Oct 10, 2016

pregnancy must-haves

Happy Monday!! I am back with another monday must-haves post -- i know its been awhile! In case your new to my blog and haven't noticed I am PREGNANT !! I am almost six months pregnant and loving it -- well, most of it anyway! I have totally embraced my fast-growing baby bump -- it has gotten so big in the last few weeks and totally popped out! Definitely no hiding it now haha! But i love it -- it totally makes it feel more real -- kinda nervous, anxious, scary but oh so exciting! Anyway, since I am expecting my first baby soon, I have been all about maternity style and pregnancy essentials, so of course I had to share some of my favorite maternity styles and must-haves while pregnant. (scroll through and click any of the photos below to shop these awesome picks) :)


I have been looooooving fitted dresses that accentuate and show off my baby bump! I was nervous at first, and in the beginning of my pregnancy I totally wanted to only wear flowy and loose-fitting dresses, but as my bump started to pop out, I went toward more body-concious outfits. I didn't want the outfits to look unflaterring and hug me in the wrong places, but I think it is so cute when you can see your baby bump! So I shared some great dresses that show off the bump and that can be dressed up or down with different accessories.

Other must-have items for me during my pregnany so far have been comfy pajamaspajama sets and robes. I already love super soft pjs and comfy robes, and I love them even more now that I'm preggers! First of all, I love laying in bed when I'm at home, its just more comfortable for me, so I really enjoy doing that in a cute, comfy, soft pair of pajamas or a robe! I've also gotten a few new pairs of great stretchy leggings and sweatpants to lounge around the house in or run errands -- when your belly starts getting bigger the last thing you want are restricting pants or jeans over your belly! I can't wait for the weather to get cooler so I can wear leggings out without sweating haha!

Moving on from the maternity clothing and into the items I have been loving -- the body pillow is number one! So i have heard a mix of review on this one -- you either hate it or love it. I got mine pretty early in the pregnancy because for some reason i was already prettty uncomfortable laying down. At least then I thought I was uncomfortable, but now I am for sure haha. At this stage in the pregnancy, I shouldn't be sleeping on my back or stomach..and those positions are my preferred positions. The body pillow totally helps -- i use it for my back kinda like a wedge so i don't roll on my back and use the bottom part of it between my legs -- life changer! Second, essential oils -- I had headaches in the beginning of my second trimester and now I have problems falling asleep and staying asleep, so peppermint oil (for headaches) and lavender oil (sleep) have helped me feel more relaxed and its just nice to diffuse, something very calming about the oils -- love them! Also to help with headaches and just to stay healthy adn hydrated -- a water bottle. I have to Swell water bottles and I usually always carry one with me to make sure I stay hydrated throughout the day. Lastly, the other item i cannot live without is my belly balm! i use the honest comapny's organic belly balm and its great -- totally soothing (i get very itchy on my belly and boobies hehe) and it lasts all night long!

hope you enjoyed this post! if you're preggers or have kids, what are/were some of your pregnancy must-haves i need to try??



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