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Jan 19, 2018

first instagram roundup + life update



i know you are all super happy its friday and we can see the weekend just around the corner! well for me, even though i have been off all week (in case you missed it, i am a registered nurse so i only work 2-3 12hours shifts per week), i am also looking forward to the weekend and i am so glad it is friday! it literally felt like the longest week everrrrr! i think because my whole family is sick with a cold, and its bad enough my hubby and i being sick, but a sweet little baby being sick is the worst! hearing my baby c cough or have a hard time breathing when breastfeeding is no fun at all, like it really sucks! buuut despite baby c having her first real cold ever, yes, she is almost thirteen months and she has never had a true sickness, but despite all of that she is still crawling all over the place and laughing and smiling. she is just so sweet! 

anywho this is my first roundup blog post. i have never done one of these and i know a lot of bloggers like doing this and to be honest, i realized oh crap it's friday and i don't have any posts planned.. EEEK! just a little reminder, one of my goals for 2018 is to write and publish one blog post per week. i thought that is totally doable and most of the time it is but this week has been a struggle to say the least so sorry i didn't have something totally planned. in my mind it works out because i love roundups and just chatting about how life is going lately.. so here it is! i hope you like these kind of posts because i hope to incorporate them more from now on. plus i think it's nice to kind of see like a recap of the week in one place, ya know? 

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lets start off with what i've been doing for workouts lately? if you missed it, i am currently doing BBG beginner pretty much like everyone else right now! haha. i feel like almost everyone i talk to, they're also doing BBG! its such a huge community. i started a little DM group with my girl @colormesassy and some other girls who are also doing the workouts. we keep each accountable and motivated. i feel that in order to be successful with working out and staying healthy is to talk to and hang out with like-minded people. so it's great to work out with friends or to make sure you have a network of people you can lean on and look to when you don't feel like working out. 

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ok, so i don't know about you, but i am OBSESSED with joggers! i mean they are a mom's dream -- kinda like an acceptable way to wear pajamas out of the house. ok i'm kinda half kidding because i think joggers are super cool and if styled right can also look really chic and stylish but comfy and effortless. since having my baby i have been living in joggers any chance i get. they are perfect for lounging around the house in and you could  just add a cool pair of sneakers or mules and a leather jacket or cute pullover and you have the perfect everyday outfit for running around town or meeting a friend for coffee! also i am in love with henleys! i always loved them but for some reason i stopped wearing them as much then i got the one i'm wearing in this pic. i love them! they're super cute, super soft and super comfortable. they are more form fitting but i really love them and they look great with joggers or a pair of jeans! kinda a nice small change from a basic tee, ya feel me? 

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a little sad part of our week is that we all got sick with a cold -- first my hubby, then me and shortly after poor baby c. it is her first real cold ever.. and it sucks but i am happy i was able to keep her from getting sick when she was littler and younger. she's almost thirteen months and i think that's pretty impressive to say this is her first cold. hopefully it will help build up her immune system. she is doing much better just a runny nose and little bit of a cough. i did reach out on instagram for some cold remedies for babies -- a lot of you reccomended ZARBEE'S natural cough medicine. i also got a lot of reccomendations for using essential oils like franckinsense and theives mixed with coconut oil. i appreciated all the recs and definitely used a lot of them! anyway we are all doing much better and like i said above seeing your baby sick is  no fun! so glad we are moving past it and that it didn't get bad! 

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ok, if you didn't know pregnancy and having a baby totally messes up your hormones and one of the adverse affects of all these hormonal changes is, it totally can mess up your skin. just a little background. i had acne late in middle school and the first two years of high school. then it all cleared up and i never had any real issues with my skin. i'm gonna be honest. my skin was flawless. it was perfect. and i don't mean to brag but when i went up to the makeup counters the artists would ask what i did with my skin because it was so pretty. i was really proud that i had good skin. i did take care of my skin, i rarely wear makeup and never felt like i had to wear makeup. well when i was pregnant, my skin wasn't bad. i would get a zit here and there but it would go away and it was fine. well recently, probably the last month i've been getting so mcuh texture on the sides of my face and i would get zits pretty much right before my period. sooo anyway ( i know this is getting long), a friend told me i should try coconut oil on my face to help with the bumps and texture, so i've been using these products every day for the last week and i have already noticed a difference. i have heard so many amazing things about Kopari Beauty but never tried it until now and i am hooked! i cannot wait to try more of their products. and they are all made with great ingredients and no toxins! have you tried Kopari? what are your faves??

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i am OBSESSED with platform sneakers! i love them! it just literally makes me feel even better when i am wearing sneakers, not that i have a problem with wearing sneakers but something about the platform makes me feel cooler, chicer! haha. and these ones are so good. i mean how could you say no to metallic platform sneakers. i could wear them with anything -- a dress, shorts, a skirt, jeans! they're too good!!! another obsession of mine lately are pearls! i have been loving the pearl embellishment trend but never got anything with pearls until i saw this cute, oversized pearl embellished hoodie. i love it. and like the platform sneakers i feel like i could wear it with anything and i could wear it everyday. super comfy and cute! 

okie dokie friends! hope you enjoyed this roundup of my week and my faves from instagram this past week. if you don't already head over to my instagram page, @sassandsun and show some love or follow me along! also if you use to shop my posts or any other influencers' looks make sure to follow along in the app! you can find me HERE !! i know it's kind of long. i obviously love to ramble on and on. i'll get better at that. haha! so if you've read through this. you're the best!! 

have a very happy friday and an amazing weekend!!

xo, steph