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Nov 1, 2017

season's hot HOT trends !!

H A P P Y  H U M P  D A Y  !!!

hope you had a fun H A L L O W E E N !! if you checked out my instagram or instastories, you saw that my sweet baby c was the cutest little lion! go check it out!!

and OMG, i cannot believe it's NOVEMBER! like what?! the year is almost over, my baby is almost ONE, i'm almost THIRTY... YIKES! the year seriously just flew by! i cannot get over how quickly time passes! everytime i sit down and think about it, i remind myself that i cannot slow down the time but i can take the time to enjoy all the simple, amazing moments with my family, my friends, myself. i really need to get better at taking time and really enjoying the present because it really does go by in a blink of an eye! wow! how's that for some friday thoughts?! we are getting to that time of the year where we find ourselves reflecting on the past year and what changes we will make for the coming year! plus we still have a couple months to achieve our goals for this year! postivity that we can get it all done, but also that we have a new year coming to continue bettering ourselves and reaching our goals! 

ok ok, i'm done with all the serious talk now! lets get into some fun, shall we?? 

you might've already been seeing a lot of the hot trends this season, but i thought i would highlight some of my favorites! these are some really hot H O T trends that have been showing up a lot lately and i've been wanting to incorporate them into my fall and winter wardrobe, so i searched for my top picks and thought i'd give you all a look and see what you think! 

{ POP of RED }

ok! the first hot trend i'm loving is RED! red is so popular this season and i have to admit it would not have been my go-to color for fall or winter because i'm not a huge fan of bright colors, buuuuut i do love a good red piece in my wardrobe. this color is powerful, its hot, its definitely sassy and just so fun! i love that you can add a little bit of red, with a cute little handbag or hat, or go BIG with a beautiful red suede jacket or some hot red booties! there are so many amazing options if you're looking to spice things up this season, i definitely recommend adding some red to your ensemble! i have been on the hunt for the perfect red piece to add to my regular fall rotation -- been deciding between a beautiful sweater or pretty red clutch! check out all the fabulous R E D pieces you can add to your wardrobe!



the next trend i have been really loving are white booties! i am still on the hunt for the perfect pair -- something both styish, chic and comfortable. being a mama and running around all day i can't be wearing uncomfortable shoes so lately i've only been getting shoes i know i can wear all the time, on-the-go, but of course i still want to look good haha! these white booties have been my favorite pick so far because i love a block heel, but i've also been eying this white pair because i love the kitten heel (not my usual choice) and the pointy toe. i feel like my first choice fits my lifestlye a bit more, its on-trend but since the heel is natural and it has a little bit of black on the sides, it is more casual and i can probably wear them with anything, where as the white kitten heel booties are super chic and different than my usual style, but something about them really attracts me! check them out and my other picks!



ok, so it is no surprise that hats are a must for the fall -- the usual favorites being wool fedoras and floppy hats. this year the newsboy or fiddler cap has been really popular and i finally got one that i love -- it looks great on everyone! but the hat trend that i've been seeing everywhere and absolutely loving is the bereti am obsessed -- i got a black beret recently and i'm still figuring out how to wear it that will flatter my face haha but i love it. its super cute, super chic and what's not to love about a parisian staple! i feel like you could totally wear a beret with anything and it will totally make your look super chic and classy -- this fur pom beret is next on my list! so cute! check out the rest of my picks! 


are you loving these trends?? have you added any of these to your closet this season? would love to know which ones are your faves!

xo, steph

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