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Nov 8, 2017

first HOLIDAY look

happy H U M P day dolls !!!

hope your week is going well! half way through.. hope everyone survived the end of daylight savings! i remember pre-baby i loved this time because it kinda felt like we got an extra hour of sleep, but the first day kinda felt really long! now that i have a baby i was super anxious about it because baby c has been struggling with sleep for a little over a month AND she was finally back to normal sleeping from 7pm-6:45am a few days before the time change. so i was like OMG this is gonna totally mess her up and we're going to be back to that no-good-sleep, zombie mode. NOT OK! haha but thanks to some amazing tips from lauren from SLEEP AND THE CITY, baby C had no issues.. and so far we're doing just fine over here! finally starting to feel a little bit normal and finally sleeping much better at night! seriosuly thank goodness because i was legit losing my mind, not kidding. yikes! anywho, for all my mama friends, how are your kiddos doing? what tips and tricks did you use to ensure normal sleep schedules? would love to hear and if you need any help with sleep head over to SLEEP AND THE CITY! she's amazing!! 

ok some more exciting news hehe just for me really.. it is mine and my hubby's three year wedding anniversary! we're actually going to celebrate just the two of us! we were gonna keep it low key and go out to an early dinner so we can take baby C with us -- we still have never left her home with a sitter AND we've only left her twice since we had her, once with my mom and once with my hubby's best friend -- both times only for a couple hours. still haven't found a sitter, nor have i really looked.. but we decided we wanted a nice dinner out just the two of us, and lucky for us my best friend will sit at home and make sure she's good! i'll still put her to bed so it'll be great! we're very excited about going out to dinner!! haha any other mamas like me? or any tips on finding a sitter and how to set everyone up for success?? let me know! 

now on to the purpose of this post -- my FIRST HOLIDAY LOOK !! so for my first holiday look, i went more dressy, to be honest, i for actual holiday family functions i am usually more casual but i love dressing up. no one else in our families really dress up so i feel weird arriving all glammed up haha! but i absolutely love this look and adore this color combo! i did a very similar color combo for the holidays last year which you can check out here! the dress is still available HERE! here's this year's look! 

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velvet midi skirt || cami || burgundy pumps (last year), similar here and here || earrings || ring || lip color

anywho, i don't know what it is besides the fact that i am obsessed with blush pink tones and burgundy, deep red colors and i love them even more together especially during this time of the year. and i also i loooove mixing textures (i've said that may times before) -- this time silky cami with a velvet pleated midi skirt. i mean its perfection in my opinion. and yes this cami is a little more revealing, but i also got it one size bigger because i wore it when i was pregnant.. so it's a little big on me. but i absolutely love this -- its pretty, a little sexy and gives me holiday vibes but not overboard holidays, ya know what i mean? and lets talk about these gorgeous burgundy pumps -- i LOVE them -- i did get them last year from the WHO WHAT WEAR collection at target, but i will share some similar options that are perfect for the holidays! so, what do you think of this holiday look? let me know below! i'll be doing a few more holiday looks soon! if you saw my instatories, i asked whether you preferred casual or dressy holiday looks.. and to my surprise, DRESSY won! i personally prefer a casual holiday style because like i mentioned our families are very casual and after dinner we all hang out and lounge on the couch. so i will be putting together another dressy holiday look soon and i'll also do two more casual holiday outifts as well! S T A Y  T U N E D !!! 

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hope you have a fabulous day!!

xo, steph