so in case you missed it, i just had my second baby almost eight weeks ago so i am in the thick of newborn life and how it feels to be sleep deprived and stuck at home for most of the day -- as a new mama i know i like to be cozy and comfy when i'm spending time at home with my little one -- a lot of these items are cozy pieces, but i also threw in items i believe are essentials and a few that are luxury items, meaning we may not have time for them or get to use them often, but when we do its amazing! if you are a new mama or know a new mama, or really just a mom to young kiddos, this is a great gift guide for you!

1. chenille robe - first of all, i love anything chenille, super soft and cozy. i have a robe that is almost identical to this one but its sold out, so i am so happy i found this one, comes in two other colors and under $70! as a new mama, its sometimes easier to just be in a robe, so why not make it soft and cozy!

2. MAMA necklace - this is a really nice gift for a mama, its solid 14K gold, i have this exact one, it is super light and dainty -- i wear it everyday and love it, but i will link this ONE too which is more affordable and under $100

3. mini silk scrunchies - i have these and love them! because theya re sily they don't leave a crease in your hair and we know we mamas got a throw our hair up sometimes to avoid milk spit up or whatever else getting thrown at us haha

4. solly baby wrap - i love baby wearing and this is just one of my faves! i love pretty much all of them! having your baby so close especially in that early newborn stage is the BEST!

5. insulated mug - ok where my mamas at?! how many times have you drank cold coffee because you got sidetracked by baby? or something else at home? i've heard amazing things about this yeti mug and ust ordered my self one for my xmas stocking haha

6. dry shampoo set - you know it'll be challenging trying to get a shower in and even hard to wash and style our hair so dry shampoo to the rescue! these are my faves i use all the time!

7. nespresso machine - i just got my nespresso machine during cyber monday and I AM OBSESSED! the coffee is so so so good and its quick because us, mamas don't have time to be sitting waiting for coffee or stnading in line for coffee! my favorite purchase this year!

8. silk sleep mask - so this is one of those luxury items i was talking about, we don't get much sleep in the newborn phase but when we get a chance to get some shut-eye why not have soemting soft and silky helping you out?! ya feel me??

9. cozy throw blanket - i spend lots of time in the living room with my little and i love having a cozy throw for the many times i fall asleep on the couch. this one is super super soft, comes in so many colors and the price point is perfect!

10. baby wearing top - this is perfect for at home, or in a hurry no time to wrap and sling and buckle! just throw this shirt on and baby fits right inside! so close and snuggly!

11. energizing face mask - another item i love and may not get to use very often in the beginning because we're so busy and sleep deprived, but i have this mask and it really energizes you and wakes you up, plus leaves your tired skin looking glowy again!

12. soft pajama set - i live in pajama sets, especially ones with buttons because they're easy to nurse in. this set is super soft and comes in other colors and patterns. i will also link and identical set for like half the price HERE!

13. fuzzy soft slippers - i don't know how many of these i own, but i can't help it. i love them. super warm and cozy

14. multi-purpose cover - i have like four of these covers! they are great! use them as a breastfeeding cover, car seat cover, when baby is older, high chair cover! it does so many things! and it comes in so many colors and prints!!

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