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Mar 31, 2017

staying organized with ToteSavvy

happy friday babes!! Wow this seemed like a crazy long week.. baby C and I had a busy week with two trips away from san diego -- one to LA and one to orange county -- makes for a very tiring week! So i'm definitely glad its friday and that today we're just hanging out and relaxing! 

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top | jeans | wedges | sunnies | tote | tote organizer

anywho today i'm sharing one of my mom goals -- staying organized while still being stylish with ToteSavvy! One thing i've learned thus far being a new mom you have a lot of stuff and need a lot of stuff and that's why the diaper bag is super convenient and so functional. And while i love my diaper backpack, i started ONLY carrying the diaper bag -- which isn't too bad but i always kinda felt like this isn't that stylish or it kinda makes my outfit look weird lol. I kept wanting to use my LV never full tote because it's a classic and it goes with everything and fits a lot of stuff. I tried using it and it was just a mess. i mean you know what I'm talking about if you have this bag or any other kind of large tote with no inside pockets -- stuff is EVERYWHERE and you can never seem to find exactly what you're looking for, so you're that mom on the sidewalk with baby in tow digging through your purse -- insert eye roll emoji haha! Wellllll imagine my excitement when ToteSavvy sent me the PERFECT tote organizer that fits perfectly into my LV Neverfull tote and in the same color as the interior of my bag! This organizer is a GAME CHANGER! It has so many pockets, including an insulated pocket for baby bottles or your water bottle! This organizer literally fits everything i need for a full day out with baby C. You can literally make ANY bag a DIAPER bag!!! Say whattttt?! Ahhhhmazing, i know! It makes life so much easier and i feel really good when i all have to bring is my purse -- the organizer keeps everything together and with all the pockets it makes it super easy to find what i need right away -- no digging around! Being a mom can be so hectic and crazy -- schedules change all the time, I find that i am rarely ever on time to anything these days (again insert eyeroll emoji), which by the way, is a huge pet peeve of mine, but with a baby things change so quickly you just gotta learn to adapt. It is so nice to feel like something in my life is organized -- i mean, even if its just something as simple as my "diaper" bag/purse, i feel super accomplished and ready annnnd when i get to use my purse i feel like i look good too, no bulky diaper backpack! I am seriously OBSESSED with this organizer and even if you don't have a baby or kids, this would be perfect for any bag!

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hope everyone has a lovely friday and beautiful weekend! baby c and i have a couple events this weekend but as always we will try and just relax! what do you have planned this weekend? 

Xo, Steph 

thank you to ToteSavvy for sponsoring this post.