hey babes! 

so i recently posted some videos and a pic in my instastories and i got a few questions {and some nice compliments} about my hair -- most of the time when my hair looks really good its most likely dirrrrty haha! don't you find it so much easier to work with dirty hair?? i definitely do! anyway, i am in no shape or form a hair expert or hair guru but when i do my hair i don't spend a ton of time on it because i don't have the time and i want my hair to look good but effortless and kinda like 'i woke up like this' status -- i never want to look like i spent hours on my hair and i never like when my hair looks 'perfect'. hopefully sometime soon i'll actually show you how i do my hair but for now i will share with you my holy grail hair products -- i dont use all of them all at once but i usually use one to two products in my hair depending on how i feel and what i want haha! 

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i absolutely love all of these products but i have to talk about the two i am seriously OBSESSED about in a little more detail --

drybar's TRIPLE SEC  is ahhhhhmazing! sometimes i forget about this product and then when i use it again i'm like 'whoa, i need to use this all the time'! it does exactly what is says -- texturizes, amplifies and refreshes. it works wonders when your hair is dirty and once i spray it in my roots i'm good allll dayyyy -- literally ill just fluff my hair with my fingers throughout the day -- instant volume & my hair looks fab, seriously! you need to try this ASAP! 

davines TEXTURE SPRAY is also ahhhmazing! its different than other texture sprays because it works better in my opinion {and my hairstylist's, who got me hooked on this stuff} when you spray upward into your hair instead of straight into the roots -- and it really does work fabulously when you do it this way! so i love davines hairspray because it works well and it smells soooooo gooooood but i don't always use hairspray so i got the texture spray hoping it would smell the same and sadly it doesn't -- but it works so well i use it pretty much every time i curl my hair -- it still smells good but its stronger and sweeter so sometimes it can be overwhelming at first but still good! try it!

xo, steph

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