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Nov 13, 2017

holiday gift guide for HER

happy H A P P Y monday!!!

i cannot believe thanksgiving is just around the corner! i decided to skip my fall decor this year and head straight into christmas decorations because i love them so much so why nor?! i don't have everything out yet, mainly put my christmas tree up and have a few ornaments up -- i am going with a different color scheme this year so i have to pick up a few more things to finish off our holiday home decor! i can't wait to show you all, so stay tuned for that! i am really hoping to be done with most, if not all of it, in the next few days! 

in the spirit of the holiday and the season of giving, i am sharing my first HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE -- FOR HER!! this gift guide is for that special babe in your life -- mom, sister, aunt, best friend, yourself??? you know you gotta treat yourself too or at least add some of these amazing picks to your christmas wishlist! so take a look at what i have picked out so far! in a week or so i will also have a bunch of gift guides up in the SHOP tab in the navigation toolbar! last year i did a bunch of gift guides like this one below and they're fun, but also time consuming and i will be honest i don't have that much time this year with my little one and everything else i have to do, like getting ready for her FIRST birthday party... so i will be putting my picks for other guides in that tab and you'll just have to click the photo to go straight to the link -- easy peasy! ok! moving on to GIFT GUIDE FOR HER! 

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so i love all of these picks so much -- this LEOPARD coat is definitely on my christmas wishlist from my hubby along with this gorgeous MVMT WATCH! this MONOGRAMMED TOTE is perfect for your mom or best friend, i mean who doesn't love a monogrammed gift -- its super useful and personalized which i love! other fabulous gifts for your best friend or sister are these super fab TASSEL EARRINGSthis super COZY SCARF or THIS DARLING BEANIE & MATHCING GLOVES! my other favorite kind of gifts are the gifts of COZY! hehe like these cozy SLIPPERS or this ultra soft CARDIGAN! also if you want to give a gift that also gives back, these sunnies and this pair are from a charitable company that gives a pair of reading glasses with every pair of sunglasses purchased! how good does that feel, get a great gift for someone you love and be a part of giving back to those in need! i mean it is the season of giving, right?? what kind of gifts are on your wishlist?? let me know below, and again stay tuned for more holiday gift guides!

have a beautiful monday!

xo, steph

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