Oct 17, 2016

must-have fall staple

oh monday we meet again...and i have another must-have monday for you --

B L A N K E T  S C A R V E S !!

now that we are fianlly getting some cooler, even chilly weather in san diego i am finally able to bust out my blanket scarves! the blanket scarf is definitely a staple for fall -- if you don't have one, you need to get one like asap! they are so cozy and comfy, and they come in so many different colors and patterns! i personally like to keep mine pretty simple with warm fall colors or a great plaid. i think the bulkiness of the blanket scarf just makes you look and feel super cozy and bundles for the cooler fall temps. blanket scarves look great with dresses as well as a simple tee and jeans. and if you haven't noticed blanket scarves are obviously huge..like a blanket so they can be worn in so many different ways, which is nice because depending on how you wear it, it can change your look. i styled my blanket scarf in three different ways for you -- pretty easy and simple! 

s t y l e  no. 1

the first style is a belted poncho-like style -- wrap scarf around your body and over your shoulders, like you're going to cuddle up in a blankie. you can fold the scarf a little bit if its too big and bulky. then wrap any belt or sash around your waist. fluff out the "sleeves" and kinda bunch up the material in the front a little bit, and voila! looks kinda like a poncho -- super cute and totally different way to styling a scarf than just wrapping it around your neck. 

s t y l e  no. 2

second style imitates the infinity scarf -- super duper easy, you can fold the scarf again into a triangle and roll it a little bit then wrap it around your neck and hide the ends underneath and boom, done!

s t y l e  no. 3

third style is a wrap style -- i feel like depending on your scarf's pattern this can be a more "fancy" sophisticated style. take the scarf and wrap it around your shoulders, then take one end/side and bring it up to your opposite shoulder and tuck underneath. then grab the scarf from that opposite side and loosely wrap over the other shoulder. fluff and ruffle and bunch how you would like to achieve the perfect look ! 

hope you enjoy these styles and will fit a blanket scarf in your fall wardrobe soon!

here are some great tips on how to style the blanket scarf from P I N T E R E S T // i've also shared links below to shop for your perfect blanket scarf! check check check it out!! 

blanket scarf :: forever 21, in stores but cant find online :( but i've linked a bunch below! // top :: gap // jeans :: zara // cuff bracelets (on serious repeat!) :: bauble bar // watch :: shinola, others from this brand i love herehere and here


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