Feb 6, 2017

show 'em some love

happy happy monday!! soooo i didn't watch the super bowl...or the halftime show...oopsies! please don't shun me because i didn't partake in one of america's favorite pasttime.. or is that baseball?! lol anyway i was busy snuggling my babe and lounging..more my kinda sunday.. anyway Valentine's Day is less than ten days away.. and if you're like me and you're majorly procrastinating on finding something for that special somone... another oopsies! but not to worry if you're still wondering what to get your bae, or your bestie...or hey yourself (gotta love yourself first, right?!?), i've got two gift guides for HER & HIM! check them out! 

{ for your galentine }

 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8 || 9 || 10 

{ for your valentine }

 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8 || 9 || 10 

hope you have a lovely monday!! 

xo, steph


Feb 3, 2017

galentine's day outfit inspo

{ what i'm wearing }

sequin tank :: anthropologie (sold out), similar here and here || moto jeans || souvenir jacket, similar here || clear heels, under $50 here

hope you had a lovely friday! and hope you have lots of fun (or relaxation) planned for this weekend! i was hoping to get this post up earlier today, but with a newborn it was pretty much impossible.. so since its late i'll keep this post short and sweet -- i know, its my trend these days! what can i say there's a lot to juggle with a new baby but i'll get the hang of it soon enough! any mamas out there have any advice?? hehe

anyway, with valentine's day coming up soon, i am sharing another vday inspired look -- perfect for your galentine's day celebration! this look is easy, pretty, flirty and a little edgy -- which is what i love. i mean, the blush pink sequins are everything and styling this tank with moto jeans and a souvenie bomber really take what you would think a typical girly outfit would be and give it a little more cool factor -- at least i think so! and can we please talk about these clear heels!?!? i love them -- trendy and fun and hey, they are perfect because they literally go with everything -- no color to clash with your outfits -- how amazing!! 


alright..time to feed the baby and hopefully get a few hours of sleep before the next feeding.. oy vey! 

also check out 'my shop' tab in the navigavtion toolbar to check out my favorite vday inspired picks -- dresses, tops, accessories! 

happy weekend! 

xo, steph


Feb 1, 2017

hello february !!

OMG!! happy hump day and whoa happy 1st of FEBRUARY!! how is it already february?! its crazy.. like i've said in my previous post and on instagram..i've been in a new mom blur...zombie.. or i guess people call it mombie mode.. two nights ago was our first night of really no sleep because baby girl is starting to get fussy..which we are totally not used to because she came so early she was pretty mellow, never demanded anything and slept a lot.. so this is new for us even though she is almost six weeks old. anyway moral of the story is i thought i was exhausted before sleeping only two hours at a time buuuut now i really know what exhausted means... times 10! but she's so sweet and cute and i love her so that it makes this all worth it..and i know this not sleeping thing won't last forever! :)

{ what i'm wearing }

dress || shoes || lipstick

today i'm sharing one option for valentine's day that is perfect for new mamas or anyone that was to feel pretty but also be comfortable. i totally thought about wearing this dress with black OTK boots or black lace-up heels -- totally cute! buuut i decided let's be real, i probably won't wear heels or OTK boots out with the fam for valentine's day or maybe i will but i like to change things up and do something a little unexpected...sometimes haha so instead of my go-to heels or boots, i went with these cute comme des garcons X converse chucks -- i mean, how perfect that the logo is a heart! it is so meant to be for VDay! and can we talk about the beautiful floral embroidery on this dress -- so feminine and pretty! floral embroidery is so on-trend right now! i just got a pair of floral emboirdered jeans i can't wait to show you!! hehe anyway back to this look -- i completed this Vday look with a bold red lip -- i rarely ever wear red lipstick this bright but its pretty, fun and flirty! so like i said i'm happy -- i feel pretty and girly but comfortable -- every girl's dream right?! haha let me know what you think about this look in the comments below! would you wear a dress like this with tennis shoes? 

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hope you have a lovely day! 

xo, steph


Jan 23, 2017

black and white

{ what i'm wearing }

coat, c/o SheIn || top || jeans || booties || bag 

happy monday...i had to literally look up that i was getting the day right.. whoa #momlife.. this new mommy keeps forgetting what day it is..so i'm going to keep this short and sweet! i've got major baby brain..plus the lack of sleep is making it very hard to think and as i'm writing this i could barely keeps my eyelids from shutting. haha! but i have to share this modern and chic black and white checkered coat. it felt good to put something on other than sweats, my go-to puffer jackets, and my slip-on vans -- if you follow me on instagram, you know that i LIVE for puffer jackets and my rose gold Vans haha! i have to say wearing a nice coat in the winter feels so good too -- this one is classic and modern. i felt so put-together after a few weeks of living in sweats haha. i love that this jacket is collarless -- different than your usual coat, and having this checkered pattern elevates the look of my head-to-toe black outfit -- totally modern and chic and not overwhelming. this coat is so easy to throw on, its comfortable and keeps me warm, and it is a great length. i love that this coat looks great the way i styled it here -- minimal, effortless and clean -- but would also look great with a pop of color -- like a red dress and some heels. this jacket can also be worn more casually with distressed denim, cute tee and white sneakers! i'm all about the versaility, comfort and modern look this jacket gives -- perfect winter staple in anyone's closet plus it's under $25!!! Sayyyy whaaaaatt?! Totally worth it so go check it out! 

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hope me everyone has a beautiful monday and a fabulous week.. hopefully i will be making it out of the house for a little bit this week... although the rain! not fun! 

xo, steph 



Jan 20, 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! lots to SMILE about!

O M G !!! i am back!! HAPPY FRIYAY!!! this is my first post of the new year..sorry i was MIA.. if you read my last post and/or follow me on instagram (@sassandsun) you know that i had my sweet baby girl, Charlotte, SIX weeks EARLY!! she was in the NICU for three weeks..so between the pumping, trying to sleep, and driving back and forth to the hospital to see her, its been a little hectic! i was hoping to have some posts planned and ready to go, but my precious girl decided to come way earlier than we would ever have expected! we are so happy we were able to spend christmas and ring in the new year with her! its been so surreal! 

so when i say there's lots to smile about.. there are! 1) my baby girl is home, 2) my family is healthy and happy and 3) its a NEW year -- new beginnings, new me (as a mom and so much more)!!! through all the exhaustion, i promise this year i will keep smiling because i am blessed to have my sweet daughter, my supportive and loving hubby and my wondeful family and friends! since there is so much to smile about i figure i need to make sure i have a nice, white, bright smile to show off! right?!?! so today i'm sharing SMILE BRILLIANT

Who doesn't love white sparkly teeth? I mean, besides smiling because i love life, as a blogger I am constantly in front of a camera taking photos so it is really important to me to have white teeth. i don't know about you, but when i meet someone for the first time i notice their smile and their teeth right away, and it can be kinda off-putting when they have stained, yellow teeth...eeEEEk! annnd i am also a huge coffee lover and i'm sure with a newborn baby at home i'll be doubling, maybe tripling my coffee intake.. sorry not sorry! and we all know how bad coffee stains your teeth, so when SMILE BRILLIANT reached out to me to try out their at-home teeth whitening kit, i was like yes please -- sign me up!! this came at the perfect time and i'm so excited to have beautiful pearly whites!! let me give you a little run down on SMILE BRILLIANT.

Smile Brilliant is an at-home teeth whitening kit that will not only save you time but money. the same whitening system from your dentist can cost over $500! No thanks! Plus you get to do it in the comfort of your own home, no need to call anywhere to make an appointment -- do it at home and on your own time! start off by placing your order online at SmileBrilliant.com. once you receive your kit you will use the two pastes to create your impressions and then mail them back in -- make sure to follow the directions carefully, i'm not gonna lie it took me two tries to get it right.. haha! they give instructions with your kit and i will also link a video below you can check out that shows you the whole process. then they will then send you your custom fitted teeth whitening trays which look like those clear retainers. then you can start your whitening process. i have to say that i have tried other at-home teeth whitening kits and most of them were so uncomfortable because my teeth are pretty sensitive. so i love that they include the desensitizing gel. it not only made the whitening process so much better but it prevents re-staining. 

so i added teeth whitening to my nighttime routine! i start off my brushing my teeth WITHOUT toothpaste, just water and make sure my custom-fitted trays are clean and dry. then apply the whitening gel to the front outer surface of the trays. i put on the whitening gel and kept them on for the first time for about 30 minutes -- you can keep them on for up to three hours -- i started off slow and by then end of the week i was keeping them on for about 45 minutes. immediately after the whitening, i used the desensitizing gel for about 15 minutes to ensure reduce sensitivity and prevent future staining. My before and after picture (please excuse the close-up of my face..WHOA haha) is only after about a week and i'm already seeing great results! i can't wait to see how much whiter my teeth get the more i use this product! if you want more information check out this great video that shows you how this at-home teeth whitening kit works! OR you can also check out more reviews about this amazing the kit HERE !  I can't wait to keep whitening!!


and im so sorry you have to see a close-up of my face!! Yikes!! I took the before photo a while ago when my skin didn't go crazy with pregnancy and I wasn't tan I guess, i also had makeup on! Eeeeek! And then my after photo my skin is literally freaking out haha!! both photos taken in my home with no extra lighting, just natural light and these two photos have NOT been edited! :) i think my results are pretty great thus far!!

G I V E A W A Y !!!

i am giving one lucky winner $75 toward your very own Smile Brilliant teeth whitening at-home kit! All you have to do is comment below what your SMILING about this year and enter here -- http://www.smilebrilliant.com/g/sassandsun ! Winner will be announced in two weeks!

Also, here's 5% off your own kit -- use the coupon code sassandsun5  

have a great FRIDAY & WEEKEND!! yay!! 

xo, steph

Thank you to Smile Brilliant for sponsoring this post. 

Whitening Teeth At Home



Dec 28, 2016

effortless & sparkly for NYE

{ what i'm wearing }

sequin blazer || black jeans || boots || earrings || ring

HAPPY HUMP DAY BUMP DAY!!! OMG what a crazy week it has been...if you don't follow me on instagram.. then you didn't see that i can no longer say 'happy hump day bump day' because my beautiful baby girl, Charlotte Averie decided to give me the ultimate birthday present and come on my birthday! so we are birthday twins! it was absolutely crazy, scary and exciting but SHE's HERE -- SIX WEEKS EARLY! We are both doing really well.. baby Charlotte is in the NICU for a couple weeks while she gets the hang of eating, gaining weight and maintaining her temperature. overall we could not have asked for a better outcome! so this is my last photo sesh with the bump.. so bittersweet! I thought i had a few more bump photos to go before she would be here so i kinda miss the bump, but i am so very thrilled she is here and how amazing that she came on my birthday! i will be sharing my birth story soon! 

today, i am sharing this effortless NYE look that i think is festive and fun but easy peasy to put together, especailly for me, i thought i would be pregnant (so easy but still stylish was my goal) and even though we will be with family i still wanna be in sparkles for the new year.. but a sparkly dress with my bump might've been a little too much, so when i spotted this black and gold sequinned drapey blazer (and for under $50!!) i was like, 'oooooohh i need that'! it has the perfect amount of sparkle,  its lined so its comfortable to wear and the drapey front kinda gives it a dressy look. this blazer is obviously the focal point of my look and like i said, i want this to be easy and comfy, so i just wore all black -- black tencel-ish (super soft) shirt, black skinnies and black booties. i would also maybe do an open toe black block heel or strappy heels or a pointy-toe velvet heel, but lets be real this preggo was about to hang up the heels for a while...haha or so i thought! this outfit is perfect for NYE with the family -- for dinner and then hanging out at home watching the ball drop! that's what we'll be doing -- then heading to the hospital to see our baby girl! 

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how are you ringing in the new year?? would love to hear all the fun plans!!! 

ps. below i am sharing my top finds at the NORDSTROM HALF YEARLY SALE!! didn't get exactly what you wanted from Santa this year??? well, not to worry there are so many after-christmas sales and this half yearly sale is one of the best! the sale is going on right NOW with savings up to 50% off!!! check it out!!! 





Omg and I forgot to say can we pleeeeease talk about my eyelashes! If you haven't seen them in on my Instagram here's a shot for you.. I got eyelash extensions about a couple weeks ago and I loooove them!! so if you're in need to glam up your look, try out some eyelash extensions! if you're in the san diego area, go see monica at deluxe beauty bar in downtown! she is amazing -- no pain, no stress -- just lay down relax, take a nice little snooze and wake up with gorgeous full lashes! 

have a beautiful day!! 

xo, steph 


Dec 21, 2016

casual chic

{ what i'm wearing }

quilted car coat, in a different color here || mock neck long sleeve || faux leather leggings, similar here || hat || OTK boots, similar here 

happy HUMP day BUMP day! i'm gonna keep this casual and short ... kinda so much to do so little time with christmas coming up annnnnnd MY BIRTHDAY tomorrow !! yup, its my birthday tomorrow..and i LOOOOVE birthdays like seriosuly love them...mainly for everyone else..the older i get the more im kinda not into my own birthday haha. and this birthday is a little bittersweet because this will be my last birthday without a little baby. i am so excited for the future with a little mini me, but its still so crazy to think i'll have a little one at the next bday! anywho...this year i'm keeping it very low key -- just hanging with the hubby and my parents are coming into town so it'll be nice to just take it easy and hang out with family. YAY! its my BIRTHDAY! (almost haha) 

alrighty i hope you have a fabulous hump day... and if you're already off from work for the holidays.. lucky you!! hehe. enjoy the time off and hope you enjoy this casual chic look i rocked a couple weeks ago hanging out in downtown with the hubby! 

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xo, steph


Dec 19, 2016

dazzlin in gold

happy MONDAY babes! whoa the weekend went by super fast -- or maybe it just felt that way because there was so much hustle and bustle around since christmas is six days away! i cannot believe the most WONDERFUL day of the year is almost here! i hope everyone got everything done before the holiday and can enjoy this magical time with loved ones! i know christmas is barely here but i'm sure a lot of us will jump back into planning and thinking about what our NYE plans will be! as much as i love getting dolled up for NYE even if i'm just having dinner with family. i love getting all glitzy and glam for NYE, so today i'm sharing a NYE look! this look is great for NYE but can also be worn for any holiday or christmas party as well! 

i love this gold metallic bodycon dress -- even though my bump is really out there -- i just love the way it fits and feels! its acutally comfortable, and it isn't maternity but it has a great amount of stretch around the belly area as well as a nice rouching detail that works wonders for my baby bump! when i think of NYE i think gold, shiny, and glamorous and this dress totally achieved that look for me. i kept my pumps simple with a black suede pump with bow detail -- classic but cute -- but added a little vampy, sassy bold red lip! i absolutely love this glamorous NYE look! this NYE i will probably rocking this dress around the house with comfy slippers on seeing that will be almost nine months pregnant, i don't think i'll be making it out of the house haha! 

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also, if you missed it in my last blog post -- and you need a unique gift idea -- i have teamed up with JORD Wood Watches to give you $25 e-gift code to use on their site -- perfect to pick up a modern timepiece for that special someone -- they have amazing wood watches for both men and women! order by 12/20 to get the perfect watch in time for christmas! if you're looking for something fro yourself, treat yourself in the new year, you have until 12/25 to get an e-gift code  >>>> go HERE !!! 

check out women's wood watches >> HERE  || check out men's wood watches >> HERE 

i know this week is going to fly by! it is also my birthday week!!! i'm turning TWENTY-NINE!!! haha so i've got my bday and christmas -- it'll definitely be a fun-filled week and weekend! yay! 

hope you have a fabulous {and short} monday! 

xo, steph 


Dec 16, 2016

tis the season of giving with JORD !!

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! its CRUNCH time !!! CHRISTMAS IS NEXT WEEK!!! i know for a lot of us its such a happy and exciting time but also causes high levels of stress and anxiety because i know there's some of us out there that still have soooo much to do.. so even though we're probably jumping up and down for joy that the weekend is finally here, we need the week and weekend to sloooow down just a tad bit so we could all catch up and check everything off our checklist before christmas! i definitely have a few more presents to pick up and wrap.. who's with me? hah!

{ what i'm wearing }

leather jacket || sweater, similar here, here || leggings ||  wood watch || booties

anyway, today i'm sharing this super cute and cozy winter look and these comfy stylish boots -- 'flyer bootie"' -- made by SKECHERS! i know, you would've never guessed these cute suede beauties are SKECHERS but they are.. and they are so comfortable! i can literally wear these all day -- not only are they comfy and easy to walk in, but they can be worn with leggings, jeans or a cute sweater dress! its so versatile and classic. i love them -- definitely a perfect pair of brown booties! unfortunately, online they are all SOLD OUT! can you believe it??? i mean, what am i saying? of course they're gone online -- they're cute and comfy ahaha! but they are still available in stores -- so find a store near you to grab a pair for yourself ORRRRR better yet gift it to your fashionista gal pal -- seriously who wouldn't want a perfect pair of suede booties for christmas?! {i will definitely let you know when they are back in stock online!}  :) 

and as if i didn't already give you so many ideas for gifts for her, but i have another gift idea if you're stumped -- a unique gift idea -- i would've never thought of but its such a fabulous gift! a beautiful, unique woodwatch by JORD! these woodwatches are so beautiful and i love that they are so different -- making such a nice gift! they have so many different options and colors -- definitely something for every style! the watches are made from unique wood from around the globe and have a great modern and sophisticated design for both women and men! i like a more classic style and i do like a mens-inspired watch, so i chose this bigger size, in a medium-dark brown sandalwood with classic markers and watch hands, but to add a little pop i chose this with an emerald green dial! this watch is great quality but so light on the wrist -- so comfortable to wear -- and adds a nice touch to any outfit plus it can be a cool conversation starter -- how could you not see this watch and say "cool watch"! right?! PLUS i have partnered with JORD Wood Watches to give you $25 e-gift code to use on their site -- perfect to pick up a cool, modern timepiece for yourself AND why not share the LOVE?! it is the season of giving, so gift a beautiful wood watch for that special someone! You have until 12/25 to get an e-gift code >>>> go HERE !!! 

my watch that's pictured >> HERE 

check out women's wood watches >> HERE 

check out men's wood watches >> HERE 

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alrighty  have a happy happy friday! 

xo, steph 

this post sponsored by JORD wood watches

this post is sponsored by SKECHERS

all styling and opinions are my own

Watches Made From Wood


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Dec 15, 2016

gifts under $50

Happy thursday! i have a second post for you today! just a quick one to share a few of my picks for gifts under $50 for HER and HIM! so if you need some afforadable last minute gifts i've got you covered and also go ahead and check out all of my gift guides under 'my holiday gift guide' in the navigation tool bar up above! Chrstimas is one week away and gotta get your oline shopping done within the next few days to get them in time to put them under the tree! :)

1) leaf earrings || 2) gold journal || 3) black stud earrings || 4) glitter phone case || 5) sugar whip lotion || 6) knit pom beanie || 7) furry slides || 8) liquid lipstick set

1) pokemon tshirt || 2) ninja turtle socks || 3) hand-held arcade game || 4) tabletop basketball game || 5) slides 

have a great day!! 

xo, steph