I've been MIA again.. trying to get back into a regular schedule so bear with me! 

anywho, since it is now october and fall is officially here -- although the weather in san diego would suggest it is most definitely NOT fall yet -- but i have to share my most favorite fall must-haves with you! there are no huge surprises here, you've probabaly seen this stuff everywhere already but i have to share what i love to wear during the fall and pretty much the winter too! i have to say, fall is my favorite season -- at first i wasn't so sure what my favorite season was but for sure after the last couple weeks craving some crisp cool air and sweater weather, i have to say i absolutely love fall! i love the cooler weather (when san diego weather decides to cooperate haha ), i love pumpkin anything for the most part -- little pumpkins are so cute to decorate the house with, the pumpkin patch is fun to visit and of course pumpkin pie..i am also eating a pumpkin cereal bar as i write this haha; i love candles (and yes, while i burn candles all the time it just seems like a fall thing and they have such amazing scents in the fall), i love oversized cozy sweaters, booties and OTK boots, giant blanket scarves -- so many wonderful things for fall! haha. so lets just go ahead and get started with my must-haves!

{ C O Z Y  S W E A T E R S }

ok so let's start with the most common wardrobe staple for fall - sweaters! i love sweaters i just love feeling comfy and cozy and cute and sweaters just do that for me. there are so many fabulous sweaters -- different textures and styles -- and i of course want all the super soft ones! and you can always dress up or dress down a sweater -- i love to wear them super simple and easy with leggings or jeans with either a pair of flat mules or cute sneakers, but sweaters are also great with midi skirts and booties or block heel mules! and besides pull over sweaters, i also love cardigans! they are perfect transitional piece from summer to fall because its always starts off cool in the morning, gets warm in the middle of the day and by evening its chilly again, so cardigans are perfect because you can layer them and take them off no problem! i also love that you can drape oversized cardigans over your shoulders or ahve them fall off your shoulders for a cute yet sassy look! see, sweaters are perfect! so i will share all the sweaters and cardigans i just got or am absolutely loving right now!


{ M U L E S }

another fall favorite of mine are mules or are they called slides or loafers -- not sure exactly which term haha but you'll see below what i'm talking about.. i love mules because they are super comfortable and easy to wear with just about anything! i love them with skirts or jeans or leggins or even dresses. they are literally perfect when i don't want to wear high heels or casual sneakers but i still want to be comfortable and slightly dressed up. and there are so many to choose from with different textures and prints! they just give any outifit a cool chic vibe, ya feel me? check out some really amazing ones below!




{ B L A N K E T  S C A R V E S }

ok so as i continue writing this, i am starting to think these are all pretty obvious choices for fall -- but hey i can't help it if this are great classic pieces that keep coming back season after season. also the last few months i have been trying to go back to my roots haha and by that i mean keep things simple and basic but not so basic if you know what i mean -- i'm not gonna lie i love trendy pieces but i'm starting to get sick of chasing trends so im trying to just keep it simple and neutral (for the most part) and just share the things i absolutely love, even if it means i might be a little repetetive. but hey you can mix simple easy pieces with a lot of different options making every outfit slightly different -- so yes blanket scarves were a must-have for me last year but i still love them -- there are always new colors and patterns out there and i love wearing a white tee and skinny jeans with flats, so throw on a huge plaid blanket scarf or one with stripes and bam your basic look is not so basic, ya feel me? haha check out some of my picks this season below! 


{ L E A T H E R  J A C K E T S }

do i even need to explain?! i mean, right?!?! leather jackets will NEVER go out of style -- as long as you pick classic styles and fit -- like the moto jacket. I mean this style has been around for forever and i am not mad about it one bit -- i probably have like six or seven leather moto-style jackets, why because they are so damn good! haha. there are different kinds of leather and they can have slightly different fit, either way they are super cool and perfect for your fall wardrobe. but of course there are other fabulous leather jacket styles you can rock all fall and winter long! i love to wear it leather jackets with literally ANYTHING -- sweats, joggers, leggings, skirts, dresses, shorts, pajamas... haha ANYTHING! you just can't go wrong.. outfit missing soemthing? throw a leather jacket over your shoulders, voila! your outifit is instantly perfect! oh, and if you;re against leather, no worries boo, there are AMAZING faux leather jackets too! check out some amazing options below! 


{ B O O T S / B O O T I E S }

this one is kinda like the leather jacket -- EVERY year we all wear boots, whether that's a bootie, over the knee, boots, tall boots or thigh high boots -- we will never stop wearing boots for fall and winter. they're cute, some can be edgy, and they keep our little toes warm when its cold out. i always say "i'm not buying boots this year" because i have a lot of boots, but every year there are always a few that are slightly different than what i have and i just can't say no. haha! i would love to hear from someone that actually hates wearing boots in the fall?? please tell me why! in the meantime, check out some amazing boots and booties to take you from now until winter! 



what are some of your fall must-haves?? anything you absolutely have to have every fall? would love to hear in the comments below! 

xo, steph

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Aug 31, 2017

M A D for P L A I D



Aug 6, 2017


HAPPY SUNDAY!!! LAST DAY TO SHOP THE NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE!!! these are my top picks that are still IN STOCK!!! get them while you can at a fabulous discount before prices go UP TOMORROW!!! don't miss out! xoxo



Jul 16, 2017

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale -- Women's Shoes!

happy happy MONDAY !!!

just a quick little post today to share my top favorite shoe picks from the Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale! don't worry this will be my last post about the sale -- I'm sure many of you have been hearing about it for dayssssss!! this year I am more interested in the baby stuff -- check out my baby picks in my last post HERE -- and I can never say no to a new pair of shoes so I had to share my picks that are currently sitting in my basket waiting to checkout!! So many GREATTTT shoes on sale and even better so many fab options under $100! I'm sharing all of my faves under $100 which makes it even easier to shop them and not feel too guilty about! Hehe happy shopping!! 

{ 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8

hope your week is off to a fabulous start and that you're having a wonderful Monday! I had a very busy weekend with my parents in town and my best friend's wedding! such a beautiful and fun wedding weekend and now I'm ready to relax all day today!! What are you up to this week? 

Xo, Steph 

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Jul 14, 2017

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale -- BABY EDITION

Happy happy Friday babes!! Woohoo made it thru another week and I know yesterday was a little overwhelming with soooooo much talk of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale !!! I know it's a greatvsale and believe me last year I hit that sale sooooo hard! This year for some reason I found it so overwhelming and so many people talking about it... I really didn't want to talk too much about it! I know I've kinda been MIA in general -- having a baby is a ton of work... mamas out there you feel me, right? Annnnd I went back to work about a month ago so it's been busy and exhausting and I'll be honest I lost a little bit of my drive and motivation with blogging -- kinda got stuck in a rut! I'm trying to get back to it and hopefully be better! Anywho enough rambling and back to the NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE! I've kinda shifted my focus the last few months since having a baby girl -- I literally have nothing on my mind but baby baby baby! So instead of rounding up all the women's clothing this year from the sale I decided to pick some of my BABY favorites from the sale! Last year when I shopped the sale like a crazy woman, I was just a couple months pregnant and bought so much baby stuff -- baby carrier, baby stroller, car seat, diaper bag, baby clothes and on and on! I'm not gonna lie I bought a bunch of basics for myself especially sweaters! Buuuut I was so excited about the baby stuff so this year I rounded up my favorite baby items and baby clothes! Seriously the same stroller and carseat I got last year are ON SALE again this year (may be the newer model but looks exactly the same) and baby c's favorite activity mat is also on sale! So if you're a soon-to-be mama or know a new mama these are some awesome items! Okie dokie check it out down below! Happy shopping!! 

 {{ 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 }}

{{ 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 }}

{{ 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 }}

hope everyone has a happy happy friday and an amazing weekend!! Enjoy shopping I know a lot of people will be at the Nordstrom sale! My best friend is getting married this weekend so I'll be busy with all fun wedding events!! But on Monday I will do a round up on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale -- shoe edition because lets be honest I can live without a few cardigans and tops but I cannot live without shoes!!!! See you Monday!!

xo, Steph 


May 29, 2017

little white romper + G I V E A W A Y !!

happy M E M O R I A L day !! 
hope everyone had a wonderful weekend full of fun, sun and some relaxation! my and my little family took it easy and stayed home for the most part since i go back to work tomorrow after being off for five months on maternity leave! to say i'm anxious and super sad about leaving my sweet baby c is an understatement! i honestly don't know how mamas go back to work -- i literally tear up every time i think about it and i am sure i'll be a wreck on tuesday morning! i work twelve hours so i won't be seeing my sweet girl alllll day, which will be a HUUUUUUGE adjustment for all of us! luckily for us, she will be home with her daddy so i know i have nothing to worry about, but i am having a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that i have to leave her all day.. ughhhh ok i'm down with my mama sob story haha! 
on to more important things, first off -- again happy memorial day! thank you to those who have served our country and for all the families of those who have served. we are free because of the brave, and today is their day to be remembered and honored. again, thank you. 
{ what i'm wearing }
of course with the holiday, comes lots of sales and one of my favorite sales happens to fall this past weekend -- the N O R D S T R O M half-yearly sale !!! i wrote about it in my last post you can find HERE! i rounded up some of my favorite clothing, handbags and shoes for women! there are seriously some amazing deals! so go check that out! this super cuuuuute little white romper i'm wearing here is from the sale and is under $30! say whaaaat?! i know crazy -- i literally want everything and my wallet and my hubby are not too amused by that haha oops! i can't help it! don't you find the half-yearly sale to be ahhhhmazing?? :)
annnnnd speaking of nordstrom, i have an amazing GIVEAWAY starting today!!! whoop whoop!! check it out below!!      
 photo nordy_zpsiqazwdsn.png
This week I am teaming up with an amazing group of ladies to bring you an INCREDIBLE giveaway. One lucky reader will win a $1,000 Nordstrom Gift Card.
Use the widget below to enter the giveaway. The more "tasks" you complete, the more entries you will receive. The winner will be announced (on the widget) within 2 weeks of the giveaway ending. The giveaway is open to the U.S. and Canada. a Rafflecopter giveaway

{ get MY look } 


xo, steph

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