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Jan 20, 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! lots to SMILE about!

O M G !!! i am back!! HAPPY FRIYAY!!! this is my first post of the new year..sorry i was MIA.. if you read my last post and/or follow me on instagram (@sassandsun) you know that i had my sweet baby girl, Charlotte, SIX weeks EARLY!! she was in the NICU for three between the pumping, trying to sleep, and driving back and forth to the hospital to see her, its been a little hectic! i was hoping to have some posts planned and ready to go, but my precious girl decided to come way earlier than we would ever have expected! we are so happy we were able to spend christmas and ring in the new year with her! its been so surreal! 

so when i say there's lots to smile about.. there are! 1) my baby girl is home, 2) my family is healthy and happy and 3) its a NEW year -- new beginnings, new me (as a mom and so much more)!!! through all the exhaustion, i promise this year i will keep smiling because i am blessed to have my sweet daughter, my supportive and loving hubby and my wondeful family and friends! since there is so much to smile about i figure i need to make sure i have a nice, white, bright smile to show off! right?!?! so today i'm sharing SMILE BRILLIANT

Who doesn't love white sparkly teeth? I mean, besides smiling because i love life, as a blogger I am constantly in front of a camera taking photos so it is really important to me to have white teeth. i don't know about you, but when i meet someone for the first time i notice their smile and their teeth right away, and it can be kinda off-putting when they have stained, yellow teeth...eeEEEk! annnd i am also a huge coffee lover and i'm sure with a newborn baby at home i'll be doubling, maybe tripling my coffee intake.. sorry not sorry! and we all know how bad coffee stains your teeth, so when SMILE BRILLIANT reached out to me to try out their at-home teeth whitening kit, i was like yes please -- sign me up!! this came at the perfect time and i'm so excited to have beautiful pearly whites!! let me give you a little run down on SMILE BRILLIANT.

Smile Brilliant is an at-home teeth whitening kit that will not only save you time but money. the same whitening system from your dentist can cost over $500! No thanks! Plus you get to do it in the comfort of your own home, no need to call anywhere to make an appointment -- do it at home and on your own time! start off by placing your order online at once you receive your kit you will use the two pastes to create your impressions and then mail them back in -- make sure to follow the directions carefully, i'm not gonna lie it took me two tries to get it right.. haha! they give instructions with your kit and i will also link a video below you can check out that shows you the whole process. then they will then send you your custom fitted teeth whitening trays which look like those clear retainers. then you can start your whitening process. i have to say that i have tried other at-home teeth whitening kits and most of them were so uncomfortable because my teeth are pretty sensitive. so i love that they include the desensitizing gel. it not only made the whitening process so much better but it prevents re-staining. 

so i added teeth whitening to my nighttime routine! i start off my brushing my teeth WITHOUT toothpaste, just water and make sure my custom-fitted trays are clean and dry. then apply the whitening gel to the front outer surface of the trays. i put on the whitening gel and kept them on for the first time for about 30 minutes -- you can keep them on for up to three hours -- i started off slow and by then end of the week i was keeping them on for about 45 minutes. immediately after the whitening, i used the desensitizing gel for about 15 minutes to ensure reduce sensitivity and prevent future staining. My before and after picture (please excuse the close-up of my face..WHOA haha) is only after about a week and i'm already seeing great results! i can't wait to see how much whiter my teeth get the more i use this product! if you want more information check out this great video that shows you how this at-home teeth whitening kit works! OR you can also check out more reviews about this amazing the kit HERE !  I can't wait to keep whitening!!


and im so sorry you have to see a close-up of my face!! Yikes!! I took the before photo a while ago when my skin didn't go crazy with pregnancy and I wasn't tan I guess, i also had makeup on! Eeeeek! And then my after photo my skin is literally freaking out haha!! both photos taken in my home with no extra lighting, just natural light and these two photos have NOT been edited! :) i think my results are pretty great thus far!!

G I V E A W A Y !!!

i am giving one lucky winner $75 toward your very own Smile Brilliant teeth whitening at-home kit! All you have to do is comment below what your SMILING about this year and enter here -- ! Winner will be announced in two weeks!

Also, here's 5% off your own kit -- use the coupon code sassandsun5  

have a great FRIDAY & WEEKEND!! yay!! 

xo, steph

Thank you to Smile Brilliant for sponsoring this post. 

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