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Jan 5, 2018

2018 G O A L S


it has been a little while since i've had an actual blog post up because i've been super busy and its been really challenging the last few weeks getting anything done with birthdays, the holidays and mom life hehe! but i wanted to put together and share all of my goals for this new year! if you follow me on instgram, then you might've already seen my goals listed but i thought i'd go a little more in depth here! i seriously cannot believe we almost through the first week of 2018! 

the reason i decided to do goals instead of resolutions mainly is because i think goals give off a more positive vibe and just makes me feel like i am trying to better myself in a positive way, where as for me resolutions seem to give off the vibe of 'i made a bunch of mistakes last year so let me fix them' do you kinda get what i'm saying? sorta? lol anywho some of my goals that are smaller kinda sound like resolutions (you'll see) but i'm still going with GOALS! ha

anyway lets just go ahead and jump right into my goals for the new year -- i'll start with the ones i consider smaller, and somewhat easier to accomplish then make my way to ones that take more effort, more thought and i'll also share some of my favorite photos from 2017...


* drink more water / elminate soda -- so i always usually have this on my list because i'll give up soda for awhile and then some where in the year, a coke or diet coke just calls my name and i get totally addicted! sometimes water just won't do it with a slice of pizza or a mexican street taco, ya feel me? haha but it is a very high priority of mine this year to really get back on track and take control of my health! i think finding ways to curb my soda cravings will really help -- i do love sparkling water made with real fruit by spindrift -- and my goal is to just be happy with water. i do love water but with how busy life gets i do find myself forgetting to drink as much as i should. gimme all the water! haha i have a ton of different tumblers and water bottles, but i think i prefer one with some sort of straw, so while i love using Swell bottles, which is what i've been using, i find myself not drinking as much from that kind of bottle, so i think a great way to reach my goal is to invest in another really nice water bottle that i can take everywhere and that holds a good amount of water before a refill is needed. i decided to get a HYDROFLASK! and i am so excited about it! get excited about seeing it in my posts on instgram haha.. 


break a sweat AT LEAST twenty minutes a day! so before i had charlotte i was pretty active and pretty fit, i did barre and pilates at least 3-4x a week and i also did HIIT workout videos and sometimes some hot yoga. i love working out and i loved being fit and active. when i got pregnant i had some really minor issues so i got nervous to work out so vigorously and my doctor said it was best i take it easy and do less strenuous activity like walking or swimming. so i pretty much gave up all those workouts for most of my pregnancy and as i got further along in the pregnancy i also became very uncomfortable because she sat so low in my pelvis, standing at work was so exhausting. buuuut also during my pregnancy i had gestational diabetes, so i had to have a pretty strict diet and had to at least walk after meals to make sure my blood sugars remained within the normal range, but i was no way near how fit and active i was before becoming pregnant. so anyway, for the last six months i have been telling myself i am going to get back to where i was but if you're a mama to a little or a new mama, you know its easier said than done. sleepless nights, no naps and just being a mom is exhausting, i seriously don't know how some mamas fit it all in. i know i have to get in a better routine and be a little more strict with my schedule and stop making excuses so this time i am going to stick to it! again, if you follow me on instagram and watch my instastories, you may have seen that myself and one of my blogger friends started a little BBG girls group -- we are doing kayla itsines BBG workout and were going to keep each other motivated and its nice to have a group for accountability! i'll keep you posted on how it goes!


* write one blog post every week -- ok, so also before having a baby and when i fianlly got this blogging thing down last year, i had a schedule and every post planned. i used to have a blog post every week on mondays, wednesdays and fridays, and during the holidays i had some weeks where i had a post monday through friday. it was a lot of work and a lot of planning ahead but i had the time and patience to do it all. now that i have different priorities, it is a lot harder to sit down once or twice a week and write a blog post, not only that but plan out content before hand so i have a post to share. blogging is a full time job and it does require a lot of hard work, but i also have a day job and of course i am a mama and a wife so balancing it all can be really challenging. there have been many days where i think to myself 'i should just stop' but i always get really sad when i think that way and i love doing this. its my own thing and i really don't want to have to give it up. so i thought for the new year, i am going to start small, do something manageable and do ONE blog post per week. still deciding what day works best, but i made it this week! THIS IS MY FIRST BLOG POST OF 2018 right before the week ends!!! yesssss!!!


* turn off my cell phone for at least one hour per day -- whoa!!! this one is harder than you think especially when you do a lot of work on your phone. with blogging you're constantly on your phone planning posts, writing down ideas, responding to DMs and emails.. its A LOT !! so there are days when i feel like and my husband feels like i am on my phone ALL. DAY. LONG! which is not good. i have to make sure i take a break, focus on my family and really enjoy being present. and i must say so far so good! on the first day of the year i didn't have my phone for 3.5 hours and since then i've left my phone for an hour or more while spending time with my family. it is so nice. i definitely want this to become a habit i never lose!


* start each day with something i am grateful for or a positive affirmation -- i find myself worrying a lot during the day or i just wake up and think of all the things i have to do and all the things i didn't get done the day before and i just start getting anxious and worrying about everything and it can be so exhausting and really put a damper on the beginning of my day. so i thought it would be a great idea to wake up and start off by thinking or writing down something i am grateful for or looking for a positive affirmation to carry with me all day. so far it has been helping me stay positive and be happier throughout the day! would love to hear some of your favorite affirmations!!


say something loving or positive every day / before saying something negative, take a deep breath and try to find teh silver lining -- whether to my husband, my baby, my family or friends saying something positive or loving out loud to someone allows me to really think about something happy and to get myself in a good mood while also bringing a smile to someone else. also i can be a little hard on myself and on others and even though i may not say something harshly, i may say something negative that does not help any situation, so i am trying to be careful as to what i say, really think about it and if i am thinking of something negative i want to say, i should take a deep breath, close my eyes and find something postive or some way to help instad of pointing out something i don't like.. this goal definitely goes well with my last goal and so far i and my hubby have been loving this one. hehe


* stop feeling guilty for not having everything perfect / stop feeling the need to control everything -- part of my weakness, i am a perfectionist and a control freak. i want everything to fall into place at the right time in the right place all the time. i want everything literally everything PERFECT. and while i want everything to be perfect i just can't do it all. i am tired. and sometimes i just don't want to and i have learned that that's ok. i don't have to do everything and i definitely cannot do every single thing perfectly. as a mom, i've realized that things change all the time and its out of your control. i get myself wound up thinking about how i could've done something better or why didn't i do that better, just makes me more anxious and more unhappy. when i'm unhappy i am also less motivated. not good. so i am trying to focus more on the good, do what i can, and tell myself it is OK if i can't do it all. 


* date my husband / date day or date night at least three times a month -- this goal is a hard one haha. again with a baby dates with my hubby have been very few and far between because we are the only people that really take care of her and lets just say she has preferences. and some major separation anxiety so we defnitely don't feel comfortable leaving her with someone else. my hubby isn't as bad at it than i am so i defnitely need to work on this and remember that she will get over it, it won't hurt her to be in the care of someone else we trust for a couple hours once in a while. the only times we've been out alone, i've put her to bed first and my best friend just came over and sat here while charlotte slept. i need to do more of that until we get more comfortable. one good thing is charlotte is usually in bed and asleep by 7pm so we could always do date nights for a couple hours. we just need to make the time and do it. looking forward to more one on one time with my husband. 

whoaaaaaa ok i know that was a really long post and i may have been rambling. i actually have a few more goals, but these are my main goals i really want to focus on this year. i am really looking forward to an amazing year. i am looking forward to learning and growing as a person, a mom, a wife, a friend, a blogger and everything in between. becoming a mom and turning 30 last year really opened up my eyes to what's important in life and i want to make sure i am doing my best to live the best life i can. thank you to all of you for follwoing along and being a part of my journey! hope you enjoy a little walk down memory lane with me! it was so hard not putting every single picture from last year especailly the ones of baby c! anywho, CHEERS TO A GREAT YEAR !!!

would also LOVE to hear some of your goals for 2018! leave them in the comments!!!

happy friday!

xo, steph

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