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Jan 26, 2018

go to sleeeeep!

hello! and HAPPY FRIDAY!

it is so crazy to me that another week has gone by and that january is almost over already. didn't we just start the new year? i keep thinking about the goals i set for myself this year and it is so insane to me that almost one month has already passed. CRAY!

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anywho i've got a little -- maybe not so little -- mommy blog post for you mamas or soon-to-be mamas regarding BABY SLEEP. i have been thinking about this blog post for awhile..

1. sleep means a lot to me

2. babies need good sleep

3. mamas and dadas need good sleep

4. its the one topic with babies that always gets talked about

5. one of the more challenging areas to deal with in regarding babies

sooooo basically getting baby c on a really nice, good sleep schedule, night sleep and napping, are really important to me. i am not the kind of person who can function on a few hours of sleep per night and i can be really cranky and hard to deal with if i am overtired. it physically and mentally hurts me when i don't get enough good sleep. 

for those of you that are new here and/or new to my instagram, you may not know that baby c was born prematurely, six weeks early and had to spend three weeks in the NICU. it was a very diffciult time, trying to enjoy your first baby, a newborn while going back and forth to the hospital for three weeks and all during the busy holiday season. anywho, because she had to stay in the NICU for a little while, and we could not spend 24 hours a day seven days a week there, the nurses and pediatricians had her on a nice eat and sleep schedule right away. she was eating every three hours, and then sleeping all the times in between feeds. by the time we took baby C home she was eating every 3-4 hours and still sleeping pretty much all day and most of the night. it was pretty nice, i'm not gonna lie. by the time baby C was about three months old, i decided to sleep train her. now before you mamas that don't believe in sleep training get your panties in a bunch, let me explain a little bit.

sleep training DOES NOT mean leaving your baby in her bassinet or crib to cry and cry it out until she falls asleep.

that is just one method of sleep training. sleep training basically means exactly what it says training your baby when it is time to sleep and that he/she should be sleeping most of the night. baby C actually co-slept in our bed in a co-sleeper for the first five months. i also never breastfed her throughtout the night in the bed. she was in her separate little sleeper and when she woke up to eat, i actually got up, sat up and fed her, burped her and then put her down. i just felt, for me i didn't want her getting into the habit of feeding in the middle of the night whenever she wanted and in my opinion, make it harder to get her used to sleeping on her own at night. as she got older, when the pediatrician said she should be able to sleep most of the night without feeds, i gradually dropped her feeds one by one, and if she fussed i would try alternaive methods of soothing -- like patting her bum or back gently, humming, or giving her her pacifier. i did this until i could push out her feeds by an hour, then a couple hours, then a few hours, until we reached the time i thought it was appropriate for her to wake for her morning feed. of course this happened over a few weeks. but baby C transitioned really nicely, we had no issues really. baby c was reall a champ at sleeping when she was younger. then at about 5.5 months we transitioned her into her crib because i was going back to work and i felt it was time to get her into her own crib in her own room. we weren't worried about her sleeping through the night, but the change in environment that she would find shokcing and probably scary. for this change, we did a little bit of the cry it out method and by the third night she was transitioned and she was sleeping 12-13 hours per night. OMG it was AHHHHHMAZING!!! haha

fast forward about 4-5 months, we had our first real sleep regression. baby c never had a four month sleep regression, but she definitely regressed around 8.5, 9 months and it lasted about a month until i got some tips from Lauren from SLEEP AND THE CITY. during this time we were also going through a time change, so it was very diffciult to get baby C back on a normal schedule, but Lauren's schedule really really helped us. Baby C's sleep seemed to improve and get back to normal...then right before she turned one, we had another sleep regression and it included fighting naps. like real bad. and if you're a mama, you know how much those naps mean to us. i mean, not only does it mean baby will be happier and more pleasant. but it also gave us free time to finally eat lunch, wash the dishes, do laundry, take a nap, do your hair, and the list goes on. baby C still takes two naps a day, so when she started taking no naps and waking up 1-2 times in the night..

i was literally going BONKERS!

i was a crazy person and my hubby was so over it haha! well, a couple weeks ago, Lauren from SLEEP AND THE CITY, announced she was coming out with her new infant sleep guide for 5-12 month old babies. and all i have to say is GAME CHANGER!!!!!! 

Little background on Lauren -- she is a mama of two and was a mombie (zombie mom with no sleep) and saw a need for personalized sleep help so she created her brand SLEEP AND THE CITY. Lauren is  three-time certified sleep consultant in portland, oregon. she has newborn sleep guides, infant sleep guides, sleep guides for time changes, and she also does personalized one-on-one help! 

Lauren's infant sleep guide is grrrreat. i mean, it is more than great. i was so lost at trying to figure out how to get baby c back on a normal sleeping schedule -- how to get her naps back on track and how to lessen the time she wakes up in the middle of the night. i felt like i had tried everything i could think of and nothing was working. so when Lauren sent me her sleep guide, i read the whole thing a couple times and told my husband, lets do this. first of all, her sleep guide is perfect because she gives you a lof of information on baby sleep, how their sleep cycles work, what to expect, the importance of nutrition, sleep basics, and she also gives sleep schedule examples. i mean, she really breaks it down so you understand what you're doing and make sure you can accomplish your sleep goals with your little one. plus, i love that she calls is "sleep shaping" and not sleep training. 

i have been follwonig her schedule examples and her tips and tricks for the last week and half, almost two weeks and i have to say that baby C is now back to napping twice a day and waking up 0-1 time per night. can i get a HAAAALLELUJIAHHHHH!!!! Lauren's infant sleep guide really breaks everything down for you and really helps you understand how long babies at certain ages should be awake, she gives you different soothing techniques to try when baby wakes up, and she also stresses the importance of sleep routines and separate sleep areas. for us, baby c has had a sleep routine pretty much since she was a few months old, so we kept our routine in place. we had white noise and a baby shusher, but we never had a real sound machine. after reading drom lauren, how great they are, we decided to get a sound machine that now plays all night while baby C sleeps and during all her nap times. i also love the way lauren presents her "sleep shaping". it never feels forced or rushed or mean, her ways seem very gentle and allows you to go at your pace, do what makes you feel comfortable. one of our issues with nap time is that when i try to put her down, baby c wants to all of a sudden breastfeed for comfort, and for me i would be stuck in her room for up to thrity minutes nursing for comfort and then have a hard time putting her down in her crib. lauren tells you in her guide, it is ok to nurse if that is what your baby is doing now, but she says each time lessen the time you nurse or rock baby until finally she doesn't need it anymore to go to sleep. this has helped me tremendously because most days i find myself not nursing at all, and just rocking for a few minutes and then putting baby C down in her crib. of course, not every day is perfect. we still have some days where she will cry and not want to be put in her crib, but it only lasts a few minutes and then baby c usually goes to sleep. and her naps are usually an hour to an hour and a half, which is perfect for us for now. i literally cannot thank Lauren enough for the help and guidance she has provided.

sleep makes me and my baby sooooo HAPPY! 

if you are a mama and need some help with baby sleep, definitely check out SLEEP AND THE CITY! 

things to remember:

*consistency is KEY

*practice makes perfect, but even then nothing is ever perfect

*have realistic expectations

*at the end of the day, these are suggestions take them, use them,

but also find what works best for you and your family

{ things we love }

these are the item we used or are currently using as part of our sleep routine. and we swear by all of these!


any mamas going through sleep regressions? how are you dealing with it? would love to your experience, what worked for you, what didn't, did you use a sleep coach???

have a fabulous FRIDAY!

xo, steph