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Jan 12, 2018

work it out

H A P P Y  F R I D A Y !!!

woohoo! we made it through yet another week! and as always i'm feeling like the weeks are just flying by! 


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today, i just want to share my workout plan for now in keeping up with one of my new year goals -- sweating at least twenty minutes per day -- and a cute workout look too! so if you follow me on instagram, you might have seen that i started BBG (bikini body guide)! it's a hardcore amazing high intensity workout that only take 28 minutes and you can do them at home. this is why this workout program first appealed to me, plus people i've seen doing the BBG program or completed the first twelve weeks have amazing transformation. i have actually done BBG in the past before and tried starting it up again a few months ago, but kinda gave up. so anywho, when january rolled around, i knew i had sweating every day as a goal and my plan was to look up some quick twenty minute workouts on youtube and switch it up every day. buuuuuuut a blogger friend of mine, Gabrielle, from color me sassy, asked if i was planning on starting BBG up again and if so we should get a group together. i thought yesssss! i'll have a few girls in a group online, we can chat and keep each other motivated and accountable. perfect! sometimes when workouts are too challenging and i have no one to talk about them with, i sometimes give up. and it is definitely easier to give up on a workout when you're doing them by yourself at home. so i was really pumped about getting this group together. 

well, we're almost through week one of BBG and OMG its soooooo painful, but a good painful, ya know what i mean?! my legs hurt every day, like sitting to go to the bathroom literally makes me wanna cry every time... and OMG picking up my baby or sitting with her in her play area...OUCH! but then i'm reminded how hard i am working to reach my goal! i'm not really focusing on any numbers, like, i'm not so focused on losing ten pounds or whatever, i just want to be healthy and fit and active again. before i had my baby c, i worked out almost every day and i felt really good about my body. i did have phases where i kinda let myself go a little bit, but not being a mom, it was way easier to get back on track. having a baby does make it challening because we don't have any extra help, no nannies or day care and i work so making my workout schedules and everything else i have to do around baby's schedule can be so hard and frustrating somtimes. after this week i think i've gotten it down haha. maybe. i end up working out at night once baby c has gone to bed because it's just easier. i don't know about you but i just cannot get up before her.. like 5am?! NO THANKS! and then i hate getting ready in the morning, then if i try working out in the afternoon while she naps, i get all sweaty and have to get ready all over again.. doesn't really work for me, ya feel me?! 

BBG is definitely very challening for me especially because i haven't done a lot of high intensity work outs in monthsssss! i did stroller strides for a few months and that was pretty good and intense then schedules changed and it didn't work out soooo i took a looooong workout break. yesterday when i was doing BBG day 3 -- arms and abs -- i kinda wanted to cry because my arms are so weak and i was struuuuuggling! like bad! and i literally just wanted to give up and walk away.. but i pushed myself to finish the workout.. i had to go at a slow pace and do what i could. after i was finished i gave myself a hard time. i kept thinking to myself -- why can't i do better? why was that so hard for me? i'll never be able to do these workouts. i am so weak this sucks. i was really beating myself up and feeling really down, started comparing myself to others. then i had to shake it off, shower and just remind myself that hey, i'm here. i'm doing it and it is going to take more than a few days to get to where i was pre-baby. i have to remind myself that i have to stay strong and that i can do this. I CAN and I WILL! 

i don't know if any of you have ever felt this way.. or feel this way now at times but i just want to say we really can do whatever it is we want and succeed! we just have to work at it and NEVER GIVE UP! that's my little motivation for ya! hehe! 

ok lastly, i would like to share just a some tips on how to stay on track with working out and eating healthy:

1. just start. just do it. stop making excuses as to why you can't. say you can and just start. 

2. make a plan and schedule it in your calendar. {i forgot from which blogger i recently heard this from} but it is so helpful. i love putting things in my calendar and marking it off after i've done it. i live for getting tasks done. its weird but i love it. and i used to do this all the time when i did pilates, barre and stroller strides. i would plan the dates and times for the classes for at least two weeks. i felt that once its in my calendar its like work you can't just not show up. so i've been doing the same for BBG. putting every workout in my calendar and makring it off once i've finsihed. SO PUT IT IN YOUR CALENDAR! and don't be a flake haha

3. find a friend or two to join you. or create an online group you can check in to every day for motivation, inspiration and accountability. it really helps not being alone! 

4. find workouts you actually enjoy doing and don't forget to change it up once in a while so you don't get bored or over it and give up completely. 

5. get some new workout clothes to help get you excited. this always works for me. even if it's just a new pair of leggings and a top or new sneakers or a new water bottle (which is what i got), it'll definitely get you started! 



yay! that was a long one and a lot of rambling but i'm feeling really passionate about sticking to my health and fitness goals this year! whoa! 

did you make any fitness goals for the new year? would love to hear them! also would love to hear if you've done BBG or are currently doing BBG?? 

have an awesome FRIYAY and amazing weekend!!

xo, steph