Jun 6, 2016

body suits + cutoffs

Happy M O N D A Y !!! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! Today i'm sharing my first MUST-HAVE MONDAY post and if you haven't already noticed one of my favorite must-haves for this summer season and probably in life -- BODY SUITS & CUTOFFS! I am wearing almost every bodysuit I own and not even half of the denim cutoffs I have.. And I'm sure I'll be getting more this season! I am seriously obsessed with the body suit trend -- if you don't already own one, i say go get one MEOOOOW! I feel totally cool and sleek when i'm wearing a bodysuit. Bodysuits are clean, contouring, comforting and a super sexy way to flaunt your curves. whether its casual and cool or classic and professional, the body suit just works -- totally keeps you frm having ugly wrinkle lines when tucking our shirt in. Now pair a bodysuit with the perfect fitting denim cutoffs and you are one hot stylish babe! I mean, cutoff denim shorts are an obvious choise for a summer must-have -- i literally buy at least two to three pairs every summer -- its bad, but i love them so much. They're easy AND the minute i switch out leggings for my denim cutoffs or find a cute new pair, you know its summa summa time! You will be seeing me in this look lots this summer -- it may be my new summer uniform!

What are some of your must haves for summer?



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