Nov 30, 2017

holiday {energy} mimosa

happy happy F R I D A Y eve!!!

haha i thought it was already friday... womp womp 

is it just me or were any of you having a hard time remembering what day it was this week? thanksgiving seemed a little early to me and totally threw me off schedule, well that plus all the cyber week craziness! i'm not gonna lie, i am glad that it's over.. it can be a lot right?!?! i am so ready for the weekend, to relax and sit back and hopefully get some christmas presents wrapped! i already started and i always feel so good when all the presents are done and looking pretty under my tree haha! i don't know about all of you but i'm ready for some champagne, or wine or a nice cocktail.. it just seemed like a never-ending week! so since i'm ready to get my drink on (half-kidding) i thought it would be great to share this easy peasy holiday-ish mimosa! 


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the holiday season is super fun and exciting -- family visits, holiday parties, work events, dinners -- definitely a lot of hustle and bustle and yes it is the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be super exhausting! so i've teamed up with HACKAMORE ENERGY to bring to you this amazing energy beverage that can be added to your juice, smoothie, or cocktail giving you enough oomph to get through the day! i love brunch and i definitely love my mimosas with brunch, so i thought i'd share this easy cranberry-orange mimosa with a shot of lime flavored hackamore energy! i mean, how amazing is that -- have a fun brunch with friends this holiday, enjoy a mimosa or two with added fun aka hackamore energy, no sleepy vibes after that --instead more energy to get through the day!

so for this mimosa, all you need is orange juice or fresh oranges, some cranberry juice of your liking, champagne and hackamore energy and fresh cranberries, orange and rosemary for garnish! who doesn't love a pretty cocktail?! 

just fill most of your glass with champagne, about an ounce of hackamore, add a splash of cranberry juice, a good squeeze of half an orange (or splash of OJ if that works better for you) then add a shot of HACKAMORE ENERGY! lastly garnish how you'd like, i put a sprig of rosemary because its pretty, a few fresh cranberries and little orange wedge! this mimosa is sweet and delicious with a hint of lime from the energy shot! seriously the perfect addition to your drink menu for your next holiday brunch! C H E E R S !! 

here are a couple other alcoholic brunch beverages with hackamore energy

* P I R O U E T T E 
1.5oz of hackamore
1oz of jasmine green simple syrup
0.75oz of lemon juice
fill the rest with champagne
* P L A N T A T I O N  P L E A S U R E
1oz of hackamore
1oz of reposado tequila
0.75oz st. germaine
0.75oz of lime juice
1.5oz of grapefruit juice
* T H E  B I T L E S S  B R I D L E
1oz hackamore
1oz of aperol
0.5oz lemon juice
fill the rest with champagne

lastly, i want to share just a little bit more about hackamore energy:

non-alcoholic, zero calories, no sugar, no artificial sweeteners, gluten-free and vegan

each two ounce shot contains 80mg of caffeine (the equivalent amount of caffeine in a typical eight ounce energy beverage can)

also a natural caffeing so no crash effect, no nervousness, no anxiety; hackamore makes you feel at your most alert 

sounds amazing right?! so far i'm loving it! for more info visit them HERE !!

xo, steph

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