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Mar 8, 2017


{ what i'm wearing }

chenille sweater (sold out, but others here & here) || jeans || shoes, sold out but similar here || sunnies

happy hump day dolls! i seriously cannot believe its only wednesday! this has felt like the looooongest week and we are only halfway through -- for some reason i feel like it should be friday already. like whoa... this past sunday we took baby c on her fist long car ride to moorpark (about 30-40 min north of la) to attend my brother and his wife's baby shower (they are expecting their first a boy!). baby c did really well on the way up there, just had to make one early stop on the way because she had a huge poopy blowout -- don't worry i came prepared with lots of outfits haha! but maaaan, on the way back she was really fussy and it's my fault because it was bedtime and we were still on the road and it threw off her schedule so she was all over the place.. i feel like we're still recovering from that. i think she's finally getting back to normal but omg the last few days have been super stressful and exhausting. i'm gonna be real -- i had multiple meltdowns and just feel like such a failure as a mommy.. ahhhh when does it get easier?! anyway, we're dong much better -- i'm still stressed out and exhausted but im sending out positive vibes every day! plus, i started working out again -- went jogging the other day and then did a walk with baby c and an arm workout yesterday, so things are looking up.... i think... #momlife 

anywho, can you guess what CCC stands for -- basically my mom uniform these days -- comfy, casual, cute! i've been dying to wear my new wedges and some dresses and rompers but its just so difficult haha because when i'm with baby c i always feel rushed to get ready and i just want something easy and comfortable. and i'm really not that mad about it -- i love being comfortable and still looking cute -- at least i think my outfits are still cute hehe! but i promise i will have some spring looks that involve dresses & wedges very soon, in the mean time just soak up this comfy, casual, cute look! annnd i am loving these sunnies -- got them awhile ago and wasn't sure i was going to keep them -- but the round frames are so on-trend right now, and i think my face might be a little too round for round shades ahah so i think these are the perfect fit because they're more round-shaped, but not perfectly round -- haha you get me, right? i mean i only said "round" like twenty times.. sorry. #mombrain 

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have a fabulous day! 

xo, steph