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Jul 7, 2019

NSALE 2019


O M G !!! one of the BEST sales every year - the NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE begins this week - with early access of course! it is literally one of the TOP favorite sales of the year and for good reason!! soooo if you are unfamiliar with what the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is and why so many people go crazy for it - let me tell ya! 

basically the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is a sale for BRAND NEW ITEMS for fall! THEY ARE NEW FALL ARRIVALS ALL ON SALE !! it is the perfect time to update your fall wardrobe with new pieces at an amazing discount - think boots, coats, cardigans, sweaters and more all ON SALE! 


loving all these bright colors for fall!

and how can you say no to plaid in the fall? definitely must-have staple for your fall wardrobe!

and you know, my obsession continues! i was THRILLED to see leopard print is here to stay!! and let me tell you, there are some cute leopard print pieces this year!!

so the NORDSTROM CREDIT CARD IS THE KEY to EARLY ACCESS, which begins Thrusday, July 12th at 12:30pm EST! the great news, it isn't in the middle of the night like it was last year! so happy this mama can sleep hahah! click HERE to apply for the Nordstrom Credit Card! but of course, having another credit card can be a lot so don't feel pressured into getting one! 

but... shopping early is key! items SELL OUT SOOO FAST, so if you have the card and are able to shop early, you won't miss out on some items that sell quickly, and sadly don't get restocked duing the sale!



like i mentioned earlier, this is the perfect time to shop for fall pieces - so i tend to look for pieces i love and know i will wear over and over again during the fall! i look for all the cute and cozy cardigans, sweaters, a jacket or two and boots and booties, as well as sneakers, jeans and some athletic wear! i will be sharing my favorites on the blog, on my instagram - feed & stories and in the app! so make sure to follow along!


1. SHOP EARLY!!! if you are thinking about something, my advice grab it so you don't miss out. items sell so quickly and returns are easy if you end up not loving something. 

2. Take inventory on what you have/what you need! take a look at your closet and see what you have - have three grey long cardigans, maybe try a blush pink one or navy this time.

3. Make a wishlist!! to go along with the last tip, make a wishlist of things you want and add to your basket online or make a list on your phone so you don't forget what you want/need. 

4. DOUBLE UP! use your personal double points day (if you still have one) on the day you shop, so you can earn more points and get Nordstrom notes faster! 

lastly, i just want to say thank you for following along and using my links to shop! it helps me continue doing what i love and i really appreciate it! also don't forget you can shop online and pick up in store!! 


xo, steph