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Feb 19, 2018

workout update


happy presidents' day! i bet a lot of you are still off of work so YAY for an extra weekend day! just want to share a quick update on how my workouts have been going since it's been a little while since i've posted anything about it to my blog! if you haven't seen on my instagram or read any of my other posts, i am currently doing BBG. i am starting WEEK SEVEN today!!! i cannot believe that i am already half way through the program! even thouth i am totally scared for today's workout i am super excited to get it done because let's just say i indulged a little too much over the weekend.. oops.. anywho..

YES! i am feeling S T R O N G E R !!

{ what i'm wearing }

jacket || leggings, other amazing options here, here and here || sneakers (old version), new ones here and here

but i must say, these workouts are insane! they are good and super challenging and i am always dripping in sweat after. some days i really try to talk myself out of doing it because i know how good its going to H U R T !!! but i also remember that i have to push through and just GET IT DONE !! one of my goals this year is to sweat at least twenty minutes a day and this is the one goal i have been sticking to since the beginning of the year... yes i may have slipped on a few my other goals but this one is at the top of my list. i want to get back to healthy fit shape and active lifestyle i had before having my baby! i have to say that i am so very PROUD of myself for getting this far with this program! its tough.. life happens! sometimes its super hard to figure out when to work out.. but i feel like where there is a will there is a way and sometimes you just have to work ten times harder just to get a twenty minute workout in. ya feel me?  anywho, the workouts are definitely getting more complex and way more challenging.. i once thought i hated burpees and pushups... well with some of these other moves, i am starting to actually look forward to a normal burpee and a normal pushup! i am totally looking forward to completing the program in six short weeks and just appreciating how much my body and mind have changed since i started. i am starting to feel a little like my old self, pre-baby and just starting to feel good about myself again. and i don't know about you but this is a great feeling to have! 

i thought that i would share some quick tips to stay motivated as well as tips to make sure you're getting the most of your workout. i will also say i am no fitness expert or athlete. these are just some things that have been helping me along my journey and hopefully it can help you too! i may have shared a few of these before in my last workout update but they work so i thought i'd share them again!

workout with a friend -- i know with work, mommying, being a wife, schedules and just life in general working out with a friend can be near to impossible. but it totally helps make working out easier. i don't workout with a friend but i created a DM group on instagram with about eight other girls and we check in almost every day so that totally keeps me accountable. 

stop saying, "I can't!" and start saying, "I CAN!" -- i am so guilty of this. sometimes in the middle of the workout i'll think to myself or even say out loud, "OMG I cannot do this" "this is so hard" and finally one day, i just had to keep telling myself, "i am getting stronger and I CAN do this" so everyday before, in the middle and at the end of my workout, i tell myself that i can do this. sometimes in the middle of my workout, i'll tell myself over and over, i can do anything for a minute more or it's just another five minutes, push through" so try changing what you think to yourself or say to yourself and make sure you say something positive to get you going! 

don't look at the time -- so this is something i have been doing for forever, pretty much since i started working out years ago. when i used to get on the elliptical at the gym, i would cover the time and my stats with a towel. i feel like when you look at how much time you have left, you start obsessing and thinking like omg i still have to do this for another fifteen minutes, i don't want to. at least i know i can be like that. so i may glance at the clock once in a while, but i try to focus on the move i am doing and not pay attention on how much time i have left and after i always feel like whoa i did it and i didnt even realize i was so close to completing the workout. kinda makes it feel like it flew by, ya know?

be consistent & schedule workouts -- i mean, do i really need to explain this one? i talked about scheduling workouts in a post before and i think it totally helps keep you on track. i know that when i see soemthing in my calendar its happeing unless something happens with the baby or i'm sick, so if i write it in the calendar its happening. also be consistent. try to work out at the same time every day or whatever your schedule is, MWF or T/TH whatever it is just try to be consistent, don't skip days! get it done! 

ok, here are a couple tips to make sure you're getting the most of workouts:

STAY HYDRATED.. with lots of water! i need a straw and a nice bottle to keep me motivated to drinks lots of water! haha do what you gotta do, so i invested in a 40oz HYDROFLASK and i drink 2 to 3 of these a day thats 80mls to 120mls of water a day... close to a gallon and its a GAME CHANGER. good for your body and your skin so just do it! 

QUALITY OVER QUANTITY.. this one is super important. for me i always want to make sure i am doing the workout moves properly. one, i don't want to injure myself and two, the workout will actually be effective. i mean if you're doing the move wrong its probably, most likely not going to do anything for you and you're wasting energy. i always make sure before i start working out that i understand the move that i'm doing and if i can look in the mirror and make sure it looks correct. if it takes me time to get through the move and that means i only do ten pushups, for example, then i am ok with doing ten pushups and not twenty. ya feel me??

STRETCH.. help your body, your msucles recover and feel better after an intense workout by stretching.. even if its just for a few minutes! 

REST & RECOVER.. don't forget your body, your muscles also need rest. especailly if you're doing intense workouts, give yourself 1-2 days per week of rest. if you overwork your body, i feel like maybe workouts are also not as effective because your body hurts, ya know? so don't feel bad if you have to take a day and just relax. enjoy the day of deserve it! :)

so these might sound like common sense to you, but i know every once in a while we need little reminders and workds of encouragement and motivation so i thought this would be super helpful with staying on top of your health goals. one thing i have also been doing is spending more time cooking at home and making better, healthier food choices. let me know if you'd like to see a post on that! would love to share with you guys!! 



okie dokie have a beautiful monday!!! hope you're relaxing today!! 

xo, steph

oh, and PS i am no fitness or health expert..just really passionate about my health and fitness and staying on track, and just hoping to help us all stay motivated!

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Jan 19, 2018

first instagram roundup + life update



i know you are all super happy its friday and we can see the weekend just around the corner! well for me, even though i have been off all week (in case you missed it, i am a registered nurse so i only work 2-3 12hours shifts per week), i am also looking forward to the weekend and i am so glad it is friday! it literally felt like the longest week everrrrr! i think because my whole family is sick with a cold, and its bad enough my hubby and i being sick, but a sweet little baby being sick is the worst! hearing my baby c cough or have a hard time breathing when breastfeeding is no fun at all, like it really sucks! buuut despite baby c having her first real cold ever, yes, she is almost thirteen months and she has never had a true sickness, but despite all of that she is still crawling all over the place and laughing and smiling. she is just so sweet! 

anywho this is my first roundup blog post. i have never done one of these and i know a lot of bloggers like doing this and to be honest, i realized oh crap it's friday and i don't have any posts planned.. EEEK! just a little reminder, one of my goals for 2018 is to write and publish one blog post per week. i thought that is totally doable and most of the time it is but this week has been a struggle to say the least so sorry i didn't have something totally planned. in my mind it works out because i love roundups and just chatting about how life is going lately.. so here it is! i hope you like these kind of posts because i hope to incorporate them more from now on. plus i think it's nice to kind of see like a recap of the week in one place, ya know? 

{ this post may contain affiliate and/or referral links. i may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase through a  link in this post. thank you so much for your support of Sass & Sun }

{ windbreaker jacket, no longer online, but similar here and here || workout leggings, similar here || running shoes, loving these and these }

lets start off with what i've been doing for workouts lately? if you missed it, i am currently doing BBG beginner pretty much like everyone else right now! haha. i feel like almost everyone i talk to, they're also doing BBG! its such a huge community. i started a little DM group with my girl @colormesassy and some other girls who are also doing the workouts. we keep each accountable and motivated. i feel that in order to be successful with working out and staying healthy is to talk to and hang out with like-minded people. so it's great to work out with friends or to make sure you have a network of people you can lean on and look to when you don't feel like working out. 

{ joggers, also love these, these, these and these || henley, amazing options here and here }

ok, so i don't know about you, but i am OBSESSED with joggers! i mean they are a mom's dream -- kinda like an acceptable way to wear pajamas out of the house. ok i'm kinda half kidding because i think joggers are super cool and if styled right can also look really chic and stylish but comfy and effortless. since having my baby i have been living in joggers any chance i get. they are perfect for lounging around the house in and you could  just add a cool pair of sneakers or mules and a leather jacket or cute pullover and you have the perfect everyday outfit for running around town or meeting a friend for coffee! also i am in love with henleys! i always loved them but for some reason i stopped wearing them as much then i got the one i'm wearing in this pic. i love them! they're super cute, super soft and super comfortable. they are more form fitting but i really love them and they look great with joggers or a pair of jeans! kinda a nice small change from a basic tee, ya feel me? 

{ baby bird tee || baby camo joggers || baby metallic vans || mama bird tee || camo leggings || metallic vans }

a little sad part of our week is that we all got sick with a cold -- first my hubby, then me and shortly after poor baby c. it is her first real cold ever.. and it sucks but i am happy i was able to keep her from getting sick when she was littler and younger. she's almost thirteen months and i think that's pretty impressive to say this is her first cold. hopefully it will help build up her immune system. she is doing much better just a runny nose and little bit of a cough. i did reach out on instagram for some cold remedies for babies -- a lot of you reccomended ZARBEE'S natural cough medicine. i also got a lot of reccomendations for using essential oils like franckinsense and theives mixed with coconut oil. i appreciated all the recs and definitely used a lot of them! anyway we are all doing much better and like i said above seeing your baby sick is  no fun! so glad we are moving past it and that it didn't get bad! 

{ kopari face set  }

ok, if you didn't know pregnancy and having a baby totally messes up your hormones and one of the adverse affects of all these hormonal changes is, it totally can mess up your skin. just a little background. i had acne late in middle school and the first two years of high school. then it all cleared up and i never had any real issues with my skin. i'm gonna be honest. my skin was flawless. it was perfect. and i don't mean to brag but when i went up to the makeup counters the artists would ask what i did with my skin because it was so pretty. i was really proud that i had good skin. i did take care of my skin, i rarely wear makeup and never felt like i had to wear makeup. well when i was pregnant, my skin wasn't bad. i would get a zit here and there but it would go away and it was fine. well recently, probably the last month i've been getting so mcuh texture on the sides of my face and i would get zits pretty much right before my period. sooo anyway ( i know this is getting long), a friend told me i should try coconut oil on my face to help with the bumps and texture, so i've been using these products every day for the last week and i have already noticed a difference. i have heard so many amazing things about Kopari Beauty but never tried it until now and i am hooked! i cannot wait to try more of their products. and they are all made with great ingredients and no toxins! have you tried Kopari? what are your faves??

platform sneakers || pearl embellished hoodie, others here and here || jeans, also here, and great option here || mules, also here }

i am OBSESSED with platform sneakers! i love them! it just literally makes me feel even better when i am wearing sneakers, not that i have a problem with wearing sneakers but something about the platform makes me feel cooler, chicer! haha. and these ones are so good. i mean how could you say no to metallic platform sneakers. i could wear them with anything -- a dress, shorts, a skirt, jeans! they're too good!!! another obsession of mine lately are pearls! i have been loving the pearl embellishment trend but never got anything with pearls until i saw this cute, oversized pearl embellished hoodie. i love it. and like the platform sneakers i feel like i could wear it with anything and i could wear it everyday. super comfy and cute! 

okie dokie friends! hope you enjoyed this roundup of my week and my faves from instagram this past week. if you don't already head over to my instagram page, @sassandsun and show some love or follow me along! also if you use to shop my posts or any other influencers' looks make sure to follow along in the app! you can find me HERE !! i know it's kind of long. i obviously love to ramble on and on. i'll get better at that. haha! so if you've read through this. you're the best!! 

have a very happy friday and an amazing weekend!!

xo, steph


Jan 12, 2018

work it out

H A P P Y  F R I D A Y !!!

woohoo! we made it through yet another week! and as always i'm feeling like the weeks are just flying by! 


windbreaker jacket (no longer online) but similar options here, here and here || leggings, similar here || sneakers (old), similar and ones i've been eyeing here, here and here

today, i just want to share my workout plan for now in keeping up with one of my new year goals -- sweating at least twenty minutes per day -- and a cute workout look too! so if you follow me on instagram, you might have seen that i started BBG (bikini body guide)! it's a hardcore amazing high intensity workout that only take 28 minutes and you can do them at home. this is why this workout program first appealed to me, plus people i've seen doing the BBG program or completed the first twelve weeks have amazing transformation. i have actually done BBG in the past before and tried starting it up again a few months ago, but kinda gave up. so anywho, when january rolled around, i knew i had sweating every day as a goal and my plan was to look up some quick twenty minute workouts on youtube and switch it up every day. buuuuuuut a blogger friend of mine, Gabrielle, from color me sassy, asked if i was planning on starting BBG up again and if so we should get a group together. i thought yesssss! i'll have a few girls in a group online, we can chat and keep each other motivated and accountable. perfect! sometimes when workouts are too challenging and i have no one to talk about them with, i sometimes give up. and it is definitely easier to give up on a workout when you're doing them by yourself at home. so i was really pumped about getting this group together. 

well, we're almost through week one of BBG and OMG its soooooo painful, but a good painful, ya know what i mean?! my legs hurt every day, like sitting to go to the bathroom literally makes me wanna cry every time... and OMG picking up my baby or sitting with her in her play area...OUCH! but then i'm reminded how hard i am working to reach my goal! i'm not really focusing on any numbers, like, i'm not so focused on losing ten pounds or whatever, i just want to be healthy and fit and active again. before i had my baby c, i worked out almost every day and i felt really good about my body. i did have phases where i kinda let myself go a little bit, but not being a mom, it was way easier to get back on track. having a baby does make it challening because we don't have any extra help, no nannies or day care and i work so making my workout schedules and everything else i have to do around baby's schedule can be so hard and frustrating somtimes. after this week i think i've gotten it down haha. maybe. i end up working out at night once baby c has gone to bed because it's just easier. i don't know about you but i just cannot get up before her.. like 5am?! NO THANKS! and then i hate getting ready in the morning, then if i try working out in the afternoon while she naps, i get all sweaty and have to get ready all over again.. doesn't really work for me, ya feel me?! 

BBG is definitely very challening for me especially because i haven't done a lot of high intensity work outs in monthsssss! i did stroller strides for a few months and that was pretty good and intense then schedules changed and it didn't work out soooo i took a looooong workout break. yesterday when i was doing BBG day 3 -- arms and abs -- i kinda wanted to cry because my arms are so weak and i was struuuuuggling! like bad! and i literally just wanted to give up and walk away.. but i pushed myself to finish the workout.. i had to go at a slow pace and do what i could. after i was finished i gave myself a hard time. i kept thinking to myself -- why can't i do better? why was that so hard for me? i'll never be able to do these workouts. i am so weak this sucks. i was really beating myself up and feeling really down, started comparing myself to others. then i had to shake it off, shower and just remind myself that hey, i'm here. i'm doing it and it is going to take more than a few days to get to where i was pre-baby. i have to remind myself that i have to stay strong and that i can do this. I CAN and I WILL! 

i don't know if any of you have ever felt this way.. or feel this way now at times but i just want to say we really can do whatever it is we want and succeed! we just have to work at it and NEVER GIVE UP! that's my little motivation for ya! hehe! 

ok lastly, i would like to share just a some tips on how to stay on track with working out and eating healthy:

1. just start. just do it. stop making excuses as to why you can't. say you can and just start. 

2. make a plan and schedule it in your calendar. {i forgot from which blogger i recently heard this from} but it is so helpful. i love putting things in my calendar and marking it off after i've done it. i live for getting tasks done. its weird but i love it. and i used to do this all the time when i did pilates, barre and stroller strides. i would plan the dates and times for the classes for at least two weeks. i felt that once its in my calendar its like work you can't just not show up. so i've been doing the same for BBG. putting every workout in my calendar and makring it off once i've finsihed. SO PUT IT IN YOUR CALENDAR! and don't be a flake haha

3. find a friend or two to join you. or create an online group you can check in to every day for motivation, inspiration and accountability. it really helps not being alone! 

4. find workouts you actually enjoy doing and don't forget to change it up once in a while so you don't get bored or over it and give up completely. 

5. get some new workout clothes to help get you excited. this always works for me. even if it's just a new pair of leggings and a top or new sneakers or a new water bottle (which is what i got), it'll definitely get you started! 



yay! that was a long one and a lot of rambling but i'm feeling really passionate about sticking to my health and fitness goals this year! whoa! 

did you make any fitness goals for the new year? would love to hear them! also would love to hear if you've done BBG or are currently doing BBG?? 

have an awesome FRIYAY and amazing weekend!!

xo, steph


Jan 5, 2018

2018 G O A L S


it has been a little while since i've had an actual blog post up because i've been super busy and its been really challenging the last few weeks getting anything done with birthdays, the holidays and mom life hehe! but i wanted to put together and share all of my goals for this new year! if you follow me on instgram, then you might've already seen my goals listed but i thought i'd go a little more in depth here! i seriously cannot believe we almost through the first week of 2018! 

the reason i decided to do goals instead of resolutions mainly is because i think goals give off a more positive vibe and just makes me feel like i am trying to better myself in a positive way, where as for me resolutions seem to give off the vibe of 'i made a bunch of mistakes last year so let me fix them' do you kinda get what i'm saying? sorta? lol anywho some of my goals that are smaller kinda sound like resolutions (you'll see) but i'm still going with GOALS! ha

anyway lets just go ahead and jump right into my goals for the new year -- i'll start with the ones i consider smaller, and somewhat easier to accomplish then make my way to ones that take more effort, more thought and i'll also share some of my favorite photos from 2017...


* drink more water / elminate soda -- so i always usually have this on my list because i'll give up soda for awhile and then some where in the year, a coke or diet coke just calls my name and i get totally addicted! sometimes water just won't do it with a slice of pizza or a mexican street taco, ya feel me? haha but it is a very high priority of mine this year to really get back on track and take control of my health! i think finding ways to curb my soda cravings will really help -- i do love sparkling water made with real fruit by spindrift -- and my goal is to just be happy with water. i do love water but with how busy life gets i do find myself forgetting to drink as much as i should. gimme all the water! haha i have a ton of different tumblers and water bottles, but i think i prefer one with some sort of straw, so while i love using Swell bottles, which is what i've been using, i find myself not drinking as much from that kind of bottle, so i think a great way to reach my goal is to invest in another really nice water bottle that i can take everywhere and that holds a good amount of water before a refill is needed. i decided to get a HYDROFLASK! and i am so excited about it! get excited about seeing it in my posts on instgram haha.. 


break a sweat AT LEAST twenty minutes a day! so before i had charlotte i was pretty active and pretty fit, i did barre and pilates at least 3-4x a week and i also did HIIT workout videos and sometimes some hot yoga. i love working out and i loved being fit and active. when i got pregnant i had some really minor issues so i got nervous to work out so vigorously and my doctor said it was best i take it easy and do less strenuous activity like walking or swimming. so i pretty much gave up all those workouts for most of my pregnancy and as i got further along in the pregnancy i also became very uncomfortable because she sat so low in my pelvis, standing at work was so exhausting. buuuut also during my pregnancy i had gestational diabetes, so i had to have a pretty strict diet and had to at least walk after meals to make sure my blood sugars remained within the normal range, but i was no way near how fit and active i was before becoming pregnant. so anyway, for the last six months i have been telling myself i am going to get back to where i was but if you're a mama to a little or a new mama, you know its easier said than done. sleepless nights, no naps and just being a mom is exhausting, i seriously don't know how some mamas fit it all in. i know i have to get in a better routine and be a little more strict with my schedule and stop making excuses so this time i am going to stick to it! again, if you follow me on instagram and watch my instastories, you may have seen that myself and one of my blogger friends started a little BBG girls group -- we are doing kayla itsines BBG workout and were going to keep each other motivated and its nice to have a group for accountability! i'll keep you posted on how it goes!


* write one blog post every week -- ok, so also before having a baby and when i fianlly got this blogging thing down last year, i had a schedule and every post planned. i used to have a blog post every week on mondays, wednesdays and fridays, and during the holidays i had some weeks where i had a post monday through friday. it was a lot of work and a lot of planning ahead but i had the time and patience to do it all. now that i have different priorities, it is a lot harder to sit down once or twice a week and write a blog post, not only that but plan out content before hand so i have a post to share. blogging is a full time job and it does require a lot of hard work, but i also have a day job and of course i am a mama and a wife so balancing it all can be really challenging. there have been many days where i think to myself 'i should just stop' but i always get really sad when i think that way and i love doing this. its my own thing and i really don't want to have to give it up. so i thought for the new year, i am going to start small, do something manageable and do ONE blog post per week. still deciding what day works best, but i made it this week! THIS IS MY FIRST BLOG POST OF 2018 right before the week ends!!! yesssss!!!


* turn off my cell phone for at least one hour per day -- whoa!!! this one is harder than you think especially when you do a lot of work on your phone. with blogging you're constantly on your phone planning posts, writing down ideas, responding to DMs and emails.. its A LOT !! so there are days when i feel like and my husband feels like i am on my phone ALL. DAY. LONG! which is not good. i have to make sure i take a break, focus on my family and really enjoy being present. and i must say so far so good! on the first day of the year i didn't have my phone for 3.5 hours and since then i've left my phone for an hour or more while spending time with my family. it is so nice. i definitely want this to become a habit i never lose!


* start each day with something i am grateful for or a positive affirmation -- i find myself worrying a lot during the day or i just wake up and think of all the things i have to do and all the things i didn't get done the day before and i just start getting anxious and worrying about everything and it can be so exhausting and really put a damper on the beginning of my day. so i thought it would be a great idea to wake up and start off by thinking or writing down something i am grateful for or looking for a positive affirmation to carry with me all day. so far it has been helping me stay positive and be happier throughout the day! would love to hear some of your favorite affirmations!!


say something loving or positive every day / before saying something negative, take a deep breath and try to find teh silver lining -- whether to my husband, my baby, my family or friends saying something positive or loving out loud to someone allows me to really think about something happy and to get myself in a good mood while also bringing a smile to someone else. also i can be a little hard on myself and on others and even though i may not say something harshly, i may say something negative that does not help any situation, so i am trying to be careful as to what i say, really think about it and if i am thinking of something negative i want to say, i should take a deep breath, close my eyes and find something postive or some way to help instad of pointing out something i don't like.. this goal definitely goes well with my last goal and so far i and my hubby have been loving this one. hehe


* stop feeling guilty for not having everything perfect / stop feeling the need to control everything -- part of my weakness, i am a perfectionist and a control freak. i want everything to fall into place at the right time in the right place all the time. i want everything literally everything PERFECT. and while i want everything to be perfect i just can't do it all. i am tired. and sometimes i just don't want to and i have learned that that's ok. i don't have to do everything and i definitely cannot do every single thing perfectly. as a mom, i've realized that things change all the time and its out of your control. i get myself wound up thinking about how i could've done something better or why didn't i do that better, just makes me more anxious and more unhappy. when i'm unhappy i am also less motivated. not good. so i am trying to focus more on the good, do what i can, and tell myself it is OK if i can't do it all. 


* date my husband / date day or date night at least three times a month -- this goal is a hard one haha. again with a baby dates with my hubby have been very few and far between because we are the only people that really take care of her and lets just say she has preferences. and some major separation anxiety so we defnitely don't feel comfortable leaving her with someone else. my hubby isn't as bad at it than i am so i defnitely need to work on this and remember that she will get over it, it won't hurt her to be in the care of someone else we trust for a couple hours once in a while. the only times we've been out alone, i've put her to bed first and my best friend just came over and sat here while charlotte slept. i need to do more of that until we get more comfortable. one good thing is charlotte is usually in bed and asleep by 7pm so we could always do date nights for a couple hours. we just need to make the time and do it. looking forward to more one on one time with my husband. 

whoaaaaaa ok i know that was a really long post and i may have been rambling. i actually have a few more goals, but these are my main goals i really want to focus on this year. i am really looking forward to an amazing year. i am looking forward to learning and growing as a person, a mom, a wife, a friend, a blogger and everything in between. becoming a mom and turning 30 last year really opened up my eyes to what's important in life and i want to make sure i am doing my best to live the best life i can. thank you to all of you for follwoing along and being a part of my journey! hope you enjoy a little walk down memory lane with me! it was so hard not putting every single picture from last year especailly the ones of baby c! anywho, CHEERS TO A GREAT YEAR !!!

would also LOVE to hear some of your goals for 2018! leave them in the comments!!!

happy friday!

xo, steph

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Dec 15, 2016

maternity shoot + HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY HUBBY

hello dolls! i am finally sharing my favorites from our maternity shoot we did a few weeks ago! i am in love with how these photos turned out! we were debating on location -- beach setting or more of an outdoorsy setting. we decided on the outdoorsy, woodsy location since we live by the beach and that would be more typical -- even though this setting is pretty common too haha! but i love it -- so beautiful with that golden hour glow! i had a little bit of hard time deciding what to wear and whether i wanted to have some pictures with a bare belly, but i decided to make it easy -- one outfit and no bare belly for these! this pink floral maxi dress from pink blush is perfect -- i chose pink since we are having a baby girl and this dress photographed so well! i wanted my hubby to complement me and have a simple casual look -- i think we look great together hahah!! hope you enjoy looking at these maternity photos! i seriosuly cannot believe our baby girl will be here in two months or less! it is so crazy thinking about having a baby and planning for it and then its finally almost here! overall i'm feeling pretty good.. starting to get a little bit uncomfrotable -- the bump is getting really heavy and sitting pretty low so by the end of the day there is so much pressure, sometimes i have hard time stadning for too long and my lower back starts to ache. so i am definitely ready for the day she arrives! my hubby and i are starting to get a little it anxious and more and more excited to meet her! we seriously CANNOT WAIT!!! eeeEEEk! 

also....its MY HUBBY'S BIRTHDAY today!! so i wanted to WISH MY LOVE a very very happy birthday!! (sorry i'm going to get a little mushy) thank you honey for being such an amazing hubby, partner and friend -- so happy we are doing life together! i hope you have an amazing birthday and an even BETTER year! 

we're doing a low-key celebration.. we don't usually do anything crazy for our birthdays..we're homebodies and just like to be together! so were going out to a nice dinner and a movie just us two! then later in the evening we are having his family over for some cake and tea! so simple but totally us! 

{ what we're wearing}

hers :: dress || sandals 

 his :: henley || jeans || boots 

have a fabulous friday's eve!! 

xo, steph

ps. i have another post up for you today -- gifts for HER and HIM under $50 -- just quick and easy last-minute gifts or add-ons!! check it out!  only a few days left to get all your christmas shopping done!! 

photo cred :: sonia hebert photography


Oct 20, 2016

the luxe show

goooood morning dolls !!

just a quick hello to share last night's luxe fashion show (and a few of my favorite looks) hosted by Louis Vuitton at fashion valley in san diego !

so glad i was able to attend such a fun, inspired runway show featuring this season's top trends -- leather jackets, fur coats and bags, silk dresses, sequinned skirts, metallic boots and bottoms -- all from major retailers like Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, Max Mara and more! I loved seeing the mix of colors, patterns and textures. if you haven't noticed by now it is all about T E X T U R E this season, and i'm excited about it, especially velvet & silk! mix those textures together and you got something pretty, sexy and fun ! i wish i had way more pictures from the show for you (my baaad) but you can see more pics and videos on my snapchat (stephaniparker) or instagram stories (@sassandsun). these looks were my top faves of the night! i am really crushing on that gold metallic pleated skirt! i need to get my hands on a metallic skirt asap!!

shop some of my on-trend picks below! 


which trends are you crushing on most? {i would love to know, comment below}

have a happy friday's eve !!!


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Oct 3, 2016

girls night out with dry bar !!

happy monday dolls!! just wanted to share some pics from a girls night out with dry bar in del mar. it was a fun evening with blogger babes, bites, wine/champs/mimosas and blow outs! i had a concert that same evening so i was only able to hang out with some of the girlies for a little bit and of course get a fabulous blow out! i have been to the dry bar before a few times and theres nothing like getting your hair washed, a nice scalp massage and hair styling. the dry bar is so cute inside and they always play such fabulous girlie movies while you get your hair done -- this night they were plying "bride wars". loooove that movie !! they also have such great hair products -- i love the way they smell and they work great! my fave product is their triple sec, which is a texturizer, dry shampoo combo. its ahhhhmazing! i'm obsessed with it -- it works so well and smells so good! my hair always feels fresh and looks volumized after i use it without that icky sticky feeling! for this fabulous girls night out we received 10% off products so i got a travel size of triple sec and also decided to try out their flexible hold hair spray, money maker. i used it for the first time the other day and it held my waves well but didn't feel crunchy -- so nice! it was so great to meet some local bloggers and mingle. they also had a fun photo booth, little gift bags with treats and raffle prizes. such a fun time -- can't wait for the next girls night out!!

thank you to jen adams of @interiordesignerella for inviting me !




Sep 14, 2015

a french fairytale

It's been a little bit over a month since one of my best friends joined the marriage club. I had the honor of standing by her side as one of her bridesmaids and witnessed their wonderful ceremony and reception as we sailed along the newport beach harbor. It was an absolutely beautiful day full of love and joy and I am beyond happy for my beautiful friend and now husband. They are both such kind, caring and genuine people and I wish the very best for the future as they start this new adventure! 

I wish I had more photos of the day, but being a bridesmaid it was a little here are a few and some samples from her photographer..


Jun 30, 2015

palm springs before the rings !

Hello dolls! I know, I know its been a little while since I've posted ... but I've been so busy with wedding events, work and life. Anyway, this past weekend my girlfriends and I celebrate my best babe's bachelorette weekend in hotttttt (and humid) Palm Springs! Despite the mugginess and the heat, it was super fun... our weekend consisted of nice dinners, drinks and live music at Mastros, dancing at a local bar (total hotspot) The Nest, pool party at the Hard Rock, game night and lots of girl talk and laughs! I had such a fabulous time -- so sad we had to come back to reality. Thought I'd share some of our photos over the weekend -- all from our iphones -- sorry not sorry :)

cannot wait to celebrate this beautiful bride-to-be's BIG DAY !!!! xoxo


Jun 9, 2015

stretch it out // work it out

Happy hump day babes! Just showing off my stretching! haha. So if you don't know or haven't read that I recently started doing Kayla Itsines bikini body guide as my main workout regimen. I am currently on week four and although I struggle and its more challenging that I thought..I just keep going. Along with doing these intense circuits every other day, I always forget that pre- and post-workout I need to stretch it out, especially on the days I do cardio. My shins and ankles hurt for some reason -- I think I need better shoes -- but stretching really helps with how sore I get and just feels really good after a thirty minute workout. 

workout attire :: stella mccartney x adidas (top, bottoms) // shoes :: nike i.d. (custom)