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Jan 24, 2017

freshly picked -- the first pair + GIVEAWAY!

happy TUESDAY SHOESDAY !!! and say hello to my new blog section -- 'mommy moments' ! here i will be sharing how #momlife is going, any funny and interesting things that goes on on our mommy + baby days and whatever other mommy moments i come up with. for my first post i am sharing baby charlotte's first pair of FRESHLY PICKED moccasins! from the first moment i saw freshly picked moccasins at nordstom years before i knew i was going to have a baby i was already so obsessed because they are just so cute, super soft and they come in so many adorable colors and patterns! so when FRESHLY PICKED approached me to try out their new line of crib-size moccasins, i was so excited! i mean my hubby and i used a neutral color of freshly picked moccasins for our pregnancy announcement (see photos below) but unfortunately these moccasins are way too big for out little baby girl. but i am so happy i was able to get three beautiful pairs of newborn freshly picked moccasins -- still a little big for my baby since she was born six weeks early but were still able to put them on her! we are so excited for her to have these moccasins! what's so great about these moccasins are they have really soft soles, which means they are roomier allowing her feet to grow unrestricted, and when she starts to stand and take her first steps, the soft soles of the moccasins will make is easier by allowing her to extend her toes and grip the floor like she's barefoot -- which is actually better for her to learn to walk -- more comfortable than hard-soled shoes while still offering her little toes protection. as they grow, soft-sole shoes can also help with balance and coordination. this is why we choose freshly picked moccasins for our baby girl -- she will definitely be growing up in freshly picked moccasins

my hubby and i thought these moccasins are perfect and we decided we would take our sweet baby girl home in the baby pink freshly picked moccasins -- these are her first pair of shoes ever! we decided to choose these moccasins for her first pair of shoes because we know that these moccasins will create a keepsake for us that we can pass down to her when she has children of her own. what's so amazing about leather is that the characteristic of leather is it is unique to the person wearing it. the more you wear something made from leather, the more it molds to your body and with leather shoes, over time you will see a foot imprint -- creating a beautiful keepsake that will last forever. when our baby girl grows up we will always have her first pair of moccasins to look at and reminisce on her early baby years and lookback at how little she was! it will be so great! 

these moccasins are the perfect combination of functionality, style, quality and keepsake -- making them an essential for every baby! 

G I V E A W A Y !!

alrightyyyy i have teamed up with freshly picked and we are giving away one pair of frehsly picked moccasins of your choice! the rules are simple ::

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wishing everyone a happy tuesday! 

xo, steph

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