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Mar 22, 2017

three month update on mommy & baby

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hellooooo and happy hump day! i know its been awhile since i've put up a post but omg having a new baby at home makes blogging kind of challenging... seriously i am sometimes in awe at how others do it all!! i have such a hard time some days even getting out of the house to run a quick errand, much less getting out to take blog photos! whoa.. lol i mean i know its my first baby and i'm still learning and figuring her out -- i thought i got her schedule down and knew all of her cues but what i've come to find out is that every week she changes and i'm learning to accept that i can't have everthing under control in just three months... unless any of you out there have secrets i don't know about please feel free to share! haha more on baby c update below.. but first, a little update on me and my post-baby bod issues..

the main reason i'm writing this post is because i am trying to embrace and learn to accept that after a baby your body changes! it just does.. no matter what in some way your body is just different! so after having baby c i was so excited to get back into my normal clothes and wear pieces that i could never pull off pregnant. wow i was kinda wrong -- yes, i am able to get back into a few of my pre-pregnancy jeans and dresses and what not, but i am still not back to my pre-pregnancy body. (i know, maybe i sound vain but i can't help it) after i had baby c i actually lost a good amount of the baby weight, but a few weeks ago i've gained pretty much most of the weight back (mostly my fault because i've been eating everything and anything..yikes!!).. i definitely still have a little belly and my hips are so much wider and my thighs -- whoa. (sorry major body shaming -- i need to stop that) i know maybe this sounds really bad and that this isn't so important but it does bother me. so i finally decided that

1. i'm embracing my new body

2. i am still going to work on getting back to my pre-pregnancy body (i've started doing at-home workouts and will hopefully be getting back into pilates and barre classes)

3. i am accepting that maybe i will never get back my previous pre-baby bod but i can definitely get back to feeling good about my bod.

so in these photos i'm totally showing off my curves -- i loooove these jeans -- they're super trendy right now and i just love distressed denim in general so i had to have them. after we took these photos and i took a look at them, i almost threw this outfit post away. i was super bummed because i love this outfit -- i mean, hello! blush pink bell sleeves and busted knee high-waisted jeans! so cute.. so after a few minutes i decided that i should show this look off because as a new mother i look damn good! and yes i am not perfect -- i have wider hips & thicker thighs -- but you know what, i just had a baby and i look beautiful!! i usually try to wear pieces that i hide my new bod, but why am i doing that? i honestly feel stupid for doing that -- so here it is! after looking at these photos again i feel proud and happy! oh and these marc fisher wedges ((that are pretty similar to these wedges everyone has, i have them too *eyeroll)) are under $50!!! so cute, comfy and perfect for spring and summer!  

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alrighty babes, the best part of the post -- update on baby c -- baby c is such a snuggle bug and for the most part super sweet and cute! she now has what they call a "witching hour" or at least thats what i think it is because i can't figure out what else it could be -- but she is basically really fussy during the same time every day for the last few days, usually around 5:30pm which is bad because it's so close to her 7pm bedtime it makes it hard to put her down to sleep. she is also having a hard time going to sleep at night, which used to never be a problem... and she is back to waking up about every three hours in the middle of the night, when before she would sleep 5-6 hours through the night. i'm learning that with a new baby things change all the time, they change every week and i can't expect too much too soon. i'm having a really hard time not being able to control every situtation.. #momlife! anywho, she smiles soooo much more now its so fun. she loves being on the changing table and she's coo-ing so much more now. she still loooooves her wubbanubs and binkies. she is my sweet little baby and i never want her to grow haha. it seriosuly goes by so quickly. my hubby and i were looking at some of her photos from when she was born and when we brought her home from the hospital and i could not help but get teary-eyed thinking OMG all those times are gone now, she will never be that little.. but i have to remember there are still more fun memories to be made so its ok.. right?! baby c also has been getting out a lot lately with just mommy -- she took her first hour-long car ride with just mommy and she slept the whole way both ways! (i was super anxious) she's growing -- she's about eleven pounds now and 23.5 inches long! we love her sooo much! until next month...

have a beautiful hump day! wow, i cannot believe we're already half-way through another week! 

xo, steph