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Oct 27, 2017

black + camel {part one}

happy FRIDAY friends !!!

woohoo! we made it through yet another week.. i seriously cannot believe how fast october has flown by! we are in the last week and it is still freakin hot in san diego -- luckily it has cooled down some -- talking high 80s low 90s, better than 100 degrees it was earlier in the week.

literally, baby C and i were melting. it was no fun going out in that heat but we were also going a little stir crazy staying inside all day. needless to say, baby C and i are both missing our afternoon strolls around the neighborhood and playing at the park. can't wait for cooler fall days -- praying that the weather changes very soon and stays! 

in other news, you are all probably sick of me complaining {so sorry, can't help it} but any other mamas out there feeling like me or having a little bit of a rough time with their littles, please say hey! wow! this month has been S T R U G G L E city for me and baby c. she has not been sleeping well, so granted neither have i. luckily i have an AHHHHMAZING hubby and baby daddy he usually gets up with her after i feed her early in the morning if she won't go back to sleep, and lets me snooze for a few more hours. but man! she still wakes up super early and sometimes wakes up one to two times a night. after my cry for help on instagram earlier in the week -- i'm now convinced it definitely started as a sleep regression we were not able to get out of and BAM now she's teething. i defnitely think her top two teeth are coming in soon and that has been bothering her lately. she can be super needy and clingy.. and lets just say i am not coping well at all. so any mamas out there that can relate, would love to hear how you cope with so many sleepless nights, interrupted sleep, fussy, teething baby? i'm losing my mind haha

anywho, enough of that! right? i need more positivity in my mind -- i've also started BBG again so i'll try to keep you updated on that -- just finished my first week and whoa its a killer but so good! i'm hoping this kinda helps me with everything else thats going on and i also wouldn't hate having me pre-pregnancy body back! haha! its so hard sometimes to find balance with work, family, relationships, babies, yourself, working out, etc etc so i'm trying to slowly get back on track and figure out a little more me time because i think that will help my situation a little bit so we will see how that goes! anyone do BBG?? let me know! 

{ what i'm wearing }

sweater blazer || faux leather leggings || black tee || suede flats || leopard clutch

okie dokie now the real good stuff haha MY FAVORITE COLOR COMBO for fall -- B L A C K  +  C A M E L !!! i don't know what it is about this color combo its so damn good -- neutral, simple and super chic. there are so many ways to achieve this color combo and i love wearing all black and throwing on one or two pieces that are in the camel color family. this time i opted for this new camel sweater blazer i got recently with camel suede pointed toe flats. if you know me, you know how obsessed i am with mules, so these flats kinda remind me of mules and they add a nice classic vibe to my outfit. back to this camel sweater blazer -- it is such a perfect piece to add to your fall wardrobe! because it is sweater material, its soft and easy to throw over anything and its not too dressy to wear everyday but not super casual either if you feel like dressing it up. its the perfect length, not too long, covers the bum -- literally PERFECT! so as much as like classic looks, i had to spice up the all black ensemble by wearing faux leather leggings because why not?! i love mixing textures in the fall so i really love the sweater blazer against the leather leggings. and leather leggings are a must for fall -- this pair is super comfortable and easy to wear with ANYTHING! it would look so good with a chunky knit and OTK boots, or wanna a more sassy sexy vibe, opt for a pretty blouse and some leopard high heel pumps -- you know how much i love leopard! and of course i tied in this perfect color combo with this perfect leopard foldover clutch! i mean this clutch will be my sidekick all fall long -- haha when i don't have the baby with me that is! but it fits everything i need and has a pretty gold chain strap if you wanna wear it crossbody style! 

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hope everyone has a fabulous friday and an amazinf weekend! we have no plans this weekend so we'll see what we end up doing.. what are your plans for the weekend?

xo, steph

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