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Feb 19, 2018

workout update


happy presidents' day! i bet a lot of you are still off of work so YAY for an extra weekend day! just want to share a quick update on how my workouts have been going since it's been a little while since i've posted anything about it to my blog! if you haven't seen on my instagram or read any of my other posts, i am currently doing BBG. i am starting WEEK SEVEN today!!! i cannot believe that i am already half way through the program! even thouth i am totally scared for today's workout i am super excited to get it done because let's just say i indulged a little too much over the weekend.. oops.. anywho..

YES! i am feeling S T R O N G E R !!

{ what i'm wearing }

jacket || leggings, other amazing options here, here and here || sneakers (old version), new ones here and here

but i must say, these workouts are insane! they are good and super challenging and i am always dripping in sweat after. some days i really try to talk myself out of doing it because i know how good its going to H U R T !!! but i also remember that i have to push through and just GET IT DONE !! one of my goals this year is to sweat at least twenty minutes a day and this is the one goal i have been sticking to since the beginning of the year... yes i may have slipped on a few my other goals but this one is at the top of my list. i want to get back to healthy fit shape and active lifestyle i had before having my baby! i have to say that i am so very PROUD of myself for getting this far with this program! its tough.. life happens! sometimes its super hard to figure out when to work out.. but i feel like where there is a will there is a way and sometimes you just have to work ten times harder just to get a twenty minute workout in. ya feel me?  anywho, the workouts are definitely getting more complex and way more challenging.. i once thought i hated burpees and pushups... well with some of these other moves, i am starting to actually look forward to a normal burpee and a normal pushup! i am totally looking forward to completing the program in six short weeks and just appreciating how much my body and mind have changed since i started. i am starting to feel a little like my old self, pre-baby and just starting to feel good about myself again. and i don't know about you but this is a great feeling to have! 

i thought that i would share some quick tips to stay motivated as well as tips to make sure you're getting the most of your workout. i will also say i am no fitness expert or athlete. these are just some things that have been helping me along my journey and hopefully it can help you too! i may have shared a few of these before in my last workout update but they work so i thought i'd share them again!

workout with a friend -- i know with work, mommying, being a wife, schedules and just life in general working out with a friend can be near to impossible. but it totally helps make working out easier. i don't workout with a friend but i created a DM group on instagram with about eight other girls and we check in almost every day so that totally keeps me accountable. 

stop saying, "I can't!" and start saying, "I CAN!" -- i am so guilty of this. sometimes in the middle of the workout i'll think to myself or even say out loud, "OMG I cannot do this" "this is so hard" and finally one day, i just had to keep telling myself, "i am getting stronger and I CAN do this" so everyday before, in the middle and at the end of my workout, i tell myself that i can do this. sometimes in the middle of my workout, i'll tell myself over and over, i can do anything for a minute more or it's just another five minutes, push through" so try changing what you think to yourself or say to yourself and make sure you say something positive to get you going! 

don't look at the time -- so this is something i have been doing for forever, pretty much since i started working out years ago. when i used to get on the elliptical at the gym, i would cover the time and my stats with a towel. i feel like when you look at how much time you have left, you start obsessing and thinking like omg i still have to do this for another fifteen minutes, i don't want to. at least i know i can be like that. so i may glance at the clock once in a while, but i try to focus on the move i am doing and not pay attention on how much time i have left and after i always feel like whoa i did it and i didnt even realize i was so close to completing the workout. kinda makes it feel like it flew by, ya know?

be consistent & schedule workouts -- i mean, do i really need to explain this one? i talked about scheduling workouts in a post before and i think it totally helps keep you on track. i know that when i see soemthing in my calendar its happeing unless something happens with the baby or i'm sick, so if i write it in the calendar its happening. also be consistent. try to work out at the same time every day or whatever your schedule is, MWF or T/TH whatever it is just try to be consistent, don't skip days! get it done! 

ok, here are a couple tips to make sure you're getting the most of workouts:

STAY HYDRATED.. with lots of water! i need a straw and a nice bottle to keep me motivated to drinks lots of water! haha do what you gotta do, so i invested in a 40oz HYDROFLASK and i drink 2 to 3 of these a day thats 80mls to 120mls of water a day... close to a gallon and its a GAME CHANGER. good for your body and your skin so just do it! 

QUALITY OVER QUANTITY.. this one is super important. for me i always want to make sure i am doing the workout moves properly. one, i don't want to injure myself and two, the workout will actually be effective. i mean if you're doing the move wrong its probably, most likely not going to do anything for you and you're wasting energy. i always make sure before i start working out that i understand the move that i'm doing and if i can look in the mirror and make sure it looks correct. if it takes me time to get through the move and that means i only do ten pushups, for example, then i am ok with doing ten pushups and not twenty. ya feel me??

STRETCH.. help your body, your msucles recover and feel better after an intense workout by stretching.. even if its just for a few minutes! 

REST & RECOVER.. don't forget your body, your muscles also need rest. especailly if you're doing intense workouts, give yourself 1-2 days per week of rest. if you overwork your body, i feel like maybe workouts are also not as effective because your body hurts, ya know? so don't feel bad if you have to take a day and just relax. enjoy the day of deserve it! :)

so these might sound like common sense to you, but i know every once in a while we need little reminders and workds of encouragement and motivation so i thought this would be super helpful with staying on top of your health goals. one thing i have also been doing is spending more time cooking at home and making better, healthier food choices. let me know if you'd like to see a post on that! would love to share with you guys!! 



okie dokie have a beautiful monday!!! hope you're relaxing today!! 

xo, steph

oh, and PS i am no fitness or health expert..just really passionate about my health and fitness and staying on track, and just hoping to help us all stay motivated!

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