May 25, 2017

nordstrom half-yearly sale

alrighty babes its one of the best times of the year -- the NORDSTROM HALF-YEARLY SALE is happening right NOW!!! time to get some cute goodies!! during sales besides the obvious -- new clothes, duh! my faves to purchase are always new shoes and handbags! sooooo i've sorted through most of the sale (which is no easy task -- and i had to really narrow down my choices or this would be a superrrrrr looooongg post ha) and linked all of my favorites!! soooo check it out and run to your nearest Nordstrom -- orrrrr be more efficient and shop online! haha! okie dokie -- H A PP Y  S H O PP I N G !!!

1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8 || 9 || 10 || 11

can you tell why these are my faves?? haha in case you missed it, i'm OBSESSED with anything ruffles, cold shoulder or off the shoulder and i loove dresses or rompers for the summer because they are super easy and breezy! this dress is perfect if your a guest to a beach wedding or for a bridal/baby shower and if you're the bride this dress is really pretty for your rehearsal dinner or engagement party and this super cute romper is fun for a day with the girls or bachelorette party! we all know wedding season is here and get your weddins season wardrobe on sale! haha


1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8 || 9 || 10

are these not the cutest handbags!? i totally need this beach bag tote -- love the colors and the pom poms, i would seriosuly use this all summer long -- to the park, to the farmers market, to the beach, EVERYWHERE! its so stinkin fun and cute! and this floral backpack is so cute and easy especially for summer trips to theme parks with the kids or a casual day with friends. i mean, who doesn't need a new bag or back pack right?! 


1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8 || 9 || 10 || 11 || 12 

shoes, shoes and more shoes -- sandals, wedges, block heels, sneakers! i will take them all!! i've been obsessed with sneakers lately so these adidas are a perfect classic pair of sneakers! i also love these white heels -- again perfect for brides -- would look so cute with some of those dresses i linked above! i love the braiding detail! espadrilles are one of my favorite styles for summer and these espadrille flats are so cute for casual days and this palm tree print is so cute! and when you wanna take it up a notch, these espadrille wedges are so cute with summer dresses, white jeans and a cute top or cut off shorts! soooo cute right?! 


hope everyone has a beautiful thursday !! yay for it almost being F R I Y A Y and OMG a three day weekend !!! woohoo! if you can't already tell, i'll probably be shopping all weekend.... hahaha sorry hubby! but i think i deserve it since i have to go back to work on tuesday -- ahhh i really don't want to leave my baby! but i can do it, right?! -- any advice???? thanks in advance :)

xo, steph


May 22, 2017

bahama mamaaaaaa

happy happy M O N D A Y  babes !! 

{ what i'm wearing }

jumpsuit // wedges, similar pair here

how was your weekend?? i had a lovely weekend -- started off with a little LipSense party/open house with a friend! just hung out with some girlfriends, enjoyed some rosé and tried on some liquid lipstick; then we ended the weekend with a fun family pool day! it was super warm this past weekend so it was so nice to enjoy some time at the pool with my little family. 

and now here we are... its MONDAY! eEEeek! back to the grind right?! its always so hard to get back to the grind after a nice fun weekend! but anyway here we are so we have to make the best of it right?? so i though today is the perfect day to finally share one of my favorite summer looks. i looooove jumpsuits and rompers for summer -- they are super easy, breezy, flirty, fun! this bahama mama playsuit is so fun and pretty! i am obsessed with anything tropical, banana leaf, palm tree/leaf prints -- so when i spotted this playsuit i knew i had to have it annnnd it may not seem like it but its actually pretty breastfeeding friendly! which as a new mama is all i look for when shopping for clothes haha! 

{ get THE look }


sooooo in other news, i go back to work in NINE days and i'm getting so anxious about it !! yikes!! any new mamas out there recently go back to did you/are you adjusting? how did you make the transition smoothly? thanks in advance! 

have a beautiful monday! cheers to a fresh week! 

xo, steph

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Mar 8, 2017


{ what i'm wearing }

chenille sweater (sold out, but others here & here) || jeans || shoes, sold out but similar here || sunnies

happy hump day dolls! i seriously cannot believe its only wednesday! this has felt like the looooongest week and we are only halfway through -- for some reason i feel like it should be friday already. like whoa... this past sunday we took baby c on her fist long car ride to moorpark (about 30-40 min north of la) to attend my brother and his wife's baby shower (they are expecting their first a boy!). baby c did really well on the way up there, just had to make one early stop on the way because she had a huge poopy blowout -- don't worry i came prepared with lots of outfits haha! but maaaan, on the way back she was really fussy and it's my fault because it was bedtime and we were still on the road and it threw off her schedule so she was all over the place.. i feel like we're still recovering from that. i think she's finally getting back to normal but omg the last few days have been super stressful and exhausting. i'm gonna be real -- i had multiple meltdowns and just feel like such a failure as a mommy.. ahhhh when does it get easier?! anyway, we're dong much better -- i'm still stressed out and exhausted but im sending out positive vibes every day! plus, i started working out again -- went jogging the other day and then did a walk with baby c and an arm workout yesterday, so things are looking up.... i think... #momlife 

anywho, can you guess what CCC stands for -- basically my mom uniform these days -- comfy, casual, cute! i've been dying to wear my new wedges and some dresses and rompers but its just so difficult haha because when i'm with baby c i always feel rushed to get ready and i just want something easy and comfortable. and i'm really not that mad about it -- i love being comfortable and still looking cute -- at least i think my outfits are still cute hehe! but i promise i will have some spring looks that involve dresses & wedges very soon, in the mean time just soak up this comfy, casual, cute look! annnd i am loving these sunnies -- got them awhile ago and wasn't sure i was going to keep them -- but the round frames are so on-trend right now, and i think my face might be a little too round for round shades ahah so i think these are the perfect fit because they're more round-shaped, but not perfectly round -- haha you get me, right? i mean i only said "round" like twenty times.. sorry. #mombrain 

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have a fabulous day! 

xo, steph


Mar 3, 2017

camo sequins + cut offs

{ what i'm wearing }

sequin camo bomber (similar) || black tee || denim cut-offs (similar) || shoes

hello !! and happy F R I D A Y !!! and whoa it's march.... the days are literally flying by.. and i feel like they're going by even more quickly now that i have a little one. now i totally know what people say when they say to cherish every moment with your children.. it seriously really does go by so quickly.. i can hardly remember those weeks in NICU.. it feels like so much time has passed and i want so badly for it to slow down. i know i should be more in the present and stop thinking about how much time has passed but its so hard. i was rocking my baby girl before bed the other night and i got teary eyed thinking 'omg i am really going to miss these precious moments' or breastfeeding -- its a lot of work but its our special time -- just me and her -- so special! i just want time to slooooow down and i don't want her to grow up haha! i'm not gonna lie though it will be nice when she can put herself to sleep and sleep through the night.. the one thing i'm looking forward to as she gets a little bit bigger hehe. man, do i miss my sleep! 

anywho, i'm sharing this super easy simple look with a touch of sparkle because who doesn't like sparkle ?! the weather has been pretty nice and warm here in san diego -- i think we get one more day of warm weather -- like high 70s -- then its back to the 60s -- which i know for a lot of you thats nothing but for us souther californians thats cold haha! since it's warm, i busted out my cut off denim shorts because they're easy and comfy and still super cute. denim cut-offs are literally my go to in the hot summer months -- i live in them so i can never ahve enough pairs! as much as i love living in leggings and sweats, it was nice to throw these and a plain tee on! there was a bit of a breeze this day especially in the shade so i needed a jacket or sweater to throw over -- and i just got this sequinned camo bomber (acutally my hubby got it for me) and i thought it was perfect because bombers are still totally on-trend right now, and even if they weren't i'd still wear bomber jackets because i think they're cool! this sequinned camo bomber jacket gave my casual look some majoy oomph and i freakin love it -- i mean its a SEQUINNED CAMO BOMBER!!!! i love sequins and i love camo -- perfect combo! and its done in such a tasteful way -- the colors are pretty muted and the greens aren't so bright, the sequins not too shiny. serious perfection! and if you've been following me on instagramthen you know i have an obsession with vans -- i usually gravitate towards their slip-ons because they're so easy -- and ya know, #momlife, everything needs to be simple, but i saw these vans at nordstrom and i was like 'whoa, i would totally feel like a cool mom in those' so naturally i had to have them! aren't they so cool -- they're like perforated leather -- so cool and still goes with just about any casual look! 

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hope everyone has a beautiful friday and an amazing weekend! we are going on our first long car ride with the baby -- heading to moorpark/simi valley (about three hours away) to attend my brother and his wife's baby shower! the hubby and i debated back and forth about whether we should make that drive with baby c being so young and unpredictable, but i really want to go and see some family so we're doing it!! wish us luck!

what do you have planned this weekend??

xo, steph

ps if you didn't already hear -- SHOPBOP is having their GO BIG sale (use code GOBIG17) -- buy more to save more (you can save up to 25% off regular and sale-priced items). since i love blush pink and the color seems to be totally popular for spring, i've picked some of my blush pink faves from sale! check them out below! perfect time to spruce up your spring wardrobe! happy shopping !!


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Feb 20, 2017

presidents day sales

happy monday !! and happy presidents' day !! hopefully many of you have the day off -- yay for a four day weekend! i'm on maternity leave so i'm off haha! anyway i just want to share some of the awesome sales that were going on this weekend and you still have time to shop online! i'll leave below my picks from  my favorite retailers i did some damage at this weekend! just click on the pic to get product links to shop!

nordstrom rack

{ extra 25% off clearance }



{ extra 40% off sale }



{ 40% off EVERYTHING with code : PRESDAY }


hope you all have a lovely day! happy shopping!! i'm literally shopping in bed right now while baby c takes a nap hehe :)

xo, steph


Feb 15, 2017

hear me R O A R !!

{ what i'm wearing }

sequinned tiger tee || suede moto jacket || black jeans || black booties 

happy HUMP day !! hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day! my hubby and i took it easy and hung out at home with our sweet baby girl ! 

anyway, i found this sequinned tiger tee at zara in the kids section and i love it -- so cute and fun, and how could you say no to sequins! i kept the look pretty simple with black jeans and booties and threw on my favorite suede moto jacket! if you haven't checked out this suede moto jacket that was so popular this past fall and winter season -- you need to! this moto jacket is perfect for transitioning into spring too! it will be perfect for those cool spring nights! this suede moto jacket would be super cute with a floral dress and open-toe booties -- i love throwing a leather jacket over a super feminine dress, totally comepletes the look and gives the outfit more 'cool factor' and makes it kinda edgy! annnnd this jacket comes in like four colors... and the newest color is a light blue -- perfect for spring! such a pretty color -- i'm currently on the hunt for the perfect blush pink leather jacket! let me know if you spot one!! :)

alrighty...time to get back to my sweet babe.. i have like seven milk stains on my shirt, i'm pretty sure my hair smells like milk, and it sounds like i'm going to be changing a really dirty diaper soon haha -- but she's so sweet and cute that i don't even care -- i love her so much! ok done with all the cheesy mom talk! hehe

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have a fabulous day !!!

xo, steph


Feb 8, 2017

ruffles + bell sleeves

{ what i'm wearing }

dress || lace-up heels, similar here

happy hump day dolls! i've got another valentine's day look for you! i think this dress is so sweet and romantic -- i mean what's sweeter than ruffles and bell sleeves in one pretty burgundy/red dress?!?! right?!!? i spotted this dress online and i was like OMG this is perfect for valentine's day date night... or hey any date night! bell sleeves and ruffles are having a BIG moment right now and i love putting these two girly trends together in one piece. it can seem like it would be way too much, but the ruffles and bell sleeves on this dress aren't over the top at all. there aren't a ton of ruffles and the bell sleeves aren't too big -- they totally complement each other in this dress. such a feminine and romantic dress, but it's fitted style also makes is sexy and sassy. right up my alley -- i like things sweet with a touch of sass! haha i was a little nervous wearing something like this only six weeks postpartum because my bod ain't the way it used to be -- but i got the OK to start working out and i cannot wait to get back to barre and pilates classes! i was so bummed that i couldn't do my normal workouts while i was preggers! but this dress is actually really comfortable and you don't need much to style the dress because it already has such pretty details -- easy peasy! and you could never go wrong with a nude heel -- if you've been following me, you know that these are my go-to shoes. i love lace-up heels -- and these are perfect because they're the perfect nude color, they literally go with everything ANNNND they are super comfortable! i've linked the exact heels and dress plus other perfect dresses for your vday celebrations below! 

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Also if you're still looking for some Valentine's Day gift ideas -- check out my vday gift guides for HER and HIM HERE !! 

are you doing anything fun or special for valentine's day?: what are you planning on wearing? 

have a fabuous hump day!

xo, steph 




Feb 6, 2017

show 'em some love

happy happy monday!! soooo i didn't watch the super bowl...or the halftime show...oopsies! please don't shun me because i didn't partake in one of america's favorite pasttime.. or is that baseball?! lol anyway i was busy snuggling my babe and lounging..more my kinda sunday.. anyway Valentine's Day is less than ten days away.. and if you're like me and you're majorly procrastinating on finding something for that special somone... another oopsies! but not to worry if you're still wondering what to get your bae, or your bestie...or hey yourself (gotta love yourself first, right?!?), i've got two gift guides for HER & HIM! check them out! 

{ for your galentine }

 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8 || 9 || 10 

{ for your valentine }

 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8 || 9 || 10 

hope you have a lovely monday!! 

xo, steph


Feb 3, 2017

galentine's day outfit inspo

{ what i'm wearing }

sequin tank :: anthropologie (sold out), similar here and here || moto jeans || souvenir jacket, similar here || clear heels, under $50 here

hope you had a lovely friday! and hope you have lots of fun (or relaxation) planned for this weekend! i was hoping to get this post up earlier today, but with a newborn it was pretty much impossible.. so since its late i'll keep this post short and sweet -- i know, its my trend these days! what can i say there's a lot to juggle with a new baby but i'll get the hang of it soon enough! any mamas out there have any advice?? hehe

anyway, with valentine's day coming up soon, i am sharing another vday inspired look -- perfect for your galentine's day celebration! this look is easy, pretty, flirty and a little edgy -- which is what i love. i mean, the blush pink sequins are everything and styling this tank with moto jeans and a souvenie bomber really take what you would think a typical girly outfit would be and give it a little more cool factor -- at least i think so! and can we please talk about these clear heels!?!? i love them -- trendy and fun and hey, they are perfect because they literally go with everything -- no color to clash with your outfits -- how amazing!! 


alright..time to feed the baby and hopefully get a few hours of sleep before the next feeding.. oy vey! 

also check out 'my shop' tab in the navigavtion toolbar to check out my favorite vday inspired picks -- dresses, tops, accessories! 

happy weekend! 

xo, steph


Feb 1, 2017

hello february !!

OMG!! happy hump day and whoa happy 1st of FEBRUARY!! how is it already february?! its crazy.. like i've said in my previous post and on instagram..i've been in a new mom blur...zombie.. or i guess people call it mombie mode.. two nights ago was our first night of really no sleep because baby girl is starting to get fussy..which we are totally not used to because she came so early she was pretty mellow, never demanded anything and slept a lot.. so this is new for us even though she is almost six weeks old. anyway moral of the story is i thought i was exhausted before sleeping only two hours at a time buuuut now i really know what exhausted means... times 10! but she's so sweet and cute and i love her so that it makes this all worth it..and i know this not sleeping thing won't last forever! :)

{ what i'm wearing }

dress || shoes || lipstick

today i'm sharing one option for valentine's day that is perfect for new mamas or anyone that was to feel pretty but also be comfortable. i totally thought about wearing this dress with black OTK boots or black lace-up heels -- totally cute! buuut i decided let's be real, i probably won't wear heels or OTK boots out with the fam for valentine's day or maybe i will but i like to change things up and do something a little unexpected...sometimes haha so instead of my go-to heels or boots, i went with these cute comme des garcons X converse chucks -- i mean, how perfect that the logo is a heart! it is so meant to be for VDay! and can we talk about the beautiful floral embroidery on this dress -- so feminine and pretty! floral embroidery is so on-trend right now! i just got a pair of floral emboirdered jeans i can't wait to show you!! hehe anyway back to this look -- i completed this Vday look with a bold red lip -- i rarely ever wear red lipstick this bright but its pretty, fun and flirty! so like i said i'm happy -- i feel pretty and girly but comfortable -- every girl's dream right?! haha let me know what you think about this look in the comments below! would you wear a dress like this with tennis shoes? 

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hope you have a lovely day! 

xo, steph