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Aug 12, 2017

mom & baby update {7months}

OMG! it has been what? like three months or so since i've done a mommy post! i am so sorry i haven't been updating you on mom life and baby girl! buuuut if you follow me on instagram then you probably get a glimpse on how much baby C is growing! i really need time to slow down -- she is now 7 and half months! i know, crazy! i cannot believe how close we are to the BIG 1!!! and yes, my best friend and i are already planning her one year birthday bash! i won't reveal the theme just yet hehe! anyway, i am sitting in bed, enjoying my iced coffee, baby free at the moment so i though OMG i need to come on here and give an update on real life, mom life, baby life! gosh it is just so crazy how much babies learn and grow and change! baby C is defiitely not this little peanut that just lays around and sleeps all day haha! she enjoys sitting up and playing! she also really enjoys story time and her absolute favorite book is 'the pout pout fish'! we probably read this book at elast five times a day! baby C also looooves to grab everything and anything and put it into her mouth! she is finally eating real food -- well pureed food! her favorite right now are sweet potatoes! baby c also wants everything we eat! she finally has her two bottom teeth poking through and they are sharp ahah! she loves to bite on my fingers and she has bitten me a few times while breastfeeding -- NOT FUN! so painful haha.. i hope i can get her to stop doing that very soon! any tips on biting??? right now, she is definitely a mama's girl -- she started noticing when i leave the room and she DOES NOT like it! she sleeps about 12 hours all night so when i work i'm gone before she's awake so she doesn't know i've left her because she just doesn't see me until i get home.. but if i've been around and some one else tries to hold her or i leave she gets upset. sooooo i'm thinking there's a little bit of separation anxiety. i heard this is super common when babies are exclusively breastfed and are taken care of by the same person most of the time -- which is our case. i'm going to need to work on her being ok with other people.. i will also take any advice on that as well! overall it has been great -- still super exhausting at times and frustrating but for the most part i am still enjoying being her mama! its so fun watching her grow and seeing her little personality come out. she really is such a sweet and happy baby girl! 

i also want to share some of the baby products we use pretty much every day and i guess i can say we can't live without them! so if you're a mama or know a new mama, mama-to-be these would be great gifts! and if there are some baby items you think we would love or you love please let me know! 

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have an amazing day!

xo, steph