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Jul 14, 2017

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale -- BABY EDITION

Happy happy Friday babes!! Woohoo made it thru another week and I know yesterday was a little overwhelming with soooooo much talk of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale !!! I know it's a greatvsale and believe me last year I hit that sale sooooo hard! This year for some reason I found it so overwhelming and so many people talking about it... I really didn't want to talk too much about it! I know I've kinda been MIA in general -- having a baby is a ton of work... mamas out there you feel me, right? Annnnd I went back to work about a month ago so it's been busy and exhausting and I'll be honest I lost a little bit of my drive and motivation with blogging -- kinda got stuck in a rut! I'm trying to get back to it and hopefully be better! Anywho enough rambling and back to the NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE! I've kinda shifted my focus the last few months since having a baby girl -- I literally have nothing on my mind but baby baby baby! So instead of rounding up all the women's clothing this year from the sale I decided to pick some of my BABY favorites from the sale! Last year when I shopped the sale like a crazy woman, I was just a couple months pregnant and bought so much baby stuff -- baby carrier, baby stroller, car seat, diaper bag, baby clothes and on and on! I'm not gonna lie I bought a bunch of basics for myself especially sweaters! Buuuut I was so excited about the baby stuff so this year I rounded up my favorite baby items and baby clothes! Seriously the same stroller and carseat I got last year are ON SALE again this year (may be the newer model but looks exactly the same) and baby c's favorite activity mat is also on sale! So if you're a soon-to-be mama or know a new mama these are some awesome items! Okie dokie check it out down below! Happy shopping!! 

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hope everyone has a happy happy friday and an amazing weekend!! Enjoy shopping I know a lot of people will be at the Nordstrom sale! My best friend is getting married this weekend so I'll be busy with all fun wedding events!! But on Monday I will do a round up on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale -- shoe edition because lets be honest I can live without a few cardigans and tops but I cannot live without shoes!!!! See you Monday!!

xo, Steph