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Feb 10, 2017

newborn photo shoot reveal

happy friday night babes! i'm going to keep this pretty short and sweet --  i know its been my trend lately -- but i have like ten minutes before my in-laws come over and the baby wakes up hehe! i just want to share my favorite photos from our newborn photo shoot! i love all of these -- just so sweet and i know i'll look back at these and just be so happy i did them. in case you're new to my blog, my baby girl came six weeks early so she stayed in the NICU for three weeks after i delivered so we didn't get to take our newborn photos within the first seven to ten days when the babies are really sleepy and a little easier to work with, but since she was a preemie it wasn't so bad when we took these photos. the only issues were she didn't like to be swaddled up to tightly, you know like they do for these photos -- bodies all swaddled into a little ball with just a foot hanging out or something.. she likes to be stretched out haha. she also has gas and acid reflux issues -- my poor baby -- so we had to get the photos quick before she started doing her weird grunting and fidgeting. baby girl is seven weeks old as of yesterday and we are still dealing with acid reflux, so she is taking baby zantac for that, crazy i know! and we also think she may have some constipation now. she never had an issue she pooped a lot, almost after every feeding, but now she seems to have some issues. other than that everything else seems to be going well -- she's gaining weight and is now a little bit over eight pounds. baby girl wakes up about every three hours to eat, which isn't bad at all. i am of course super exhausted but its so worth it! also, whoa they tell you it takes a lot just to get outta the house, and it sure does! i always think i'll be ready to go in like thirty minutes and it takes us an hour sometimes more. she'll poop as i'm putting her into the carseat, or she'll spit up all over her clothes. then i have to make sure the diaper bag is packed..then i have a bunch of otehr stuff on my mind and i get distracted.. anyway you get it... it takes ALOT! i'm sure i'll get better at it with time and experience. ohhhh and i still haven't been out of the house by myself, just me and her. i'm nervous to not be sitting in the back seat with her. we did put up a mirror so we can see her in the front, but still i have a little anxiety about it, and i;m so lucky my hubby is around most of the time to take us out. hopefully next we will go on an 'girls only' adventure to the mall or seomthins haha! that's my little update so far! i know, ooops wasn't so short and sweet like i thought -- i'm probably rambling anyway ENJOY these pics!

ps. any mamas out there with any advice on how to deal with acid reflux and constipation, leave them below please!! also, for when the time comes, any advice on how to get baby sleeping through the night -- or at least 5-6 hours in the middle of the night? and when can i realistically expect that?? thanks friends!

have a happy weekend!

xo, steph

photography :: sonia hebert photpgraphy