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Feb 21, 2018

park play date with pocky

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the week is flying by yet again...maybe it's because a lot of us had monday off! nothing like a shorter work week to make the days go by even faster, right?!! speaking of time speeding by, baby c is fourteen months today! WHAAAT? seriously i look at her and i'm like, "whoa, you are a little girl!" "where the heck did my itty bitty baby go???" ahh it is so crazy. she is doing so well, she still isn't walking and from what i hear, i should be grateful. haha its already hard enough chasing after a speed crawler, i cannot imagine a speed walker or a running toddler ha! so i'll take this for now. baby c loves to eat, play, read books, she absolutely loves to go outside. i always joke with my hubby that just for me she will end up being a tomboy since i am so girly. haha. she love playing in the grass and dirt and she is obsessed with dogs and birds at the moment. its just so much fun seeing our little person grow and seeing her little personality develop. she is the SWEETEST. 

anywho.. since i just went straight for the topic of baby c, i want to share some fun photos from our little picnic playdate with my good friend, Jacie and her little man, Nixon. if you're a mama you know that playdates with littles are basically chasing the kiddos around and making sure they're not running to close to the street or putting dirt in their mouths so Jacie and I didn't get to catch up much. but it was so much fun to see the kids kinda interact with each other now that their older. little nixon can walk so he was walking all over the park and playing with toys, baby c was crawling around trying to put leaves in her mouth. haha! baby c loves other kids so she was super excited to spend time with her friend, Nix! and what's a playdate picnic without some yummy snacks. i brought some strawberries for all of us, and some little baby crackers for the kiddos, but i also brought some fun YUMMY GOODNESS mainly for Jacie and I, but the babies got their hands on some too --

P O C K Y !!!! 

ok, i am so surprised at how many people have never heard of or tried POCKY! if you have never heard of them or tried them, you need to go get some NOW! POCKY is like this cruncy cripsy pretzel stick covere in creamy chocolate. they perfect snack for on-the-go and perfect sharing. they will literally make anyone happy -- they are so irresistably delcious!  i used to eat them all the time as a kid and still LOVE them. i can literally probably eat an entire pack by myself hehe! they are so good and i usually opt for the regular chocolate ones but there are other fun, yummy flavors like strawberry, cookies and cream, and matcha green tea! you can find POCKY on their webiste, asian supermarkets, world market, and even amazon carries pocky! of course i had to bring some of these to our picnic because they are so yummy and just so easy to eat and enjoy. definitely a TREAT for jacie and I and the babies LOVED them. 

i don't know about you, but if you like spring picnics and summer beach days, don't forget to take along a few packs of POCKY with you! your friends will be so happy!!

so share happiness with POCKY


my outfit :: top || jeans || sneakers

baby c's outfit :: top || jeggings || shoes

baby nix's outfit :: tee || jeans || shoes

jacie's outfit :: blouse, similar here || jeans || sandals, similar here

have you tried POCKY yet??? let me know! and if not, go get some and take it to your next gathering! i promise it will NOT dissapoint! there are also fun things you could use pocky for, like a cute dring stirrer, add marshmallows to them for a fun dessert! 

have a beautiful day!!

xo, steph

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