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Nov 17, 2017

parisian chic

happy F R I Y A Y !!

wow! how is another week already coming to an end?! and thanksgiving is less than a week away? and Christmas is like FIVE weeks away?!! i had a nice productive week.. i felt like i got a lot done which always feels good, but i'm not gonna lie i'm pretty exhausted no matter how much sleep i get. isn't that crazy.. i really need some tips on how to feel more refreshed! so if you have any ideas or something that works for you, i'd love to hear them! another crazy thing, baby c will be ELEVEN months next week.. whyyyyyyy??? is this for real, i seriously am in denial.. i cannot belive i've already had her for almost a year. i might have said this before but these past few days or even weeks, every time i get her ready for bed, i just stare at her and i am just in awe at this beautiful, wonderful little baby i have in my life -- so much love and happiness. i am so grateful to have her in my life, yes there are challenging days but there are so many more days of laughter and fun. she is just so sweet and she does the funniest snort/laugh! ok ok enough of that before i get real emotional haha! 

lets move on to this outfit that i put together a couple weeks ago that i am obsessed with!! 


striped tee, similar here || knit mini skirt, also similar here || OTK boots || beret 

this super cute, super chic fall look i put together! so if you caught my blog post on fall's HOTTEST TRENDS, i talked about berets being one of them! i finally got one and I AM IN LOVE! i want more of them in every color! there are so many different ways you can wear a beret that flatters your face. i chose this more modern, trendy way to wear it, kinda like you would a regular beanie, if that makes sense?! i kept my look pretty simple and all black and white, i mean you can never go wrong with black and white or stripes! am i right?? and since i chose to wear this cute mini skirt, OTK/thigh high boots are perfect because my legs are still pretty much covered so you don't have to worry so much about being colr, ya feel me? this look is probably one of my absolute favorites this fall because its super cute, still chic and modern, but classy and comfortable too! checks off all my boxes when it comes to what i wanna be wearing all day! and like i said i cannot get enough of the beret -- they are such a classic piece, but still so fun and different! 

what do you think about the beret? have you rocked one this season yet?



xo, steph


Nov 15, 2017

casual holiday look

happy H U M P day lovelies!!

i am so happy and so excited because my christmas tree has been officially up for a couple days! don't hate, i know it's early but i absolutely LOOOOOOOOVE CHRISTMAS! and yes it is in fact the BEST TIME OF THE YEAR! so why wait another week or two, i rather have my tree up for longer so i thought i'm going to skip fall decorating this year and jump right into christmas! i cannot wait to show you what i've done this year.. i changed up our color scheme and i still have to figure out our dining table decor but the tree is pretty much done!! if you wanna check out last year's christmas home decor, you can do so HERE! my color scheme was white and LOTS OF GOLD! i do miss my gold but i am so happy with the way my tree turned out! speaking of christmas, did you guys happen to see my HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE FOR HER yet?!?! i posted it to the blog yesterday and there are some fabulous picks for that special lady in your life, or if you're in need of some ideas for yourself to hint to your boyfriend or hubby or whomever, my guide's got it! i also created a HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE FOR HIM! make sure you check it out!

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sweater || black skinnies || studded booties, from last year, similar here & here 

since were on the topic of the holidays, here is another holiday look -- this one a bit more casual, simple and easy, but with great details, making it a bit more special for the holidays. i love this SWEATER because it has like fine knit metallic fabric so it has a bit of a metallic shimmer but nothing too flashy or tacky just enough to give off some pretty holiday feels. i also love the color -- kinda in the rose gold, coppery, pinkish family -- which you know i have been absolutely loving pinks a lot lately for holiday! this SWEATER also has a bit of a billowy, bubbled sleeve (i'm terrible, cant think of the right term at the moment), its very subtle so while it adds a nice extra touch to what could've been a more ordinary sweater, its still not over the top or too dramatic, if you're looking for something a little less dressy. i kept my look simple and easy with black skinny jeans -- you could never go wrong with black skinnies -- but if you wanted something a little more casual, plain dark denim would be perfect too! i sassed up my look with these incredible studded booties i got from topshop last year. i am obsessed with these boots -- they're super fun and add a little edginess to your outfit. i really do love this look and i am in love with this sweater -- which i also wore for our holiday family photos -- stay tuned for those hopefully coming to the blog very soon!

i am definitely wearing this outfit for thanksgiving.. we are heading to la to spend thanksgiving with my parents so i want to be cute but comfortable and this is the perfect look. we will probably spend most of the day hanging out at my parents house and eating lots of delicious food! this will be my first time back to my parents for thanksgiving dinner in a few years since i usually work, but i have it off and i am so excited! i cannot wait for my mom's turkey, broccoli side dish she makes and her stuffing! MMmm MMmmmm! what are your plans for thanksgiving ?? would love to hear! 



xo, steph


Nov 13, 2017

holiday gift guide for HER

happy H A P P Y monday!!!

i cannot believe thanksgiving is just around the corner! i decided to skip my fall decor this year and head straight into christmas decorations because i love them so much so why nor?! i don't have everything out yet, mainly put my christmas tree up and have a few ornaments up -- i am going with a different color scheme this year so i have to pick up a few more things to finish off our holiday home decor! i can't wait to show you all, so stay tuned for that! i am really hoping to be done with most, if not all of it, in the next few days! 

in the spirit of the holiday and the season of giving, i am sharing my first HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE -- FOR HER!! this gift guide is for that special babe in your life -- mom, sister, aunt, best friend, yourself??? you know you gotta treat yourself too or at least add some of these amazing picks to your christmas wishlist! so take a look at what i have picked out so far! in a week or so i will also have a bunch of gift guides up in the SHOP tab in the navigation toolbar! last year i did a bunch of gift guides like this one below and they're fun, but also time consuming and i will be honest i don't have that much time this year with my little one and everything else i have to do, like getting ready for her FIRST birthday party... so i will be putting my picks for other guides in that tab and you'll just have to click the photo to go straight to the link -- easy peasy! ok! moving on to GIFT GUIDE FOR HER! 

{ this post may contain affiliate and/or referral links. i may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase through a link in this post. thank you for your support of Sass & Sun }

1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8 || 9 || 10 10

11 || 12 || 13 || 14 || 15 || 16 || 17

so i love all of these picks so much -- this LEOPARD coat is definitely on my christmas wishlist from my hubby along with this gorgeous MVMT WATCH! this MONOGRAMMED TOTE is perfect for your mom or best friend, i mean who doesn't love a monogrammed gift -- its super useful and personalized which i love! other fabulous gifts for your best friend or sister are these super fab TASSEL EARRINGSthis super COZY SCARF or THIS DARLING BEANIE & MATHCING GLOVES! my other favorite kind of gifts are the gifts of COZY! hehe like these cozy SLIPPERS or this ultra soft CARDIGAN! also if you want to give a gift that also gives back, these sunnies and this pair are from a charitable company that gives a pair of reading glasses with every pair of sunglasses purchased! how good does that feel, get a great gift for someone you love and be a part of giving back to those in need! i mean it is the season of giving, right?? what kind of gifts are on your wishlist?? let me know below, and again stay tuned for more holiday gift guides!

have a beautiful monday!

xo, steph

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Nov 8, 2017

first HOLIDAY look

happy H U M P day dolls !!!

hope your week is going well! half way through.. hope everyone survived the end of daylight savings! i remember pre-baby i loved this time because it kinda felt like we got an extra hour of sleep, but the first day kinda felt really long! now that i have a baby i was super anxious about it because baby c has been struggling with sleep for a little over a month AND she was finally back to normal sleeping from 7pm-6:45am a few days before the time change. so i was like OMG this is gonna totally mess her up and we're going to be back to that no-good-sleep, zombie mode. NOT OK! haha but thanks to some amazing tips from lauren from SLEEP AND THE CITY, baby C had no issues.. and so far we're doing just fine over here! finally starting to feel a little bit normal and finally sleeping much better at night! seriosuly thank goodness because i was legit losing my mind, not kidding. yikes! anywho, for all my mama friends, how are your kiddos doing? what tips and tricks did you use to ensure normal sleep schedules? would love to hear and if you need any help with sleep head over to SLEEP AND THE CITY! she's amazing!! 

ok some more exciting news hehe just for me really.. it is mine and my hubby's three year wedding anniversary! we're actually going to celebrate just the two of us! we were gonna keep it low key and go out to an early dinner so we can take baby C with us -- we still have never left her home with a sitter AND we've only left her twice since we had her, once with my mom and once with my hubby's best friend -- both times only for a couple hours. still haven't found a sitter, nor have i really looked.. but we decided we wanted a nice dinner out just the two of us, and lucky for us my best friend will sit at home and make sure she's good! i'll still put her to bed so it'll be great! we're very excited about going out to dinner!! haha any other mamas like me? or any tips on finding a sitter and how to set everyone up for success?? let me know! 

now on to the purpose of this post -- my FIRST HOLIDAY LOOK !! so for my first holiday look, i went more dressy, to be honest, i for actual holiday family functions i am usually more casual but i love dressing up. no one else in our families really dress up so i feel weird arriving all glammed up haha! but i absolutely love this look and adore this color combo! i did a very similar color combo for the holidays last year which you can check out here! the dress is still available HERE! here's this year's look! 

{ this post may contain affiliate and/or referral links. i may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase through a link in this post. thank you for your support of Sass & Sun }


velvet midi skirt || cami || burgundy pumps (last year), similar here and here || earrings || ring || lip color

anywho, i don't know what it is besides the fact that i am obsessed with blush pink tones and burgundy, deep red colors and i love them even more together especially during this time of the year. and i also i loooove mixing textures (i've said that may times before) -- this time silky cami with a velvet pleated midi skirt. i mean its perfection in my opinion. and yes this cami is a little more revealing, but i also got it one size bigger because i wore it when i was pregnant.. so it's a little big on me. but i absolutely love this -- its pretty, a little sexy and gives me holiday vibes but not overboard holidays, ya know what i mean? and lets talk about these gorgeous burgundy pumps -- i LOVE them -- i did get them last year from the WHO WHAT WEAR collection at target, but i will share some similar options that are perfect for the holidays! so, what do you think of this holiday look? let me know below! i'll be doing a few more holiday looks soon! if you saw my instatories, i asked whether you preferred casual or dressy holiday looks.. and to my surprise, DRESSY won! i personally prefer a casual holiday style because like i mentioned our families are very casual and after dinner we all hang out and lounge on the couch. so i will be putting together another dressy holiday look soon and i'll also do two more casual holiday outifts as well! S T A Y  T U N E D !!! 

{ GET my LOOK }


hope you have a fabulous day!!

xo, steph


Nov 3, 2017

black + camel {part two}

H A P P Y  F R I Y A Y !!!

i know its so exciting it is F R I D A Y and we've made it to another W E E K E N D ! i am so happy because i am actually off this entire weekend.. sadly we don't have many plans, but thats ok! i'll be just fine relaxing and hanging out at home with my favorite people. we will be heading to la la land for my nephew's baptism - - excited to see family for the day but not excited about LA traffic or making baby c sit in the car for hours.. we'll see how that goes! 

{ what i'm wearing }

black bodysuit (old), similar here and here || suede shorts (last season), similar here and here || leopard pumps, similar here

anywho, i have another black + camel combo for you! if you saw my blog post from two posts ago (does that make sense?) i did my first black + camel look of the season, and i'm sure i'll be doing more of them because this is probably my top color combination for fall. i just love the way the colors complement each other, both neutral and both classic -- so perfect! 

so it was really hot a week ago here in san diego, so it was very difficult putting together fall looks without sweating bullets, but i wanted to incorporate a little bit of fall with my outfits. it was way too hot to wear jeans or leggings so i chose to wear shorts, but because these shorts are suede i thought they still gave me all the fall feels. suede is my favorite to wear in the fall and winter, usually in jacket form but when i found these shorts last year, i was like i have to have these! they are so cute, i love the the tie and slighlty scrunched waist detail and they are high waisted, which is always flattering! i kept the outfit girly with a black bodysuit with cold shoulder ruffled details and finished off the look with my favorite leopard pumps. this look is perfect for date night, dinner with friends, or happy hour -- comfortable but still cute a tad bit sexy! what do you think? would you rock suede shorts this season? 

{ GET my LOOK }


hope you have a fun friday and an amazing weekend! what are you all up to this weekend? anything exciting??

xo, steph


Nov 1, 2017

season's hot HOT trends !!

H A P P Y  H U M P  D A Y  !!!

hope you had a fun H A L L O W E E N !! if you checked out my instagram or instastories, you saw that my sweet baby c was the cutest little lion! go check it out!!

and OMG, i cannot believe it's NOVEMBER! like what?! the year is almost over, my baby is almost ONE, i'm almost THIRTY... YIKES! the year seriously just flew by! i cannot get over how quickly time passes! everytime i sit down and think about it, i remind myself that i cannot slow down the time but i can take the time to enjoy all the simple, amazing moments with my family, my friends, myself. i really need to get better at taking time and really enjoying the present because it really does go by in a blink of an eye! wow! how's that for some friday thoughts?! we are getting to that time of the year where we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and what changes we will make for the coming year! plus we still have a couple months to achieve our goals for this year! postivity that we can get it all done, but also that we have a new year coming to continue bettering ourselves and reaching our goals! 

ok ok, i'm done with all the serious talk now! lets get into some fun, shall we?? 

you might've already been seeing a lot of the hot trends this season, but i thought i would highlight some of my favorites! these are some really hot H O T trends that have been showing up a lot lately and i've been wanting to incorporate them into my fall and winter wardrobe, so i searched for my top picks and thought i'd give you all a look and see what you think! 

{ POP of RED }

ok! the first hot trend i'm loving is RED! red is so popular this season and i have to admit it would not have been my go-to color for fall or winter because i'm not a huge fan of bright colors, buuuuut i do love a good red piece in my wardrobe. this color is powerful, its hot, its definitely sassy and just so fun! i love that you can add a little bit of red, with a cute little handbag or hat, or go BIG with a beautiful red suede jacket or some hot red booties! there are so many amazing options if you're looking to spice things up this season, i definitely recommend adding some red to your ensemble! i have been on the hunt for the perfect red piece to add to my regular fall rotation -- been deciding between a beautiful sweater or pretty red clutch! check out all the fabulous R E D pieces you can add to your wardrobe!



the next trend i have been really loving are white booties! i am still on the hunt for the perfect pair -- something both styish, chic and comfortable. being a mama and running around all day i can't be wearing uncomfortable shoes so lately i've only been getting shoes i know i can wear all the time, on-the-go, but of course i still want to look good haha! these white booties have been my favorite pick so far because i love a block heel, but i've also been eying this white pair because i love the kitten heel (not my usual choice) and the pointy toe. i feel like my first choice fits my lifestlye a bit more, its on-trend but since the heel is natural and it has a little bit of black on the sides, it is more casual and i can probably wear them with anything, where as the white kitten heel booties are super chic and different than my usual style, but something about them really attracts me! check them out and my other picks!



ok, so it is no surprise that hats are a must for the fall -- the usual favorites being wool fedoras and floppy hats. this year the newsboy or fiddler cap has been really popular and i finally got one that i love -- it looks great on everyone! but the hat trend that i've been seeing everywhere and absolutely loving is the bereti am obsessed -- i got a black beret recently and i'm still figuring out how to wear it that will flatter my face haha but i love it. its super cute, super chic and what's not to love about a parisian staple! i feel like you could totally wear a beret with anything and it will totally make your look super chic and classy -- this fur pom beret is next on my list! so cute! check out the rest of my picks! 


are you loving these trends?? have you added any of these to your closet this season? would love to know which ones are your faves!

xo, steph

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Oct 27, 2017

black + camel {part one}

happy FRIDAY friends !!!

woohoo! we made it through yet another week.. i seriously cannot believe how fast october has flown by! we are in the last week and it is still freakin hot in san diego -- luckily it has cooled down some -- talking high 80s low 90s, better than 100 degrees it was earlier in the week.

literally, baby C and i were melting. it was no fun going out in that heat but we were also going a little stir crazy staying inside all day. needless to say, baby C and i are both missing our afternoon strolls around the neighborhood and playing at the park. can't wait for cooler fall days -- praying that the weather changes very soon and stays! 

in other news, you are all probably sick of me complaining {so sorry, can't help it} but any other mamas out there feeling like me or having a little bit of a rough time with their littles, please say hey! wow! this month has been S T R U G G L E city for me and baby c. she has not been sleeping well, so granted neither have i. luckily i have an AHHHHMAZING hubby and baby daddy he usually gets up with her after i feed her early in the morning if she won't go back to sleep, and lets me snooze for a few more hours. but man! she still wakes up super early and sometimes wakes up one to two times a night. after my cry for help on instagram earlier in the week -- i'm now convinced it definitely started as a sleep regression we were not able to get out of and BAM now she's teething. i defnitely think her top two teeth are coming in soon and that has been bothering her lately. she can be super needy and clingy.. and lets just say i am not coping well at all. so any mamas out there that can relate, would love to hear how you cope with so many sleepless nights, interrupted sleep, fussy, teething baby? i'm losing my mind haha

anywho, enough of that! right? i need more positivity in my mind -- i've also started BBG again so i'll try to keep you updated on that -- just finished my first week and whoa its a killer but so good! i'm hoping this kinda helps me with everything else thats going on and i also wouldn't hate having me pre-pregnancy body back! haha! its so hard sometimes to find balance with work, family, relationships, babies, yourself, working out, etc etc so i'm trying to slowly get back on track and figure out a little more me time because i think that will help my situation a little bit so we will see how that goes! anyone do BBG?? let me know! 

{ what i'm wearing }

sweater blazer || faux leather leggings || black tee || suede flats || leopard clutch

okie dokie now the real good stuff haha MY FAVORITE COLOR COMBO for fall -- B L A C K  +  C A M E L !!! i don't know what it is about this color combo its so damn good -- neutral, simple and super chic. there are so many ways to achieve this color combo and i love wearing all black and throwing on one or two pieces that are in the camel color family. this time i opted for this new camel sweater blazer i got recently with camel suede pointed toe flats. if you know me, you know how obsessed i am with mules, so these flats kinda remind me of mules and they add a nice classic vibe to my outfit. back to this camel sweater blazer -- it is such a perfect piece to add to your fall wardrobe! because it is sweater material, its soft and easy to throw over anything and its not too dressy to wear everyday but not super casual either if you feel like dressing it up. its the perfect length, not too long, covers the bum -- literally PERFECT! so as much as like classic looks, i had to spice up the all black ensemble by wearing faux leather leggings because why not?! i love mixing textures in the fall so i really love the sweater blazer against the leather leggings. and leather leggings are a must for fall -- this pair is super comfortable and easy to wear with ANYTHING! it would look so good with a chunky knit and OTK boots, or wanna a more sassy sexy vibe, opt for a pretty blouse and some leopard high heel pumps -- you know how much i love leopard! and of course i tied in this perfect color combo with this perfect leopard foldover clutch! i mean this clutch will be my sidekick all fall long -- haha when i don't have the baby with me that is! but it fits everything i need and has a pretty gold chain strap if you wanna wear it crossbody style! 

{ GET my LOOK }


hope everyone has a fabulous friday and an amazinf weekend! we have no plans this weekend so we'll see what we end up doing.. what are your plans for the weekend?

xo, steph

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Oct 16, 2017

perfect fall LB{sweater}D

happy happy monday !!! hope you all had a beautiful weekend!


{ what i'm wearing }

 sweater dress :: c/o tobi || OTK boots || leather moto jacket , more affordable option here

anywho, today i'm sharing the perfect little black {sweater} dress from TOBI! and good news this sweater dress is currently on sale and comes in two other fabulous colors! this sweater dress is the perfect addition to your fall wardrobe -- it is so versatile, fits great and its so cute! i love the drapey look of the neckline and the faux-wrap, criss-cross of the bottom part of the dress -- gives this sweater dress a nice litte oomph! still classy and simple but has flattering feminine details. its also super soft and super comfortable -- i love that i can wear it in so many ways -- dress it up or dress it down! and you know me, i love options especially now as a mama! i mean i would love to always wear heels or wedges but this mama can't always keep up in fancy shoes so if the dress works with flats or sneakers, i'm in! this time i decided to dress it up because i have been dying to rock my OTK boots. 

i dressed up this sweet sweater dress with some OTK boots because who doesn't love a pretty sweater dress with OTK boots in the fall -- instant {subtle} sexy vibes perfect for date night or night out for drinks with the girls. just added my favorite leather moto jacket to tie it all together. if you ever need something a little extra -- grab a leather jacket -- look complete! 

{ GET my LOOK }



hope you all have an amazing monday!! 

Xo, Steph 

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Oct 11, 2017

keepin' it casual

happy H U M P day babes !!!

i feel like today should be friday for some reason.. i have no idea why i don't usally feel like this but for some reason the week seems to be draaaaggggin and i'm not exactly sure why. maybe its just my mom brain and for some odd reason i can't keep my days in order and i just have friday on the brain. haha. 

okie dokie so i'm gonna keep this short and sweet because i'm exhausted #momlife! this is has been my go-to outfit lately -- just switching out my sweaters and cardigans haha -- waiting for the temps to drop much more so i can stay in my sweaters all day.. and you need a chenille sweater in your life! this exact one is out of stock but i found a very very  similar one in four different colors -- and i want them all!! 

{ what i'm wearing }

cardigan || tank, another great option here || jeans, also here and similar (cheaper) option here || mules

baby C always comes on my shoots with me these days! she’s always laughing and getting excited when she sees me walking around haha! she's always such a good girl!

we are still going through a bit of a sleep regression and I feel guilty for saying this but it’s driving me crazy! i feel like a completely different person - - around her i’m good and she always makes me smile but when i’m by myself or with my hubby sometimes i just lose it. they say it gets easier but i am having a hard time seeing the light, being more positive.. i know it’s kinda terrible.. but i don’t do well with lack of sleep - - my mind and my body just feel off.. any mamas that can relate? would love some tips ❤️

{ get MY look }


have a fabulous day! 

xo, steph

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Oct 6, 2017

date night look with TOBI

Happy Friday friends! woohoo !! i know a lot of you are super excited about the weekend.. me? eh every day is the same haha -- 1. mamas don't get weekends really and 2. i am a registered nurse (if you didn't already know) so my schedule for work is all over the place.. so my weekend was the whole week and now i get to work the weekend while everyone else seems to be sleeping in and having fun haha! 

{ what i'm wearing }

top :: tobi (c/o - also comes in white & black) || jeans :: articles of society || pumps :: madewell, similar here, here and here

so anyway i'm finally sharing a look with you! i know its been awhile so here we have it -- my date night look ! true story :: the hubby and i haven't been out on a nice date night since the baby was born -- that actually night not come to a surprise to you if you have kids or are a new mama. my hubby and i are the only ones that watch the baby.. we haven't used a sitter and my mom doesn't live near us.. and we have justin't family near by but i am a control freak so i rather do it myself haha. i think i'm starting to go a little crazy, as much as i love bringing baby C with us everywhere, i think it would be nice to finally have a nice night out.. alone.. for some reason i feel guilty for even saying that... so while i'm over here feeling guilty about the possibility of leaving my baby for a few hours so i can enjoy time with my hubby but also planning our first date night in months (wow, i'm torn) i thought it would be fun to put together a cute but easy date night look to get me going.. 

this beautiful lace-up blouse from TOBI (it comes in white and black too!!) is the perfect date night top! if you haven't checked out TOBI yet, you're missing out! they have fabulous pieces that are super trendy and affordable (they always have specials going on) -- whether you need something cute and dressy or comfy and casual, they have so many great items to choose from! anywho, i am loving the lace-up detail on this blouse -- it totally adds a little sexy & sassy appeal  to your look but nothing crazy, the color is beautiful and different than my go to - black - and the flutter sleeves add the perfect feminine touch. this blouse can be worn with black jeans or leggings, leather leggings or pants, it would look so pretty tucked into mini, midi or maxi skirt and when the temps finally drop in san diego (who knows when that'll happen), this lace-up blouse would look so cute with a fur vest over it, some jeans and boots -- i mean it goes with everything and the lace-up detail and sleeves are also totally on-trend right now. for this date night look, i kept my look simple with black jeans and added some flair with these black and leopard pumps -- i got these pumps a while ago but leopard never goes out of style (in my opinion) and its kinda like a neutral for me. i can never stay away from leopard -- its such a great print for fall! 

{ G E T  MY  L O O K }


what are your favorite styles to wear for date night? 

have a fabulouse friday and an amazing weekend! see ya'll soon!

xo, steph

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