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Nov 17, 2017

parisian chic

happy F R I Y A Y !!

wow! how is another week already coming to an end?! and thanksgiving is less than a week away? and Christmas is like FIVE weeks away?!! i had a nice productive week.. i felt like i got a lot done which always feels good, but i'm not gonna lie i'm pretty exhausted no matter how much sleep i get. isn't that crazy.. i really need some tips on how to feel more refreshed! so if you have any ideas or something that works for you, i'd love to hear them! another crazy thing, baby c will be ELEVEN months next week.. whyyyyyyy??? is this for real, i seriously am in denial.. i cannot belive i've already had her for almost a year. i might have said this before but these past few days or even weeks, every time i get her ready for bed, i just stare at her and i am just in awe at this beautiful, wonderful little baby i have in my life -- so much love and happiness. i am so grateful to have her in my life, yes there are challenging days but there are so many more days of laughter and fun. she is just so sweet and she does the funniest snort/laugh! ok ok enough of that before i get real emotional haha! 

lets move on to this outfit that i put together a couple weeks ago that i am obsessed with!! 


striped tee, similar here || knit mini skirt, also similar here || OTK boots || beret 

this super cute, super chic fall look i put together! so if you caught my blog post on fall's HOTTEST TRENDS, i talked about berets being one of them! i finally got one and I AM IN LOVE! i want more of them in every color! there are so many different ways you can wear a beret that flatters your face. i chose this more modern, trendy way to wear it, kinda like you would a regular beanie, if that makes sense?! i kept my look pretty simple and all black and white, i mean you can never go wrong with black and white or stripes! am i right?? and since i chose to wear this cute mini skirt, OTK/thigh high boots are perfect because my legs are still pretty much covered so you don't have to worry so much about being colr, ya feel me? this look is probably one of my absolute favorites this fall because its super cute, still chic and modern, but classy and comfortable too! checks off all my boxes when it comes to what i wanna be wearing all day! and like i said i cannot get enough of the beret -- they are such a classic piece, but still so fun and different! 

what do you think about the beret? have you rocked one this season yet?



xo, steph