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Sep 21, 2018

BEST dress EVER !!


we made it through another week.. and OMG it felt like such a blur and i have no idea why. i just kept feeling like it was monday over and over it defintiely felt like a long week. not even sure exactly what i did.. the days just mush together.. don't know whether its because i have pregnancy brain or what. its crazy. i feel like there was so much going on this week but at the same time i'm thinking to myself, sheesh did i even completely get anything done on my to do list this week?! definitely didn't get as many blog posts up for you guys like i had planned (oops) and this one is kinda late but ya know, do what you can right? i've been wanting to share these looks with you because i am seriosuly obsessed with this dress.. so lets stop the nonsense rambling and get to it! ha! 

ok so this is seriously the BEST DRESS EVERRRRRRR! and if you don't like this dress, i really need to know why because it is literally the most universally flattering dress ever. looks amazing on all body types, its obviously non-maternity but it looks so cute on us preggers, i cannot get enough. i feel like i need all of the colors! its perfect to dress down but totally works dressed up too and it is great transitional piece for fall, so i thought it would be fun to style the dress three ways for fall! get excited!! 

|| LOOK ONE ||

this look is perfect for the beginning of fall, especailly where i live and it takes a looooong time for temps to actually drop and feel like fall. like always i kept the look pretty simple, but added this lightweight leopard scarf - i don't know about you but i CANNOT get enough of leopard print for fall, i have always loved leopard print so i am so happy its hottttt right now for fall! anywho added the scarf and threw on some classic brown booties to complete this look. this outfit is perfect for a semi-warm fall day, no exactly cool enough for a jacket or sweater. when it does get cooler, just thrown on a chunky cardi or a classic moto style leather jacket and you're good to go! 

|| outfit details ||

dress || scarf, another option here || booties (last year), other great pairs here, here and here

|| SHOP look ONE ||


|| LOOK TWO ||

you know i had to have an outfit that's super casual and perfect for every day and this is it! super comfortable and easy for running errands and going about your normal day. denim jackets are so easy to throw on duing the day when its cooler, add a cool baseball cap, especially on those days we may have waited too long to wash our hair (HEHE) and my favorite sneakers -- comfortable yet stylish. you can also add a chunky scarf for when its much cooler and bam, done! easy peasy! 

|| outfit details || 

dress || denim jacket, other options here and here || hat, also here || sneakers, also love these and these

|| SHOP look TWO ||



the ultimate fall look! i mean nothing to me screams fall than a long cardi, OTK boots and a wool fedora hat, i mean right?!? just like the other outfits throw on a blanket scarf or cute infitiny scarf and you'd be set for those chilly crisp fall days! i love this outfit because i feel like its appropriate to wear during the day -- lunch or brunch with the girlfriends, weekend day visit to a winery -- but also works great for night -- date night with your special someone or drinks with the ladies -- such a versatile outfit, versatile dress! i'm all about the versatility.. and did i mention its also super comfortable and flattering!! hahaha 

|| outfit details ||

dress || cardigan, also love this and this || OTK boots (last year), similar herehere and here || hat, similar here, here and here 

|| SHOP look THREE ||


so which outfit was your favorite?

also if you ever recreate any of my looks please, please DM me a pic on instagram - @SASSANDSUN !! i would love to see and share! 

have an amazing friday and CHEERS to the WEEKEND!!

xo, steph

ps. if there is anything you'd like me to style or a certain look you're interested in, comment below!

this post contains affiliate links, if you use my links to make a purchase, i make a small commission at NO extra cost to you. thank you for your support! 

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Sep 11, 2018

all in the {delicate} details

happy tuesday babes!!

i hope everyone is having an awesome week so far! i feel like all the days are meshing together for me the further along i get in my pregnancy. i literally feel like i forget everything and am super exhausted! its crazy how pregnancy affects our minds and bodies -- although i do really enjoy being pregnant! 

anywho, i want to share a quick little blog post with some of my new dainty rose gold pieces from swarovski i recently received from Reeds Jewelers. i don't know about you, but when i hear of a jeweler, i automatically think fine jewelery only -- engagement rings, wedding bands, high end watches, diamond earrings -- you get what i'm saying. and while Reeds Jewelers has all of these amazing options -- seriously, they have really beautiful pieces -- they also carry a wide range of fashion jewelry. if you're looking for somthing to wear to a special event, party or want something nice for yourself you can wear everyday but no exactly a diamond tennis bracelet, Reeds Jewelers has lots to choose from! they also carry amazing brands like swarovski, pandora, alex and ani, loren hope, roberto coin and more! 

these three pieces i chose are absolutely beautiful. i am huge fan of dainty, delicate pieces that can be layered or worn alone, for everyday when you want a little sparkle but also elegant for a date night or event. these pieces give me exactly that. i love that i can totally wear them alone or all together. Reeds Jewelers also carries statement jewelery if that's more your jam! defintiely check out to see more! 

what are your favorite types of jewelry to wear?

have a fabulous rest of the week! 

xo, steph

jewelry c/o Reeds Jewelers, all opinions are my own. 


Sep 10, 2018


happy MONDAY everyone!

hope everyone had a fun relaxing weekend! i have been so exhausted and uncomrtable lately thanks to my growing baby bump, so i took the weekend to relax with the family and watch all my blogger babes killin it at NYFW! i am a little jelly i couldn't go again this year! i'm really hoping for next year! anywho i have another blog post sharing a fall staple styled different ways! the...


i don't know about you but i love leopard and i especially love leopard booties for fall. i definitely consider leopard a neutral color - black, browns, tan, nudes - i know it's a print and can be kinda 'loud' for some, but it really is a neutral and i think pairs well with so many, so don't be scared to try it out! i definitely think its a fun neutral that adds a nice pop and edge to any outfit - - especially for me, since i love simple classic looks, the leopard really finishes off my outfits! 



|| LOOK ONE ||

as always you know i have to an easy casual look - - and yes i am in stripes again and wearing my favorite cardi! this outfit is perfect for transitioning into fall, and you can add mre layers as the weather gets cooler. i kept this outfit super easy and simple and kept the color scheme the same even though i mixed stripes and leopard. i feel like mixing patterns doesn't seem so 'out there' or 'loud' when you stay with neutral colors, like black and tan. i love this combo and the leopard booties totally tie the outfit together, making an easy and everyday outfit a little extra. beacuse don't we like to be extra every once and while. 

|| outfit details ||

cardigan || striped tee, other good options here, here and here || jeans 

|| SHOP look ONE ||


|| LOOK TWO ||

this is probably one of my favorite type of outfits that i don't wear often enough, annnd its perfect for the beginning of fall, especially here in san diego -- it takes forever for it to get real sweater weather so i love pairing a chunky knit with cutoffs. i also rarely ever wear hats but i secretly love them so i thought adding it to this outfit would add a nice side of flair along with the leopard booties -- super cute outfit with some fall vibes. 

|| outfit details ||

sweater (old), similar options here, here, here and here || denim cutoffs, similar here and here || hat, other options here and here 

|| SHOP look TWO ||



ok i always want to be a 'cool mom' -- this outfit gives me all the cool vibes, right? haha i felt pretty cool. you know i love my leather and suede moto jackets, so i thought that would be perfect over a band tee and black denim mini. band tees are all the rage right now and i'm not a huge band fanatic or anything but i think band tees, they totally give off some cool vibes. the black denim mini is also super cute and can see myself totally wearing this in the cooler months with some black tights and booties or knee high boots. totally loving this look! 

|| outfit details ||

suede moto jacket (last year), similar here, here, here  and here || band tee || denim mini 

|| SHOP look THREE ||


which outfit is your favorite? and are you excited for fall and leopard? because i am wanting everything leopard for fall!! hehe

hope you guys have an amazing monday! cheers to a new week! 

xo, steph

this post contains affiliate links, which means if you click on a link and make a purchase with my link, i make a small commission at NO extra cost to you. thank you for your support of Sass & Sun. 

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Aug 31, 2018



hello friends and happy friday! already through another week.. like always feels like the weeks are just flying by, and this week i feel like.. what did i even do.. i can't even think. and OMG the last day of August!! anywho, i have been sick with a cold for almost a week so i've been trying to lay low, catch up on some work while i can and take it easy. but if you're a mama, you know taking it easy doesn't really happen, especially with a toddler. plus i'm almost seven months im uncomfortable BUT still so happy!! just happy to have so much time with my family and happy to do what i love.. so on that note, i want to share a new little series i decided to start because i tend to wear almost the same things in real life because what can i say? i love what i love! i will be sharing multiple ways of styling one specific item or style -- keep in mind i like things easy, cute, simple and classic, so these are going to be looks that you can easily duplicate and even proabably create from items in your own closet! 

if you've been following me on instagram (if you don't, check out my feed HERE), you know that i talk about STRIPES a lot.. like all the time and it seems like i wear stripes every day.. 

i am literally obsessed with stripes. every time i go out shopping i always find something striped that i love and need to have. literally, my hubby looks at me and says "don't you have soemthing like that already" and maybe i do but i just feel like you can't have enough stripes, especailly striped tees. i just feel like they go with everything. so i am styling my absolutely favorite striped tee with you today! this tee is nothing fancy, its less than ten bucks, but the quality is on point. it fits great, i love the material and the stripes are the perfect size haha.. i know i'm sounding a little crazy. but i don't mess around when it comes to my stripes. and don't get me wrong there are a lot of striped tees i love but this one i have been obsessed with, i have five of the same one because i literally find myself wanting to wear it at least three times a week.. and no i am NOT sorry about that one bit. so lets jump right into it.. 

|| LOOK ONE ||

classic and edgy with a suede moto jacket, black skinny jeans and black booties - - i don't know about you, but moto jackets are kind of my thing for fall and winter. they totally add a cool factor to any outfit and they are so easy to throw over anything..seriously! if you don't own a moto jacket yet, you're totally missing out. this SUEDE one is on my top three list - - and if suede seems too much for you, a regular leather or vegan leather moto jacket is perfect too! 

|| outfit details ||

suede moto jacket, also here, other options here and here // striped tee, also love this one // black skinny jeans, other option here // black booties (old all saints), perfect options here, herehere and here // sunglasses 

|| SHOP look ONE ||


|| LOOK TWO ||

for my second look, i kept it pretty casual but added some fun accessories to spice up the outfit from your basic tee and jeans combo -- i don't wear neck scarves often, i love them especially when i see them on other people but as a mama-on-the-go, i usually skip some of the sort-of 'fussy' accessories. but i love the idea of a neck scarf, i definitely think it adds a nice pizzazz to a simple outfit, and i especially love this one because its camo print, and i love camo and stripes together. another great option would be a floral neck scarf or a solid colored one, like red or marigold for a pop of color. i also went with mules with some edgy details for a little extra, extra, the details with busted knee jeans totally give me a lot of cool vibes, and you know i love (trying) being a cool mom! 

|| outfit details ||

striped tee // jeans, also here and here // camo neck scarf (sadly sold out), but i love this, this and this too // mules (from last year), great options here, here and here // sunnies, similar pair here

|| SHOP look TWO ||



keepin it super casual with this look -- if you know me, you know i live for joggers and i wear joggers with everything, so its no surprise that i paired my favorite tee with joggers. super easy look perfect for running around with the baby and running errands, but i love this look because i think it still looks stylish and cool but still so funtional and perfect for real life. 

|| outfit details ||

tee // joggers, other perfect pairs here and here // sneakers, also love these and these // sunnies 

|| SHOP look THREE ||



hope you're not tired of me and my casual looks yet -- sorry not sorry ! can't help it. i love keeping it real and keeping it casual -- i'm a big fan of baseball caps and i don't wear them often enough, but they are perfect for bad/dirty hair days when you're just running around, hanging out with the kiddos or taking it easy. a basic tee and distressed denim is ony of my fave everyday looks, and i love to pair this look with either sandals or sneakers and these platform sneakers are my fave -- i think they make me so cool -- haha i only want to be a cool mom! 

|| outfit details ||

striped tee // jeans (last year), similar here, here  and here // baseball cap, also love this one and this camo one // sneakers 

|| SHOP look FOUR ||



okie dokie friends! last look -- i've probably worn a variation of this outfit multiple times -- a little dressed up but still easy enough to run around in. i love this knit blazer -- blazers are great for fall and easy to throw on over lots of outfits for a polished look -- but this knit style makes it more comfortable and wearble for everyday.  decided to keep this outfit comfrortable and functional yet still on-trend with these faux lether leggings i have been raving about for a couple months! you can find how i styled them HERE! added a nice touch of leopard with these mules which are great for everyday or for work -- stylish and chic and different from your usual flat. 

|| outfit details ||

knit blazer, similar here and here // striped tee  // faux leather leggings, also here // leopard mules (last year), similar here and here 

|| SHOP look FIVE ||


- - - - - -



thanks fo much for sticking it out through this one! i know it's kinda long, but i love wearing the same pieces from my closet and i thought it would be fun to share some easy looks with you. i have a few more pieces lined up for this series! if there is something specific you would like me to style, leave it in the comments or DM me on INSTAGRAM


i will try to share some of my favorite sales over the weekend on my instagram, so if you're not already following me, check out my feed here  -- SASSANDSUN

xoxo, steph

photos by

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Aug 26, 2018


H A P P Y  S U N D A Y  F U N D A Y  F R I E N D S !!!

I don't usually blog on the weekends but i wanted to get a quick and easy post up for you babes regarding the SURPRISE SEPHORA CUSTOMER APPRECIATION SALE

SEPHORA usually has a sale twice a year for beauty insiders, buuuuuut SURPRISE!!! they are having a customer apprecaition sale for beauty insiders! the sale has already started if you are a VIB ROUGE member! I will list the dates and sale info below! if you are NOT a beauty insdier yet, then SIGN UP HERE! totally worth it! when they hold sales like this, you can stock up on all your favorites plus products you've been wanting to try -- at a discount! i mean, who doesn't love a discount, am i right?!?!!? 

|| S A L E  D E T A I L S ||

VIB ROUGE INSIDERS | august 24 - september 3 | 20% off with code YESROUGE

VIB INSIDERS | august 30 - september 3 | 15% off with code YESVIB

BEAUTY INSIDERS | august 30 - september 3 | 10% off with code YESINSIDER

so today i wanted to share a special blog post and give you all the details on my everyday makeup routine! my everyday makeup look literally takes like five minutes or less, super easy and i am obsessed with all thee products! i've tried a lot of products and i love a lot of them, but this is my upadated everyday makeup look i have been using for the last couple weeks! 

|| E V E R Y D A Y  M A K E U P ||

PRIMER || Hello FAB Coconut Skin Smooth Priming Moisturizer or Supergoop Unseen Suncreen

TINTED MOISTURIZER || FAB Ultra Repair Tinted Moisturizer or Charlotte Tilbury Healthy Unisex Glow

CONCEALER || Hello FAB Bendy Avocado Concealer

SETTING POWDER || Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder

BLUSH || Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Risque

MASCARA || Too Faced Better Than Sex


- - - - - - - -

i also want to share my favorite products for full-face, event makeup - - what i do for weddings, speciall dinner dates or a night out! i don't have any current pics of myself wearing my glam makeup routine, but these are my favorites to use! 

|| G L A M  M A K E U P ||

PRIMER || Hourglass Veil Primer or Bobbi Brown Primer Plus Mattifier

FOUNDATION || Giorgio Armani Silk Luminous Foundation or Bobbi Brown Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation or Smashbox Studio Skin Hydrating Foundation

CONCEALER || YSL Touche Eclat Radiance Perfecting Pen or Smashbox Studio Skin 24HR Waterproof Concealer

SETTING POWDER || Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder

BRONZER || Hourglass Ambent Lighting Bronzer in Radiant Bronze Light or Becca Sunlit Bronzer in Impanema Sun

BLUSH || Hourglass Ambient Lighting in Mood Exposure 

HIGHLIGHTER || Tarte Amazonian Clay Highlighter in Exposed  or Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Highlighter in Golden Opal Pearl

MASCARA || Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Major Volume 
LIP PENCIL || Bite Beauty Lip Pencil in Beige Nude

LIPSTICK || Bare Minerals Gen Nude Radiant Lipstick in Soft Warm Beige or Anastasia of BH Liquid Lipstick in Faded Terracotta 

for both makeup looks i blend my foundation and concealer with a BEAUTY BLENDER !! 


- - - - - - -

okie dokie, i am also going to quickly share my favorite skincare products that i currently use that you can purchase at SEPHORA, as well as my favorite hair care products! these are all products i am using and have been using for awhile now! they are all so good and this is the perfect time to try them out!! 







hope you enjoyed this post! and have a beautiful sunday!

XO, steph

this post contains affiliate links, meaning if you shop using my links i make a small commission at NO cost to you. thank you for your support of Sass & Sun. 


Aug 3, 2018

SPANX obsessed

H A P P Y   F R I D A Y !!!

woohoo!!! we made it through another week.. and let me just say i've had one heck of a week.. not really sure why - - i did have a looooong and not great day at work the other day and i've just been so exhausted. probably a mix of being pregnant, chasing and entertaining a toddler, the heat wave and sleeping so late. i really need to get in a better rhythm buuuuut there is just so much to do so little time. i find myself catching up with everything and doing my "me-time" at night. anywho trying to find some balance.. and i'm not gonna lie, i'm a little nervous because if i'm having a little difficulty finding balance now with just one baby..what's in going ti be like with TWO?! haha this will be interesting but i am super excited to meet this little man... just a few more months! so CRAZY!!!

anywho, i just want to share the ONE piece that i got from the nordstrom anniversary sale that i am COMPLETELY IN LOVE WITH! its so funny because when i went to the sale bright and early on the first day of early access and tried on a bunch of stuff i was obsessed with this free people sweater that sold out so fast and has beeing coming in and out of stock all sale long.. and yes i still love this sweater.. A LOT... these SPANX faux leather leggings are just MY JAM! they are so comfortable, they suck you in and so flattering on like everyone. i don't know about you but i live for leggings, especially in the fall and winter and especially being pregnant. they're just easy and comfy and thats what i'm all about -- so of course i had to have these and once i tried them on i knew these would be my go-to all fall and winter long. i had to stop myself from buying two more pairs -- i'm not really sure why i did that because i know i will be living in them and why not have two more as back up -- what if baby c threw up on them and i had no time for laundry?! ahhh !!! ok sorry i'm rambling.. anyway i have been raving about these leggings for like two weeks now on my instagram and instatories so i thought i would do a blog post and share some of the ways i plan on wearing them.. sadly they are sold out at nordstrom, but i found a couple more retailers that have them in stock and let me tell ya -- THEY ARE WORTH EVERY PENNY! 

|| LOOK ONE ||

athleisure -- if you know me, then you know how much i love athleisure looks. they're super easy and comfrotable and just plain cool without trying to hard. and they are the perfect outfits for running from A to B to C especailly with little kiddos! this outfit is probably on of my favorites and will be on repeat for sure! 

tank, also here // leggings, also here, here and here // sneakers, also here

|| LOOK TWO ||

easy transitional look for fall. it doesn't get super chilly right away here in san diego for fall.. it takes a while to cool down but evenings tend to get chillier so leggings with a lightweight sweater or cardigan are perfect. and i don't know about you but i LOVE love LOVE striped tees..actually anything stripes -- my all time favorite pattern and even my hubby gives me a hard time when i show him a tee or sweater that's striped.. he's always like "don't you have something like that?!" and i'm like, "no its different and i need this one" hahahaha! so striped tees are my go-to. love this one with the leggings and cardi -- also tan/camel and black color combo is my FAVORITE for fall.. so i am loving this look! 

cardigan // striped tee // leggings, also here, here  and here // mules (last year), great option here and here


all i can say is you can never wrong with plaid especially in the fall -- i love plaid tops -- wear it open over a tee or tank, buttoned up, half tuck it, wrap it around your waist -- so versatile and easy. kinda did a little two in one here by throwing on a denim jacket -- another favorite closet staple -- denim jackets look good with everything and perfect all year long! also had to play up the cool factor with my platform old school sneakers that i love! 

denim jacket // plaid top, similar here and here // ribbed tank, similar here // leggings, also here, here and here // sneakers


if you haven't noticed, comfy and casual and easy looks are what i love for.. as much as i love being super girly and glam, i love being comfortable especially now that i am a mom.. i need to be able to move around and get things done so i love effortless looks that are still cute and on-trend. so this look you'll most definitely see over and over again -- this wrap top is versatile and can be worn several ways and i think it will be great for nursing!

wrap top // tank // leggings, also here, here  and here // studded mules (last year), similar here


ok what more can i say.. lounging around look, running errands, easy outfit for cooler weather.. this poncho is the softest, coziest thing everrrrrr and this is in my top three for purchases from the NSALE.. it is now sold out sadly, but i will link from other retailers.. another piece i would defintiely splurge on! 

poncho wrap, also here // tank // leggings, also here, here  and here // sneakers

|| SHOP the POST ||


hope everyone has a fabulous and fun friday and CHEERS to the weekend!!

we have a busy weekend ahead with family stuff and weddings.. so i'll try to find time for relaxing but i feel like it will be a weekend of running around.. yikes!

xo, steph

this post contains affiliate links, if you use my links to shop, i will get a small commission at NO extra cost to you. thank you for supporting sass & sun! xo


Jul 27, 2018

totally WANTABLE


omg yay its Friday! and I am actually off this entire weekend and i am so excited for all day pool days with my little fam! its been pretty hot here, we've got a little heat wave going on -- definitely not as hot as some of you, but wayyyy hotter than we're used to haha! let me just say having aheat wave, being pregnant and chasing around a toddler has got me pretty exhausted. as much as i love summer, especially with a little one, i am so ready for cooler temps! what about you?? 


{ outfit one: white button down from WANTABLE }

anywho, i'm baaaack on here with a quick blog post because i want to share my latest goodies from my WANTABLE box this month! if you haven't seen on MY INSTAGRAM, WANTABLE is a styling services for all you busy people on-the-go annnnd its also for people who want to maybe even try a compeltely different style but don't know where to start, the style editors got your back! sometimes its nice to have someone else dig through inventory and shop for you, takes some of the guesswork out of figuring out what you want! i've seen and tried other styling services but was never really impressed... WANTABLE boxes are aways full of amazing brands, quality pieces, and they actually pay attention to my style because i get items i actually want to keep! 

{ outfit two: entire outfit (minus sandals) from WANTABLE

this month, i defintely wanted to keep it all, but a few pieces really stood out to me as staples for my closet -- especailly this white button down top -- first of all, i like anything white, besides black, white is my favorite color to wear, and i love wearing it all year round! secondly, this top is easy, breezy and gauzy, perfect for the warmer temps now, but also great for transitioning into fall because of its texture. i love that you can layer this top or wear it on its own, wear with jeans or denim cutoffs or even over a fitted midi dress -- i am OBSESSED with it! so i thought it would be fun to style it in three simple ways -- no fuss, easy breezy, casual looks for mommying around! 

{ outfit three : all from WANTABLE }

don't forget to click HERE to check out WANTABLE and sign up to try their service today!

hope everyone has a beautiful friday and an amazing weekend!!

xo, steph

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Dec 6, 2017

casual holiday look no. 2

happy HUMP day friends !!!

this feels like the longest week everrrr and i am not sure why... but i am so ready to move on to the weekend and next week.. i have been so busy working, getting stuff ready for christmas and for baby c's FIRST birthday and her birthday party..which is a week from this saturday.. i have a theme but i am not exactly sure what i'm doing quite yet so we'll see how that goes! so much to do so little time.. and i'm also so sad that my sweet little baby is not a baby anymore! like seriosuly where did the time go?! its so crazy to think that a whole year has already passed and literally it feels like it came and went in a blink of an eye! i know i am not the only one who feels this way, right?! anywho i have a lot to prepare and plan, plus we are shooting her one year/ cake smashing photos later this week so i gotta figure that out too!! ahhhh i need some little helpers!! who wants to come be my party planner??? takers?? haha ok BUT YAY to half way through the week! sorry for rambling!

lets get to the good stuff -- my latest casual holiday look!


satin blouse || velvet pants, similar here || boots (old), similar here and here || pearl earrings

as much as i love getting all dressed up and dolled up, this year i have been all about being comfy and cozy, so when it comes to my holiday looks this year, i'm always going for no-fuss, easy peasy outfits and obsessed with mixing textures which i have talked about multiple times this season. so this outfit is a definite favorite of mine -- eaay no fuss, absolutely love the mix of satin and velvet together! totally makes this outfit seem kinda dressy but not over the top and not too casual. i finished off the look with some black booties but would also look fabulous with some strappy heeled sandals (if you've got the right weather haha!) and these beautiful pearl drop earrings, which are classy but still make a beautiful statement! hope you enjoy this holiday look as much as i do! 



have an amazing rest of your week! i'm hoping this week goes by quickly and then slows down a little bit before christmas! haha i know i'm a little demanding! okie dokie, until next time! 

xo, steph


Nov 27, 2017

cyber monday

happy CYBER MONDAY !!!

just doing a little recap on my favorite sales that are going on today! its the perfect time to get all your christmas shopping done! 

also if you need ideas for any gifts, my GIFT GUIDE FOR HER, GIFT GUIDE FOR HIM and GIFTS FOR THE HOME is up and i will have a few more gift guides up soon! 


50% off entire purchase + free shipping


20% off full price items + free shipping on orders $100+

bauble bar

35% off everything + free shipping with code: CYBER35

diff eyewear

up to 50% off


25% off with code: HOLIDAY2017 + free shipping


50% off everything + free shipping 


40% off entire purchase & extra 10% off + free shipping with code: SHOPFAST

j.crew factory

60% off everything + free shipping


50% off everything + free shipping with code: CLICK

old navy

50% off everything + free shipping on orders $50+

urban outfitters

$50 off $150+ or $15 off $75+ and free shipping on $50+


30% off everything with code: CYBERDAZE

victoria's secret

20% off $125 and free shipping on $30+ with codes: SHIP30 & 20OFFVS

happy shopping!!

xo, steph

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Nov 22, 2017

blaaaaack fridayyyyy

O M G 

the deals just keep rollin in! 

it's not even black friday yet, but lots of deals started this week & they just keep getting better and better as the week continues! 

i am so excited thanksgiving is tomorrow -- i am going to see my family, enjoy avery large turkey dinner with all the fixins and lots of pumpkin pie! and then i plan on sitting on the couch in stretchy pants to continue shopping all the amazing black friday deals! 

NOT TO WORRY! i am sharing all the deals right here! check out all the deals going on NOW and through the weekend! 

isn't it crazy how years ago black friday actually started really early on friday morning & you actually had to get up and go to the mall?! it used to be out family tradition, we would get up at like 4 in the morning and head to the outlet malls and shop all day! it was so fun! now everything is online and starts like the monday before thanksgiving haha! can you say instant gratification on MAXXXX! haha

anywho, it gets SUPER CRAZY! i never really go to the mall anymore when its so easy to shop from the comfort of my couch or bed and these days retailers have great return/exchange policies, so BUY EVERYTHING!! haha! this is THE P E R F E C T time to get all of your holiday shopping done, leaving lots of time to shop for yourself too! (TREAT YO SELF!!!) 

OK, lets just go ahead and get started!

make sure to swipe through because i will be including some of my favorite picks for HER, HIM & KIDDOS !

abercrombie & fitch 
take 50% off your entire purchase


30% off everything
too many good things to pick!! such a great time to get home gifts like candles and cheeseboards; also holiday dresses and outfits, and holiday decor!!! 

30% off everything all weekend with code: EPIC30
bauble bar
30% off everything with code: FRIDAY30


take 50% off everything

15% off orders over $70 with code: BLK15


diff eyewear
up to 50% off (the more you buy, the more you save) (excludes new styles & licensing)


take 50% off your entire purchase


goodnight macaroon
30% off everything with code: BLACKFRIDAY2017


40% off your purchase with code: THANKU


j.crew factory
50% off everything 


50% off everything use code: THANKS


lucky brand
50% off everything

up to 50% off 

old navy
50% off entire purchase 


urban outfitters
buy one get one 50% off everything

ok this all i've got for now! i will try to keep it all updated as we get through the weekend! these are some of my favorite retailers and i picked some of my favorite things but there are so many good things!!! so shop til you drop! find a gift or two for everyone on your list including yourself!! 

wishing everyone a very happy thanksgiving!! 

xo, steph

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