Aug 12, 2017

mom & baby update {7months}

OMG! it has been what? like three months or so since i've done a mommy post! i am so sorry i haven't been updating you on mom life and baby girl! buuuut if you follow me on instagram then you probably get a glimpse on how much baby C is growing! i really need time to slow down -- she is now 7 and half months! i know, crazy! i cannot believe how close we are to the BIG 1!!! and yes, my best friend and i are already planning her one year birthday bash! i won't reveal the theme just yet hehe! anyway, i am sitting in bed, enjoying my iced coffee, baby free at the moment so i though OMG i need to come on here and give an update on real life, mom life, baby life! gosh it is just so crazy how much babies learn and grow and change! baby C is defiitely not this little peanut that just lays around and sleeps all day haha! she enjoys sitting up and playing! she also really enjoys story time and her absolute favorite book is 'the pout pout fish'! we probably read this book at elast five times a day! baby C also looooves to grab everything and anything and put it into her mouth! she is finally eating real food -- well pureed food! her favorite right now are sweet potatoes! baby c also wants everything we eat! she finally has her two bottom teeth poking through and they are sharp ahah! she loves to bite on my fingers and she has bitten me a few times while breastfeeding -- NOT FUN! so painful haha.. i hope i can get her to stop doing that very soon! any tips on biting??? right now, she is definitely a mama's girl -- she started noticing when i leave the room and she DOES NOT like it! she sleeps about 12 hours all night so when i work i'm gone before she's awake so she doesn't know i've left her because she just doesn't see me until i get home.. but if i've been around and some one else tries to hold her or i leave she gets upset. sooooo i'm thinking there's a little bit of separation anxiety. i heard this is super common when babies are exclusively breastfed and are taken care of by the same person most of the time -- which is our case. i'm going to need to work on her being ok with other people.. i will also take any advice on that as well! overall it has been great -- still super exhausting at times and frustrating but for the most part i am still enjoying being her mama! its so fun watching her grow and seeing her little personality come out. she really is such a sweet and happy baby girl! 

i also want to share some of the baby products we use pretty much every day and i guess i can say we can't live without them! so if you're a mama or know a new mama, mama-to-be these would be great gifts! and if there are some baby items you think we would love or you love please let me know! 

 { B A B Y G E A R }


have an amazing day!

xo, steph


May 9, 2017

mother's day gift ideas

{ mother's day is may 14th }

hello!!!! whoa i know its been a while since i've posted on here.. its been a little crazy with a baby at home and trying to keep on track with everything in life! i seriously don't know how you guys do it! anywho, this will be my very FIRST MOTHER'S DAY and i am so excited about it! i thought i would come on here real quick and share some of the things i have been loving the last couple of months that i think would also make some great mother's day gifts, along with some items that are on my mother's day wish list! 

lets just jump right into it because the baby is whining as i'm writing this so i have a small window! haha here we go...

1. smile brilliant at-home teeth whitening kit -- i've been using this for a few months at it really WORKS! totally whitened and brighened my teeth and its super easy to use with fabulous results! i did a full blog post -- read MY review! this is such an awesome gift! also here is a coupon code -- enter SASSANDSUN25 to get $25 off tray sets! woohoo! you can check out what people say about smile brilliant here and if you want to know a little bit more about smile briliiant's at-home teeth whitening kit go here!

2. timex women's originals watch -- watches are always a great gift, there are so many great styles that can fit anyone's lifestlye and when you find the right one it makes for an awesome personal and generous gift! i love this one with the gold casing and the navy leather strap with gold polka dots -- super cute!

3. LIPSENSE -- ok, if you haven't heard of this stuff or tried it, i seriosuly do NOT know what you're waiting for!!!! i became a distributor about a couple months ago and really got into it the last month! i ABSOLUTELY love it! it is a smudgeproof, budgeproof, waterproof, kiss proof, long wear (up to 18 hours) liquid lip color! and it WORKS!!! i wear it almost everyday and its ahhhhmazing! there are so many beautiful colors -- pinks, neutrals, red, and brights! whatever strikes your fancy! i have a bunch of colors in stock and i am also running a MOTHERS DAY SPECIAL!!! head over to my FOR LOVE AND LIPS facebook group or follow me on instagram @forloveandlips to find out more and see different colors! ALSO check out one of my fave beauty blogger/vlogger friends -- Tiffany -- who took it on a test run and wrote a reivew on LIPSENSE here

4. efy tal jewelry -- two-tone infinity necklace, i mean how pretty is this necklace and what mom, sister, or friend wouldn't want a beautiful dainty piece of jewelry for mother's day! it is so perfect! i really love how delicate it is and that i can wear it every day! efy tal jewelry has a lot of pretty pieces perfect for mom on mother's day! i also love their personalized pieces! check them out here and here

alrighty that wasn't so bad haha! so besides wanting a massage and a facial so badly for my mother's day treat, i'm also going to link a few more items i may have hinted to my hubby the last few weeks! 

{ my M O T H E R S D A Y wishlist }


i'm totally looking forward to my very first mother's day! and in the spirit of mother's day i wanna share a couple of my favorite times with baby c -- bath time and story time!! what is your favorite time with your little one or what you loved doing with your mom growing up?? would love to hear!! my mom always took me shopping hahah i loved weekends because it meant going to the mall!! haha

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Mar 31, 2017

staying organized with ToteSavvy

happy friday babes!! Wow this seemed like a crazy long week.. baby C and I had a busy week with two trips away from san diego -- one to LA and one to orange county -- makes for a very tiring week! So i'm definitely glad its friday and that today we're just hanging out and relaxing! 

{ what i'm wearing }

top | jeans | wedges | sunnies | tote | tote organizer

anywho today i'm sharing one of my mom goals -- staying organized while still being stylish with ToteSavvy! One thing i've learned thus far being a new mom you have a lot of stuff and need a lot of stuff and that's why the diaper bag is super convenient and so functional. And while i love my diaper backpack, i started ONLY carrying the diaper bag -- which isn't too bad but i always kinda felt like this isn't that stylish or it kinda makes my outfit look weird lol. I kept wanting to use my LV never full tote because it's a classic and it goes with everything and fits a lot of stuff. I tried using it and it was just a mess. i mean you know what I'm talking about if you have this bag or any other kind of large tote with no inside pockets -- stuff is EVERYWHERE and you can never seem to find exactly what you're looking for, so you're that mom on the sidewalk with baby in tow digging through your purse -- insert eye roll emoji haha! Wellllll imagine my excitement when ToteSavvy sent me the PERFECT tote organizer that fits perfectly into my LV Neverfull tote and in the same color as the interior of my bag! This organizer is a GAME CHANGER! It has so many pockets, including an insulated pocket for baby bottles or your water bottle! This organizer literally fits everything i need for a full day out with baby C. You can literally make ANY bag a DIAPER bag!!! Say whattttt?! Ahhhhmazing, i know! It makes life so much easier and i feel really good when i all have to bring is my purse -- the organizer keeps everything together and with all the pockets it makes it super easy to find what i need right away -- no digging around! Being a mom can be so hectic and crazy -- schedules change all the time, I find that i am rarely ever on time to anything these days (again insert eyeroll emoji), which by the way, is a huge pet peeve of mine, but with a baby things change so quickly you just gotta learn to adapt. It is so nice to feel like something in my life is organized -- i mean, even if its just something as simple as my "diaper" bag/purse, i feel super accomplished and ready annnnd when i get to use my purse i feel like i look good too, no bulky diaper backpack! I am seriously OBSESSED with this organizer and even if you don't have a baby or kids, this would be perfect for any bag!

{ get MY look }


hope everyone has a lovely friday and beautiful weekend! baby c and i have a couple events this weekend but as always we will try and just relax! what do you have planned this weekend? 

Xo, Steph 

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Mar 22, 2017

three month update on mommy & baby

{ what i'm wearing }

top | jeans | sunnies | shoes

hellooooo and happy hump day! i know its been awhile since i've put up a post but omg having a new baby at home makes blogging kind of challenging... seriously i am sometimes in awe at how others do it all!! i have such a hard time some days even getting out of the house to run a quick errand, much less getting out to take blog photos! whoa.. lol i mean i know its my first baby and i'm still learning and figuring her out -- i thought i got her schedule down and knew all of her cues but what i've come to find out is that every week she changes and i'm learning to accept that i can't have everthing under control in just three months... unless any of you out there have secrets i don't know about please feel free to share! haha more on baby c update below.. but first, a little update on me and my post-baby bod issues..

the main reason i'm writing this post is because i am trying to embrace and learn to accept that after a baby your body changes! it just does.. no matter what in some way your body is just different! so after having baby c i was so excited to get back into my normal clothes and wear pieces that i could never pull off pregnant. wow i was kinda wrong -- yes, i am able to get back into a few of my pre-pregnancy jeans and dresses and what not, but i am still not back to my pre-pregnancy body. (i know, maybe i sound vain but i can't help it) after i had baby c i actually lost a good amount of the baby weight, but a few weeks ago i've gained pretty much most of the weight back (mostly my fault because i've been eating everything and anything..yikes!!).. i definitely still have a little belly and my hips are so much wider and my thighs -- whoa. (sorry major body shaming -- i need to stop that) i know maybe this sounds really bad and that this isn't so important but it does bother me. so i finally decided that

1. i'm embracing my new body

2. i am still going to work on getting back to my pre-pregnancy body (i've started doing at-home workouts and will hopefully be getting back into pilates and barre classes)

3. i am accepting that maybe i will never get back my previous pre-baby bod but i can definitely get back to feeling good about my bod.

so in these photos i'm totally showing off my curves -- i loooove these jeans -- they're super trendy right now and i just love distressed denim in general so i had to have them. after we took these photos and i took a look at them, i almost threw this outfit post away. i was super bummed because i love this outfit -- i mean, hello! blush pink bell sleeves and busted knee high-waisted jeans! so cute.. so after a few minutes i decided that i should show this look off because as a new mother i look damn good! and yes i am not perfect -- i have wider hips & thicker thighs -- but you know what, i just had a baby and i look beautiful!! i usually try to wear pieces that i hide my new bod, but why am i doing that? i honestly feel stupid for doing that -- so here it is! after looking at these photos again i feel proud and happy! oh and these marc fisher wedges ((that are pretty similar to these wedges everyone has, i have them too *eyeroll)) are under $50!!! so cute, comfy and perfect for spring and summer!  

{ GET my LOOK }



alrighty babes, the best part of the post -- update on baby c -- baby c is such a snuggle bug and for the most part super sweet and cute! she now has what they call a "witching hour" or at least thats what i think it is because i can't figure out what else it could be -- but she is basically really fussy during the same time every day for the last few days, usually around 5:30pm which is bad because it's so close to her 7pm bedtime it makes it hard to put her down to sleep. she is also having a hard time going to sleep at night, which used to never be a problem... and she is back to waking up about every three hours in the middle of the night, when before she would sleep 5-6 hours through the night. i'm learning that with a new baby things change all the time, they change every week and i can't expect too much too soon. i'm having a really hard time not being able to control every situtation.. #momlife! anywho, she smiles soooo much more now its so fun. she loves being on the changing table and she's coo-ing so much more now. she still loooooves her wubbanubs and binkies. she is my sweet little baby and i never want her to grow haha. it seriosuly goes by so quickly. my hubby and i were looking at some of her photos from when she was born and when we brought her home from the hospital and i could not help but get teary-eyed thinking OMG all those times are gone now, she will never be that little.. but i have to remember there are still more fun memories to be made so its ok.. right?! baby c also has been getting out a lot lately with just mommy -- she took her first hour-long car ride with just mommy and she slept the whole way both ways! (i was super anxious) she's growing -- she's about eleven pounds now and 23.5 inches long! we love her sooo much! until next month...

have a beautiful hump day! wow, i cannot believe we're already half-way through another week! 

xo, steph 


Feb 23, 2017

Mustela & two month baby update

hey hey hey!! happy thursday! i know, yay its almost friday.. but for me all the days seem the same now that i'm at home with my sweet baby girl -- i know y'all are excited for the weekend though hehe! today, i'm sharing some amazing skin products that are perfect during pregnancy and post-baby! i got these amazing products while i was in my third trimester, but baby girl came early so i didn't get to use it much while pregnant, but you better believe that after my baby was born and i went home i started using these amazing MUSTELA products! i've heard of this brand before and i am so excited to be using them. all these creams and serums are non-greasy, not sticky and have a very nice light fragrance so its super easy to use everyday. i was so worried about getting stretch marks while pregnant, and luckily i did not get any but since my skin was stretched out to hold my baby and my bossoms (LOL) got MUCH larger since i am breastfeeding..and i am producing a lot of milk so i have to make sure that i protect my skin and these products are helping me have the best skin post-baby. 

{ soothing moisturizing balm }

Specially formulated for new and expecting mothers, Soothing Moisturizing Balm moisturizes the skin and helps reduce sensations of tightness and itchiness thanks to its unique formulation, which includes ingredients of natural origin: 

-Avocado peptides, a patented ingredient of natural origin, help relieve sensations of tightness, reinforce skin elasticity and leave the skin feeling supple and comfortable.

- Ceramides help strengthen the skin and maintain its hydration to leave it feeling soft and supple.

{ bust firming serum

Specially formulated for the bust (breast, neck and neckline) of new and expecting mothers, Bust Firming Serum provides bust support throughout pre-natal and post partum pregnancy. Serum firms and tones skin thanks to its unique formulation, which includes ingredients of natural origin: 

- Avocado peptides, a patented ingredient of natural origin, helps relieve sensations of tightness, reinforces skin elasticity and leaves the skin feeling supple and comfortable. 

- Centella asiatica improves and tones the skin for an intense firming effect.

- Elastoregulator®, a powerful ingredient of natural origin, helps to tone the skin and increase elasticity, which improves resistance to variations in breast volume.

{ this stretch marks prevention cream }

specially formulated for new and expecting mothers, Stretch Marks Prevention Cream helps prevent stretch marks thanks to its unique formulation, which includes ingredients of natural origin:

- Avocado peptides, a patented ingredient of natural origin, help relieve sensations of tightness, reinforce skin elasticity and leave the skin feeling supple and comfortable.

- Galactoarabinan, a patented stretch mark care ingredient extracted from the Larch tree, promotes elasticity, keeps skin supple and helps it to withstand stretching.

- Beeswax and shea butter provide lasting moisture and nourishment, leaving skin feeling soft.

also all products are safe for mom and baby -- they are hypoallergenic, compatible with breastfeeding and formulated without parabens, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, bisphenols A and S, caffeine and alcohol. 


alrighty... on to my two month baby update! baby girl is doing pretty well and growing so quickly.. can we please slow down! how did my sweet baby go from 5 pounds to 10 pounds! she's eating well, still waking about every three hours to feed, but we've been working on sticking to a sleeping and eating schedule so she can sleep longer throughout the night -- i can't wait for a solid 6 hours of sleep! she also is starting to enjoy a little bit of tummy time and is starting to have better head control. she is able to track objects and faces. she loves the sound of daddy's and my voice -- she loves to hear us talk and sing. she is also starting to smile -- especially when i make funny noises. we love her so much and love seeing how much she changes in such a short amount of time. i want her to stay little forever! haha

hope everyone has a lovely day !! 

xo, steph

thank you to and mustela usa. all product information from mustela usa


Feb 10, 2017

newborn photo shoot reveal

happy friday night babes! i'm going to keep this pretty short and sweet --  i know its been my trend lately -- but i have like ten minutes before my in-laws come over and the baby wakes up hehe! i just want to share my favorite photos from our newborn photo shoot! i love all of these -- just so sweet and i know i'll look back at these and just be so happy i did them. in case you're new to my blog, my baby girl came six weeks early so she stayed in the NICU for three weeks after i delivered so we didn't get to take our newborn photos within the first seven to ten days when the babies are really sleepy and a little easier to work with, but since she was a preemie it wasn't so bad when we took these photos. the only issues were she didn't like to be swaddled up to tightly, you know like they do for these photos -- bodies all swaddled into a little ball with just a foot hanging out or something.. she likes to be stretched out haha. she also has gas and acid reflux issues -- my poor baby -- so we had to get the photos quick before she started doing her weird grunting and fidgeting. baby girl is seven weeks old as of yesterday and we are still dealing with acid reflux, so she is taking baby zantac for that, crazy i know! and we also think she may have some constipation now. she never had an issue she pooped a lot, almost after every feeding, but now she seems to have some issues. other than that everything else seems to be going well -- she's gaining weight and is now a little bit over eight pounds. baby girl wakes up about every three hours to eat, which isn't bad at all. i am of course super exhausted but its so worth it! also, whoa they tell you it takes a lot just to get outta the house, and it sure does! i always think i'll be ready to go in like thirty minutes and it takes us an hour sometimes more. she'll poop as i'm putting her into the carseat, or she'll spit up all over her clothes. then i have to make sure the diaper bag is packed..then i have a bunch of otehr stuff on my mind and i get distracted.. anyway you get it... it takes ALOT! i'm sure i'll get better at it with time and experience. ohhhh and i still haven't been out of the house by myself, just me and her. i'm nervous to not be sitting in the back seat with her. we did put up a mirror so we can see her in the front, but still i have a little anxiety about it, and i;m so lucky my hubby is around most of the time to take us out. hopefully next we will go on an 'girls only' adventure to the mall or seomthins haha! that's my little update so far! i know, ooops wasn't so short and sweet like i thought -- i'm probably rambling anyway ENJOY these pics!

ps. any mamas out there with any advice on how to deal with acid reflux and constipation, leave them below please!! also, for when the time comes, any advice on how to get baby sleeping through the night -- or at least 5-6 hours in the middle of the night? and when can i realistically expect that?? thanks friends!

have a happy weekend!

xo, steph

photography :: sonia hebert photpgraphy


Jan 24, 2017

freshly picked -- the first pair + GIVEAWAY!

happy TUESDAY SHOESDAY !!! and say hello to my new blog section -- 'mommy moments' ! here i will be sharing how #momlife is going, any funny and interesting things that goes on on our mommy + baby days and whatever other mommy moments i come up with. for my first post i am sharing baby charlotte's first pair of FRESHLY PICKED moccasins! from the first moment i saw freshly picked moccasins at nordstom years before i knew i was going to have a baby i was already so obsessed because they are just so cute, super soft and they come in so many adorable colors and patterns! so when FRESHLY PICKED approached me to try out their new line of crib-size moccasins, i was so excited! i mean my hubby and i used a neutral color of freshly picked moccasins for our pregnancy announcement (see photos below) but unfortunately these moccasins are way too big for out little baby girl. but i am so happy i was able to get three beautiful pairs of newborn freshly picked moccasins -- still a little big for my baby since she was born six weeks early but were still able to put them on her! we are so excited for her to have these moccasins! what's so great about these moccasins are they have really soft soles, which means they are roomier allowing her feet to grow unrestricted, and when she starts to stand and take her first steps, the soft soles of the moccasins will make is easier by allowing her to extend her toes and grip the floor like she's barefoot -- which is actually better for her to learn to walk -- more comfortable than hard-soled shoes while still offering her little toes protection. as they grow, soft-sole shoes can also help with balance and coordination. this is why we choose freshly picked moccasins for our baby girl -- she will definitely be growing up in freshly picked moccasins

my hubby and i thought these moccasins are perfect and we decided we would take our sweet baby girl home in the baby pink freshly picked moccasins -- these are her first pair of shoes ever! we decided to choose these moccasins for her first pair of shoes because we know that these moccasins will create a keepsake for us that we can pass down to her when she has children of her own. what's so amazing about leather is that the characteristic of leather is it is unique to the person wearing it. the more you wear something made from leather, the more it molds to your body and with leather shoes, over time you will see a foot imprint -- creating a beautiful keepsake that will last forever. when our baby girl grows up we will always have her first pair of moccasins to look at and reminisce on her early baby years and lookback at how little she was! it will be so great! 

these moccasins are the perfect combination of functionality, style, quality and keepsake -- making them an essential for every baby! 

G I V E A W A Y !!

alrightyyyy i have teamed up with freshly picked and we are giving away one pair of frehsly picked moccasins of your choice! the rules are simple ::

1) follow me on instagram (@sassandsun)

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3) comment on this blogpost why you love freshly picked moccasins with your instagram handle!


*you cannot have won any other giveaway with freshly picked in the last 60 days to qualify 

wishing everyone a happy tuesday! 

xo, steph

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