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Aug 31, 2018



hello friends and happy friday! already through another week.. like always feels like the weeks are just flying by, and this week i feel like.. what did i even do.. i can't even think. and OMG the last day of August!! anywho, i have been sick with a cold for almost a week so i've been trying to lay low, catch up on some work while i can and take it easy. but if you're a mama, you know taking it easy doesn't really happen, especially with a toddler. plus i'm almost seven months im uncomfortable BUT still so happy!! just happy to have so much time with my family and happy to do what i love.. so on that note, i want to share a new little series i decided to start because i tend to wear almost the same things in real life because what can i say? i love what i love! i will be sharing multiple ways of styling one specific item or style -- keep in mind i like things easy, cute, simple and classic, so these are going to be looks that you can easily duplicate and even proabably create from items in your own closet! 

if you've been following me on instagram (if you don't, check out my feed HERE), you know that i talk about STRIPES a lot.. like all the time and it seems like i wear stripes every day.. 

i am literally obsessed with stripes. every time i go out shopping i always find something striped that i love and need to have. literally, my hubby looks at me and says "don't you have soemthing like that already" and maybe i do but i just feel like you can't have enough stripes, especailly striped tees. i just feel like they go with everything. so i am styling my absolutely favorite striped tee with you today! this tee is nothing fancy, its less than ten bucks, but the quality is on point. it fits great, i love the material and the stripes are the perfect size haha.. i know i'm sounding a little crazy. but i don't mess around when it comes to my stripes. and don't get me wrong there are a lot of striped tees i love but this one i have been obsessed with, i have five of the same one because i literally find myself wanting to wear it at least three times a week.. and no i am NOT sorry about that one bit. so lets jump right into it.. 

|| LOOK ONE ||

classic and edgy with a suede moto jacket, black skinny jeans and black booties - - i don't know about you, but moto jackets are kind of my thing for fall and winter. they totally add a cool factor to any outfit and they are so easy to throw over anything..seriously! if you don't own a moto jacket yet, you're totally missing out. this SUEDE one is on my top three list - - and if suede seems too much for you, a regular leather or vegan leather moto jacket is perfect too! 

|| outfit details ||

suede moto jacket, also here, other options here and here // striped tee, also love this one // black skinny jeans, other option here // black booties (old all saints), perfect options here, herehere and here // sunglasses 

|| SHOP look ONE ||


|| LOOK TWO ||

for my second look, i kept it pretty casual but added some fun accessories to spice up the outfit from your basic tee and jeans combo -- i don't wear neck scarves often, i love them especially when i see them on other people but as a mama-on-the-go, i usually skip some of the sort-of 'fussy' accessories. but i love the idea of a neck scarf, i definitely think it adds a nice pizzazz to a simple outfit, and i especially love this one because its camo print, and i love camo and stripes together. another great option would be a floral neck scarf or a solid colored one, like red or marigold for a pop of color. i also went with mules with some edgy details for a little extra, extra, the details with busted knee jeans totally give me a lot of cool vibes, and you know i love (trying) being a cool mom! 

|| outfit details ||

striped tee // jeans, also here and here // camo neck scarf (sadly sold out), but i love this, this and this too // mules (from last year), great options here, here and here // sunnies, similar pair here

|| SHOP look TWO ||



keepin it super casual with this look -- if you know me, you know i live for joggers and i wear joggers with everything, so its no surprise that i paired my favorite tee with joggers. super easy look perfect for running around with the baby and running errands, but i love this look because i think it still looks stylish and cool but still so funtional and perfect for real life. 

|| outfit details ||

tee // joggers, other perfect pairs here and here // sneakers, also love these and these // sunnies 

|| SHOP look THREE ||



hope you're not tired of me and my casual looks yet -- sorry not sorry ! can't help it. i love keeping it real and keeping it casual -- i'm a big fan of baseball caps and i don't wear them often enough, but they are perfect for bad/dirty hair days when you're just running around, hanging out with the kiddos or taking it easy. a basic tee and distressed denim is ony of my fave everyday looks, and i love to pair this look with either sandals or sneakers and these platform sneakers are my fave -- i think they make me so cool -- haha i only want to be a cool mom! 

|| outfit details ||

striped tee // jeans (last year), similar here, here  and here // baseball cap, also love this one and this camo one // sneakers 

|| SHOP look FOUR ||



okie dokie friends! last look -- i've probably worn a variation of this outfit multiple times -- a little dressed up but still easy enough to run around in. i love this knit blazer -- blazers are great for fall and easy to throw on over lots of outfits for a polished look -- but this knit style makes it more comfortable and wearble for everyday.  decided to keep this outfit comfrortable and functional yet still on-trend with these faux lether leggings i have been raving about for a couple months! you can find how i styled them HERE! added a nice touch of leopard with these mules which are great for everyday or for work -- stylish and chic and different from your usual flat. 

|| outfit details ||

knit blazer, similar here and here // striped tee  // faux leather leggings, also here // leopard mules (last year), similar here and here 

|| SHOP look FIVE ||


- - - - - -



thanks fo much for sticking it out through this one! i know it's kinda long, but i love wearing the same pieces from my closet and i thought it would be fun to share some easy looks with you. i have a few more pieces lined up for this series! if there is something specific you would like me to style, leave it in the comments or DM me on INSTAGRAM


i will try to share some of my favorite sales over the weekend on my instagram, so if you're not already following me, check out my feed here  -- SASSANDSUN

xoxo, steph

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